It was supposed to be a day like any other. I would go see her and then leaving after a couple of hours without anything much happening. Like every other day. Like always I'd try to talk about my feelings for her, only to stop with a "never mind". The fear of rejection…

But for some reason, that day I could not remain calm. I kept looking at her, staring at her. At this rate she'll…

"Something wrong Marisa?"

She'll notice of course.

"Nope nothing"

"Then why are you looking at me like that?"

"Because Alice is cute ze" And there goes my mouth running by itself again. I won't be able to pull myself out from that one.

"D-don't say things like that!"

Alice was blushing. She was even cuter. I leaned a bit towards her (not sitting on the opposite end of the table can be so convenient) and looked straight into her blue eyes. I must also be bright red myself; my heart won't stop pounding, I'm getting very nervous but I can't back off now. Now's my chance.


Alice quickly got up and turned away

"Y-you really are strange today Marisa… I-I'll make some tea!"

No way she'll escape like that. Not before I can tell her, not before I can ask her. I grabbed her hand.

"Let go Marisa!"

She's starting to really panic. I should probably stop and let go but….

"I don't want to"


"I don't want to let go of Alice's hand."

I tried to pull her to me but she pulled away. And then

We fell down.

I didn't let go of her hand. Her body was just under mine and I could feel her breath around my neck. So close… Too close… Can't think anymore… I felt like my heart was going to explode. And then


Alice was crying. I quickly rose up, a bit panicked.

"Alice! Are you hurt?"


"Then why are you?"

"Marisa… I didn't want you to find out but… I can't keep it in anymore! Marisa… I…. I… I love you!"

Even if I really wanted to hear that, I could not believe what I had just heard. Did Alice really feel the same way I do? All of my previous hesitations just faded away. Alice loved me and I loved her.

"Marisa… I'm sorry… for having such strange feelings."


"Please don't hate me… I know this is so illogical for a youkai to love a human and…"


What nonsense was she speaking of? What did I care about Alice being a youkai? She stopped talking and turned her face away. I put my left hand on her cheek and tried to say it


But being a woman of action instead of words I ended up warping my arms around her and kissing her gently instead. Alice ended up kissing back and I let myself melt into this warm and soft sensation I never felt before.

"Alice I love you" I murmured in one breath and kissed her again before she could reply anything.

A day like any other… I'll make sure what happened today becomes part of our days like any other.