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Author's Note: Ever notice how often Maddie and David get interrupted at a critical moment? So, herewith, I'm canceling that very inopportune call from Agnes...

What Would've Happened if the Damn Phone Hadn't Rung

"Is it my fault women'll fall for any load of peat moss you hand 'em, as long as you tell 'em you love 'em first?" he asked, feigning nonchalance.

"You're lying!"

"No, I'm not." He was done with this discussion, done with her, done with the pact crap—what difference did it make whether he told the truth or not?

"Yes, you are!" she insisted.

"No, I'm not!"

"Liar!" she spat.

"No, I'm not," he stated a final time, trying to pull on his sock.

"Yes you are yes you are yes you ARE!" she shouted, advancing on him until he fell backward on the bed.

David looked up at her, her jaw clenched and her eyes shooting fire. A half smile quirked his mouth, and in one quick movement, he grabbed Maddie around the waist. Her clothes and purse tumbled to the floor as he pulled her into his lap.

"David!" she squirmed indignantly, trying to keep the towel from slipping. He ran a hand up her bare arm to the back of her neck.

"You're right," he said in a low voice, bringing her face very close to his. She went completely still. "I was lying," he breathed. "I—love—every—inch—of—you." Punctuating each word with a kiss, on her mouth, her shoulder, just below her ear, he sighed, "God help me, but I love you."

He could feel the tension in her, the internal battle she was fighting to not respond to him. With his last words, though, she gave a sudden cry, raking a hand through his hair and melding her body to his.

She traded him kiss for kiss as he lay her down on the bed and pinned her underneath him. "The same as you," he said.

Her eyes blinked in confusion. "What?"

"Say it, Maddie." He could see her bristle as she realized what he was asking—no, demanding—but he had her well and fairly trapped.

"What?" she challenged.

"Say it."

"No—dammit, David!" She pushed against his chest, but he only shrugged.

"OK, if you wanna do this the hard way…" He drew one hand lightly up her side. Maddie bit back a giggle. At the same, he traced his tongue down her neck to the hollow of her throat.

The combination of sensations was maddening to her—she was laughing and moaning at the same time. David tickled her a little harder. "Stop!" she cried.

"You give?" he asked gruffly.


"OK." Holding her wrists down, he nibbled at her collarbone.

"You—are—not—going—to—make—me—" she protested, arching into his lips.

He went in for the kill: lowering his lips on hers, he kissed her deeply, stroking the back of her leg down to the bend of her knee. He could feel the muscles quiver under his touch. "Oh—I—stop! Stop!" she gasped.

At once, he let her go. He pushed himself off of her, releasing her wrist, but holding her gaze with an expression of absolute seriousness. Brushing one blonde strand back from her forehead, he ran a finger down the side of her cheek.

Her hands came up to his shoulders; he was sure she would shove him away. Instead, she drew him close, as the words burst from her:

"I love you, David."

He fought back the tears that pricked his eyes, and subdued his delighted grin into a satisfied smirk.

"I know," he said.