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Chapter 1: Birthday.

The day: October 10th. In the Hidden Leaf Village, this day meant a day of mourning for the Leaf Ninjas. This was the day when many shinobi died in the attempt of defending the village from the Nine Tailed Demon Fox: the Kyuubi. Also, this day was Naruto Uzumaki's birthday. He was turning to be a seventeen-year-old ninja, but, unlike everyone else, he could not even think of celebrating this event. Else, he couldn't even go and cry his dead family with the rest of the village; he had the Kyuubi sealed inside his body that exact day seventeen years ago, and the villagers despised him and even sometimes they harmed him physically. So, he just lied in bed. The last year he had a great surprise on his sixteenth birthday, because Hinata Hyuuga, the beautiful heiress of the Hyuuga Clan, stepped by towards his apartment with a small homemade cake and celebrated his birthday; without even caring about anything, and even knowing about the Nine-Tails inside him, she hadn't stopped herself for showing nice feelings towards him. She actually said it herself: she loves me, and only thanks to her telling me that I just started to watch her… and, even after a year, she hadn't lost her feelings towards me, I can see it still…Damn it! What can I do? Also, he turned very happy the last winter, because he was able to accomplish the Chuunin test, and acquired the title of Chuunin. But, anyways, that doesn't work to fill that emptiness that's still in my chest.

He watched the photo of Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, he had in his room, and complained about the fact of not being able to go and cry for him and his mother, both dead in the exact day he was born. Actually, his words, accompanied with great sadness, were these:

- Father… I'm seventeen now, heh… I cannot go and cry for you, or for mother, with the rest of the villagers, but… but I ask for you to finally rest in peace, and to watch me right now… I know that you still take care of me, so I'm really grateful for all you've done…

Naruto dropped a sour tear and threw himself back on his bed. He kept crying silently on his own, now that no one was there in the village to watch him in despair. No one can mock me right now. Suddenly, he closed his eyes.

As he opened them back, he found himself in a dark place. Suddenly, a voice he'd heard before spoke to him:

- Naruto, my son…

Naruto suddenly saw how two figures materialized from the darkness, with a beautiful shine around them. One was the Fourth Hokage, who stared at him with an innocent smile, and had a really large scroll on his hands. The other one was a female ninja, a red-haired and very beautiful woman, approximately of his father's age. Naruto suddenly recognized the description Kakashi gave him once about his mother and recognized her. Kushina Uzumaki… my mother He smiled to them, with tears in his eyes again, and said:

- Well, this is the closest to a familiar birthday I've ever got…

Kushina smiled and spoke:

- Foolish kid, stop playing dumb! You know, from now on, we can spend some more time with you.

Minato said:

- Soon you will receive a toad at your house, and will give you a birthday gift… consider it as a gift from the two of us, from Lord Jiraiya and from the Elder Sage of the Toads.

Naruto, amazed in his own happiness, felt something he had never felt in his heart before: true warmth. That's a lie; I've felt it the last birthday too… Anyways, this is just beautiful… He heard Kushina say then:

- We both know very well that you've suffered too much, because of that Fox… Your father could only seal the Yang energy of the Fox's chakra in you, but Jiraiya and the elder toads made a great discovery, and kept it hidden from everyone just for you: a scroll, made by Madara Uchiha, in which he sealed the Yin energy of the Fox.

Naruto, understanding so many things at that time, perhaps too many, listened to his father:

- The toad that will come to you will teach you, first of all, how to use the Eight-spiked Star Sealing Technique.

- I've already learned that skill, father, on my own, and I use it quite often. It's quite handy, actually.

- That's just great! Then, I guess you know that you'll have to release that Yin energy from the scroll and seal it inside your own body, just right where the other seal is, in order to complete the Nine-Tails.

Naruto got shocked when he heard the plan, but Kushina calmed him down with a question:

- Isn't the Nine-Tails too aggressive and tough to control, all the time trying to possess you in order to kill people to satiate his blood-thirst?

