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"Heard you got into a mega-fight with Near?"

I ignored the nagging sound to my left.

"Heard you really went at him this time. Got in a good punch or two? Linda said Roger's moving you out of the room with Near."

"Shut the fuck up, Chubs. It's none of yours or Linda's business. Tell that bitch to keep outta my business or I'll kick the shit out of her, too." I bit back. The fat-ass kid - okay, he has a name, it's Toya - blinked at me, completely taken aback.

"God, PMSing, Princess?" He rolled his dark eyes.


"Mello, sit down!" Roger snapped at me. I didn't have the stamina to get on Roger's bad side twice in the same day, so I plunked back down in the uncomfortable seat and stared angerly at the trey of food in front of me. Kinda hoping someone - anyone - would trip over their own two feet and just face-plant in the meal I no longer intended to eat. Of course that wouldn't happen, though. And my stomach wasn't quite ready for the process of digesting an entire meal. As soon as dinner was over, I had to go to Roger's office. Which meant I was gonna get another harsh telling-to before being reassigned to a new room. Don't get me wrong, though. A new room was in no way a bad thing. Anything that got me farther from that snotty little albino shit was great news, in fact. But... what was it? "The enemy you know is better than the one you don't," or something? You get the idea.

I mean, I didn't know everykid in Wammy's. Far from it, in fact. I payed much too little attention to the people around me. I new Near - because it was my sole goal in life to squash him like a bug - and I knew Linda and her crew because they were annoying as hell. Aside from them, there weren't many people I could identify by name. Of course there was Roger, too, and Watari. And L. Not like any of us ever got to meet L. Not even Near or I, the top students, have ever gotten to meet the person we're so striving to become the clone of. I had my doubts as to whether Roger had even ever met L.

The point is, there could be a fairly large amount of kids at Wammy's that I would not want to share a room with.

When the bell chimed, signifying the kids to return to their rooms, everyone started to file out of the cafeteria, chatting idly with whoever was standing next to them, I dragged myself out of my seat and slunk off down the hall towards Roger's office. Kids, at this point, didn't even bother trying to conceal their giggles. Because it was Mello. In trouble again. And no one expected me to lash back, because we all knew I was walking a thin line, and too many mishaps will push me right off the wrong side. So I had to ball up my fists, clench my teeth and attack them in my mind only, until I got to my destination.

I stood in front of Roger's office, debating whether I should just walk in, or knock on the door and refuse to enter unless he got out of his seat and opened the door for me. But I didn't need any more trouble, so I opened the door and let myself in. "Roger, I-" I started.

"Haven't I told you to knock before entering a room?!" And he was already on my case. Could I have failed worse? I think not.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Sorry, okay?" I rolled my blue eyes, then noticed. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw the guy in the corner, his back against the wall. Can you blame me? He had pale white skin, black hair that was messier than Near's and heavy bags under his wide, dead-black eyes. A wrinkled white shirt, a pair of blue jeans and possibly the worst posture I've ever seen a human with - and for a second I wasn't sure he was even human. That'd scare the shit outta you too, right? Yeesh. "Woah!" I gasped, taking a step back. Then, ever me, I let my mouth slip. "Who's the freak?"

The second the words left my lips, I regretted them. Some buried instinct smacked me and told me I'd just made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I didn't know why, but I definetly knew I'd said something really stupid. Probably because Roger gaped at me as his face got red with anger. But before the first remark could leave his lips, the young man beat him to it. By laughing. Hm.

He paced across the room, and for some reason I totally expected him to have a limp. He didn't, of course, and actually he took long, easy strides to reach me, before leaning down a bit to look me in the eye. "This one's Mello?" He asked, his voice incredibly close to a monotone. "The 2nd one?"

I wanted to hit him. I really did want to. My fingernails dug into my palms and I bit my lip.

"Y-yes. Please don't mind him. He's a troublemaker, is all. He needs discipline." Roger cut in. I averted my eyes, because the man was staring at me. Staring through me. "You really should meet Near, though. I guess there's no better time than now."

"No." He turned his black eyes back to Roger. "No, I have too much to do. I'll visit again and meet some of them next time." He nodded, then returned his attention to me, offering his hand. "It's been a pleasure meeting you. I'm Ryuzaki." He introduced.

"Ryuzaki?" I looked at his hand distainfully before hesitantly shaking it.

"Otherwise known as L." He offered.

I blenched. Then realized where that horrible "Mello, you dip-shit" feeling came from before.

"Keep working, Mihael. But don't become too obsessed with your success." He warned, before leaving. Just like that. Just walked right out the door. I was still in shock when Roger snapped and started yelling at me. About everything, I think. It sounded like he was drudging up every single past mistake and throwing it in my face. But I hardly heard most of it. I snapped back into reality when I saw lightning out of the corner of my eye and turned my head slightly to look out the window at the water dripping down it.

"Look at me! Have you heard a single thing I've said?!" Roger slammed his hands down on his desk.

"Yeah, yeah, I hear ya." I bit back, regaining bits of my consciousness, though some pieces had been rendered worthless. "Can I just get my new room number? It's getting later and I'd like to spend some time before curfew to get used to the new room." I argued.

He frowned, but complied, digging through his desk and handing me a key with a neat 46 engraved in it, then held out his hand. I gave him back the room 23 key. "Behave yourself. You'll be staying with Matt, alright?"

"What's his ranking?" I asked casually, expecting a remark on how ranks are all I ever talk about.

"3ird." He answered instead.

I blinked, convinced I'd misheard him. "3ird?"

"Now go, before I start thinking about what you said to L!" He bit. I high-tailed it out of there and headed for the stairs. I was amazed with myself. How had I never thought about that before? I was so obsessed with becoming number one it never even occurred to me that there might be someone just below me, nipping at my heels, too. Someone who was striving to be 2nd. A threat to my plans.

I stood outside room 46, rain pounding hard against Wammy's, feeling my second realization of the day.