Meggie sat, her head in her hands as her eyes stared at the ground. Every now and then drops would splatter, and if Meggie listened closely enough she could hear the tiny rippling sound they made as they broke. However, the break of her heart was more louder in her ears, and she wrapped her arms around her legs, trying to comfort herself. She placed a hand on her stomach, and sighed deeply, but where they got the saying deep breaths calms one down, she'll never know.

Raine chose this precise moment to crash into the room, startling Meggie so that she went sprawling.

"Sorry," Raine said breathlessly, pulling her upright again. Meggie caught his excitment before it quickly faded into concern. She swallowed and tried to smile.

"Are the results back?" she breathed, wiping her eyes furiously. Raine was still for a moment before he wrapped her up in a hug, and Meggie, surprised and warmed at the tenderness, squeezed back. He then pulled away, dangling something in front of her. She hastily snatched the scratchy envelope away, turning her back on him as she desperately ripped it open.

"What's it say!" Raine demanded.

There was a pregnant pause.

"She really is your mother." Meggie turned back to the expectant boy, and he nodded somewhat gravely. Meggie then looked away, needing a private moment for herself. All this time she had been caught up in the moment, dancing with anger and hunger for the truth. But now that it was here, she didn't know how to feel, or how she should feel.

"Meggie." The voice was dark, far darker than it should have been on this day. Meggie and Raine both looked up, confused. Meggie's face paled, but Raine's remained the same.

Inkheart may be a different world, but it is the same as any other worlds.

"Are you pregnant?"

Meggie swallowed, and looked down at the ground. That was becoming a part of her daily routine. Why it was his business she didn't know, but she wasn't about to start a fight, especially when she needed him. Raine was staring at Meggie, his mouth open.

"Well?" Jack demanded.

Meggie looked up, and placed a hand on her stomach.


This was a day of relevations, and she might as well get them all out.

"I'm pregnant with Dustfinger's baby."



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