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Claque: An audience or a part of an audience that is paid to clap after an act/performance.


Setzer was seething. He couldn't believe he was doing this. It was all that damned blond kid's fault.

'You know what to do?' He asked the three teenagers before him.

They nodded, barely able to contain their laughter. Their leader, Hayner, held out his hand.

'Munny first, old man.'

Setzer gritted his teeth and gave the children the agreed sum of munny. As he watched them run off, no longer trying to contain their mirth, he brightened, and winked at a passing girl.

After all, paying crowds to cheer for him was hardly the lowest that Setzer had ever sunk.

A/N: The 'blond kid' can be either Seifer or Roxas, whichever way you choose to read it. I was thinking of Seifer when I wrote this, but it doesn't really matter.