Naruto nodded, and she continued:

- The Yang energy from the Nine-Tails, just for the fact of being Yang energy, is of an aggressive nature, and, if you add it the strength of the Nine-Tails, undoubtedly it's a fearsome energy that will lead you to a difficult inner strife. If you add the Yin energy that corresponds to that Yang, you'll balance it, and, as old as you are, you'll know how to handle properly. Even, if the chance comes, you'll be able to make friends with it.

Naruto asked:

- But, how do I do that?

Minato explained, patiently:

- The toad will explain step by step. Our birthday gift for you, dear son, will be a complete, conscious and more powerful Nine-Tails.

- And also a more controllable Nine-Tails, Naruto.

- One last thing, son.

- Please, speak.

- All this last year we've seen you deal with your feelings, and we also wanted to give you some small advice.

Naruto stared at them, and thought of Shikamaru, who always said that parents were just too troublesome and wanted to get their noses into one's life, but now he wanted his own parents to do so, because he needed to know so many things that were just too hard to comprehend for him. Kushina said:

- Listen carefully. I know that you've always had a crush on that pinky-headed doll that's with you on Team 7, but she has made you quite clear that she wants nothing to do with you. She actually played with your feelings when you went to the iron Country the last year, just to avoid you from going to "save" that Uchiha that will only be able to see the light if someone convinces him properly to take off the veil of revenge from his eyes.

Minato spoke then:

- On the other side, you've got a girl who's totally in love with you; a very beautiful, sweet, adorable, kind, strong, agile and brave girl, turned shy because of her lack of self-trust, and because of the constant rejection she receives from her own family. Her own family makes her miserable, Naruto. She had tried, during almost all her life, to send you signs, so you could even notice that love she feels for you at least once.

Kushina said, teasing:

- But you're just such a knuckle-head, kid. Even when you're doing good by befriending that girl, you still don't realize many things about her, and that hurts her. Even when she's pressing herself a lot to persevere, she's about to lose her last strength, and you must not allow that to happen, or I'll kill you myself. And believe me, I can.

Naruto suddenly watched the person show up over the heads of his parents:

- It's her…

- She understands all what you've been put through, because she suffered the same fate, on a different environment. Also, she's always been there for you, and her heart jumps in joy whenever she sees you smile for real; don't even imagine when you actually make her feel she's appreciated: she can be as strong as the Kyuubi itself for you. Perhaps you cannot understand it all right now, but, when you receive that Yin energy boost from the Nine-Tails, you will also balance yourself, and you will be able to balance your feelings and understand what we're telling you.

Minato's words got deep into Naruto's heart, and Kushina would make him understand with her last words:

- She already loves you, without any conditions, but she is the shyest girl in the village. Go carefully with her, Naruto; allow her to open herself to you gradually, give her the strength to do so by pouring your heart open for her, and don't forget to remember what she likes of you. If you do so, you'll have the perfect woman to share the rest of your life with.

Naruto, crying tears of joy and embarrassment, and blushed in an almost-Hinata-like red tone, said:

- I-I don't know how this could have been if you hadn't died, but right now I'm just so thankful of having you two as my parents…

Minato and Kushina let tears fall over their cheeks, and the Fourth Hokage opened the scroll, making hand seals that he remembered very well: Rooster, Horse, Monkey, Boar, Tiger. Before he bit his finger, both said:

- Happy Birthday, dearest son.

The summoning was complete, and Naruto woke up. He found out that it was almost the dusk hour, and also he found out that he was on the Sage Mode. He saw a small smoke cloud, and found a toad with a huge scroll. The toad spoke:

- Very well, Naruto Uzumaki, are you ready for this?

- It's now or never! – Naruto said, with sweet tears on his eyes.

The toad opened the scroll, and ordered Naruto to break the seal. As this was done, a silver chakra started to fill the room. The toad told Naruto to do the seal on his own belly, and, slowly, Naruto made a new seal over his first one, and the silver chakra started entering his body through it. As this chakra entered his own body, he realized that it also made him feel how it mixed up with the red chakra of the Fox inside his body, and more specifically inside his heart. When the last amount of silver chakra entered his body, he felt how those two chakras, red and silver, covered and warmed his body; he felt as he would faint… and he finally did.

End of Chapter 1.