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Chapter 38: The Eight Scrolls.

Team Hawk was already checking the fourth hideout of Akatsuki. The first one was completely destroyed, as if it was exploded from the inside. The second one had been completely plundered, and what was left from it was burned to the ground. The third one was heavily watched by Hidden Leaf Ninjas of the Clan Aburame, and they had to rely a lot in Juugo's wits to make an insect-eater bird band allow them to get in and out. Even so, that one wasn't the right place either.

The fourth hideout was in the Lightning Country's territory, thirty miles from the Hidden Cloud Village. They finally made it to the entrance, and Sasuke used his Sharingan to check it from having any traps. As he approved, the platoon got inside.

Karin smelled and warned:

- They haven't come inside here… yet.

After activating his Sharingan again, he saw that this hideout was huge, and like some kind of a maze. He growled:

- Goddamn it! Where the hell is Naruto when you need him?

In the Hidden Sand Village, Naruto walked down the streets handheld with Hinata, when, all of a sudden, he sneezed with great force. Hinata noticed his surprise and asked:

- Naruto-kun, a-are you okay?

- I felt my whole spine shivering downwards with that sneeze, Hinata-chan…

Hinata giggled a bit:

- Someone talks badly of you, Naruto-kun!

In the cave, meanwhile, Karin claimed:

- And not just him! His girlfriend, that shy Hyuuga girl, she could be of use to us too! The hell!

In the Hidden Sand, Hinata coughed, feeling the same. As she made Naruto know that, he laughed:

- Someone's also speaking crap of you, Hinata-chan!

Both ninjas laughed together, going back to the restaurant after a long training session.

After checking the whole place, Sasuke found one of the secret rooms of the base. He activated his Hikari Sharingan and touched some stones with his hands. The piece of wall got open at once, and a dark hall appeared. The group entered, and the wall closed behind them.

In the Kazekage's office, meanwhile, Itachi and Kisame talked privately to Gaara. The Kazekage spoke first:

- Hmm, this is a serious problem… why didn't you tell me about this before, Itachi?

Itachi Uchiha, ashamed, replied:

- I knew nothing of this. Sasuke informed me that, according to the deceased Madara Uchiha, the effects of that Doujutsu could be emulated with both the Sharingan and the Byakugan.

Kisame said:

- In Akatsuki we had the only member of our generation who was born with that Doujutsu within him, and his powers were many. It was, put simply, a Ninjutsu master.

Gaara said then, looking at his papers:

- Then… this is really bad…

Kisame said:

- We investigated the Uchiha Clan's texts when we knew that Danzou had become Hokage. The profanation of such a prestigious couple of Clans in a same body can give him one of the seven powers of the Rin'negan. It won't give him the seven, as the original one does.

Itachi replied then:

- But still, any of the seven that he uses will be enough to make a huge mess.

Gaara claimed:

- Explain that to me, please.

Itachi said:

- The Seven Paths of Pain allowed the Rin'negan user the mastery in seven skills: full control of the Five Changes in Chakra Nature, domain of all the Summonings who have no active contracts, intuitive handling of Taijutsu (only a real master could reach that level), full control of the Chakra Absorption technique, full control of the legendary technique of Magnetic Attraction and Repulsion, control of the Celestial Techniques, and full control of the Forbidden Art of the Souls' Transmigration.

Kisame explained:

- Madara Uchiha wanted to join the Nine Tailed Beasts into one, and bring the legendary Ten-Tailed Demon back to life, so he could seal it in his body, using Nagato's Forbidden Art of the Souls' Transmigration to revive, and become a second Rikudo Sage.

Gaara said:

- Then, it shouldn't be illogical to think that Danzou wants to do this; as he has got access to the Yang energies of eight Tailed Beasts, he'll try to do the same, now that Madara is out of the way.

Itachi said:

- Yes, it's quite predictable somehow, but-

In that moment, a vortex appeared in the office, and the Hawk Team carried the eight large scrolls. Suigetsu said:

- We bring the scrolls. They're identified.

Juugo replied:

- We could find them just by sheer luck, and escape before the hideout was found by the Root Ninjas… I mean, the Leaf Ninjas.

Suigetsu and Kisame chuckled, but Karin replied:

- Now, we're going to check out what's going on with the statue, right?

Gaara raised a hand and said:

- Excellent work. That's still hanging up, but I can see you're tired, and you seem hungry too. You'll go out tomorrow, first hour in the morning, to check that out.

Gaara took some money from his desk and paid a strong amount of money to the platoon:

- This is your paycheck for completing an S-rank mission. You may take a break.

Sasuke took the money, sharing it with his team equally. Then he said, serious:

- Have you found anything about the problem caused by Danzou and his profanation of both the Uchiha and Hyuuga Clans?

Itachi said:

- We're tracing the possible scenarios right now, brother. When we have them, we'll call Konan and the Kages to prepare the definitive offensive.

Sasuke grinned at Itachi and said:

- We cannot waste any more time, nor allowing him the first strike.

After this, the group bowed to Gaara and left, heading directly to the Restaurant of the Toad and the Dragon.

As they arrived, they found themselves attended by clones of both Naruto and Hinata. They ordered the food and sat down. Karin asked, curious:

- Hey! With all this heavy duty, when do you train?

