Title: Hyper Satanic Acid, Part 4/4 (Yes, I realise that by the time I get 4 interconnected drabbles, it becomes a very short chaptered fic, but I'm done with this mini-series now! Honest!)

Genre: Humour

Characters: Most of Organisation XIII, but they're only mentioned.

Disclaimer: Yes, of course I own Kingdom Hearts! How could you suggest otherwise? …Dimwit.

Summary: What happened after the day of Acidic terror?

As a result of the "HAS Incident", Vexen resigned as Roxas and Xion's teacher. The job was given to Axel and Zexion- Axel because he could usually translate for either party, and Zexion because he actually knew what he was doing in matters that were not directly related to the lighting of fires.

The Superior, fearing that his divine-ness would be "UnHolied", banned the substance known as "Hyper Satanic Acid" from all parts of The World That Never Was. Secretly, Demyx, Axel, Larxene, Xigbar, and Marluxia each have hidden stashes in case they ever get a chance to prank Xemnas.