A Naruto replied:

- The original us are training now in the training ground 15, there's only clones in the restaurant now.

Suigetsu laughed:

- Damn, you're quite clever. How about your training, by the way?

A Hinata who was bringing the food to them answered, whispering:

- Progressing quite fast. Kyuubi is an excellent teacher.

Sasuke almost choked when he heard that, and asked, barely lowering his voice:

- Is that… thing… training you!?

As he saw both the Naruto and the Hinata nod, he felt a sudden stab of envy and competitiveness in his mind. In that moment, another Naruto and another Hinata entered the restaurant, with their clothes dirty of sand, but revitalized and strong. They saluted:

- Hey, guys!

- Welcome!

- How is it that you're training with-

In that moment, Juugo threw a hand to block Sasuke's mouth:

- Watch it, Sasuke, we're being watched outside the restaurant.

Hinata, quite alert, activated her Byakugan and found the spy, sitting in the street like a bum with ninja earphones. She searched for microphones in the restaurant and found three under several tables. She took them off carefully, covering them as she whispered to Naruto:

- The spy is an Inuzuka, my dear, how about a loud yell?

Naruto grinned evilly and and raised the volume of the microphones. He took some air and yelled with the most annoying voice he ever had:


Hinata, seeing how that Inuzuka spy was severely affected by the first yell, made one of her own, with unseen anger:


Sakura and Kiba took Akamaru for a ride when they stepped in front of the restaurant. Akamaru barked and Kiba noticed the inert body of a member of his Clan, bleeding profusely through his ears. Kiba saw that, even if he was a cousin of his, he had converted, at a very short age, to the forces of Root. He saw the bleeding earphones and took the kid's body. Sakura noticed that he still had pulse, and saw Naruto and Hinata leave the restaurant. She said:

- What the hell is this?

Hinata replied, ashamed, looking at Kiba:

- H-h-he was a s-spy for D-Da-Danzou, g-guys; I-I'm s-s-sorry!

Naruto said:

- But he's still alive, if you wish to interrogate him, or release him from the three seals.

Kiba said:

- If that bastard Hokage sealed all the members of all the Clans, then we're in big trouble. Let's go, Sakura!

The couple left with the kid, running to the hospital.

Konohamaru and Hanabi were walking through the village, happy, searching for places where to have fun. They had seen the parks, the places that were turned into greenhouse, and also the highest dunes of the Hidden Sand, and now they walked to an ambulant fair that had entered the village a week ago. Hanabi was heavily blushed, taking Konohamaru's hand, and she was quite happy:

- K-Konohamaru-kun, s-should we go to the fair?

- Sure! Those fairs are never bad!

Hanabi was a little ashamed, and she lowered her sight, sadly:

- I-I've never b-been into a… a fair, before…

Konohamaru smiled and replied:

- You'll see what you've been missing, Hanabi-chan! Let's go!

He called me Hanabi-CHAN! Hanabi felt a soft pull in her hand, and she ran beside the young Sarutobi, reaching the fair, and watching a lot of games and food selling places. Konohamaru said, with a smile on his face:

- The condition to play here is that, if we're going to use any ninja skills, we must hide them from the crowd. Even better, let's try not to use them.

Hanabi nodded, as she was smiling and blushed as red as a Hinata. They entered the fair and started playing any kind of games together.

Temari and Shikamaru walked peacefully together through the streets of the Hidden Sand, when they saw Ino running through the streets, almost dragging a Sai who was already used to the blonde Yamanaka's "shopping days". Temari laughed:

- Well, you can't give money that girl and put her in front of a clothing store.

- Yeah, Ino is quite troublesome with that.

- Hey, today is particularly hot. How about if we drink something, Shika-kun?

- Anything so we get away from Ino's sight, Temari-chan.

Temari giggled, blushed, and Shikamaru smiled at her ironically, making her giggle uncontrollably. As they entered a small soda fountain, they saw Chouji and Asumi and sat with them, chatting for a while.

Gaara was still meeting with Itachi and Kisame when Zetsu arrived. Gaara saw him coming out of the roof and said:

- We've got the scrolls, and when Naruto gets free from the work we shall ask him to identify them with Kyuubi's assistance. Could you see what I asked you for, Zetsu?

Hatsuhana came out by the roof also, beside Zetsu. Her white half said:

- We split the job, and we could see what you asked us for. It was quite simple.

The black Zetsu said:

- Danzou obtained the Uchiha Tables and the Hyuuga Scrolls, and now he's checking its contents.

The white Zetsu added:

- He has kept them safely, and heavily guarded, but I could see the whole information in them. I've got pictures.

The black Hatsuhana spoke:

- The Clans were completely taken, and every single Ninja of the Hidden Leaf is being marked by Danzou. The man is a dictator, and his elders are still trying to slay the Feudal Lord of the Fire Country. I heard that they were making plans for that. They'll try again in five days from now.

Gaara said:

- I'll summon a meeting with our allies in the Feudal Lord Shukka's castle. You'll be in charge of the village's defense.

The quartet nodded, realizing the severity of the situation. Gaara saw Himawari, who was entering the office, and said:

- Please, tell Temari, Shikamaru and Kankurou that I need them to take my place. The Jounin will come with us.

Himawari nodded, and the quartet left the office.

End of Chapter 38.

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