Guess who's alive?



- kyo

"It doesn't really suit you," I chuckled. "But at the same time, it kinda does," I added.

He adjusted his grey vest. "It feels different, that's for sure," he decided, fixing the collar of his pinstripe shirt one last time. "You look totally different in a suit, Mello." He smiled at me. "But you kinda look like you're going to a funeral," he admitted.

I was dressed entirely in black, so I couldn't argue or anything. My hair was tied back, too, which felt a little weird but kinda nice. I made a note to myself to try it more often. Matt was still wearing his goggles, which looked awkward but only meant no one else would get to see his eyes for a while and I kinda just came to terms with it. On top of that, he was wearing Converse, which would have looked strange had it not looked so Matt.

"Really going to go through with this?" he asked for about the sixteenth time. "Now's the time to-"

"I'm not changing my mind, alright? Are you second-guessing now? This was your idea, wasn't it?"

"I'm not changing my mind, either." He pouted. "I was just saying..."

"You've been saying it. I've heard it enough. If I change my mind, I'll just leave, okay?" I rolled my eyes. He nodded.

"So we're..."

"Shut up," I mumbled, straightening his un-straighten-able vest for him. "Yes, we are going. Now, okay?"

"O-okay..." He agreed. But before we could get to the door, someone was already knocking. Linda, if I really had to guess.

"Wanna show up late just to make her sweat it?" I smirked. He laughed, but it sounded nervous and uneven. "I'm kidding," I added. "We're going on time, okay?" He managed a nod before I went to the door which was by then being pounded upon. "What?" I barked, throwing the door open.

"You look like you're going to a funeral," were the first words out of Linda's mouth.

"You look like you're going trick-or-treating," I answered.

"Fuck off." She smiled sweetly, walking in without being invited. Erity waved politely, and I gestured for her to come in. She obeyed, carefully walking into the room. "Matty~ You look so cute~!" Linda sang, straightening his vest that I was about ready to just leave unbuttoned for everyone's sake. "You look so good in it~!"

"A-ah... th-thank you." Matt smiled. "You look good, too."

"Thanks~!" She spun to show off the long, sleeveless pink dress that glittered, but not too much. Her hair was done up in much more than her usual pony tail and she had on light, neutral make-up that wasn't over the top. Erity, on the other hand, was dressed in black and white frills, with a corset top and a lot of ruffles to expand her skirt. Dark make-up and her straight hair straighter than usual, topped off with platforms that made her almost as tall as Matt and a very feather-y headband. "Will you take off those goggles, Matt?" Linda reached up, but Matt stepped away.

"Nah." He smiled again. "I like them on." I smiled a little to myself.

"I'm glad everything worked out." Erity nodded to me. I shrugged, cramming my hands in my pockets.

"You, too," I decided. "She didn't kill you."

"I got let off easy. Best friend privileges." She smiled.

"I'm glad you two decided to come. I thought I was gonna have to make you." Linda giggled.

"Wouldn't expect anything less," I dismissed.

"Yes, well." Linda rolled her eyes. " I'm gonna have to ask though, you know? Are you two going as friends or as something more?" She grinned wickedly, as if she had won some sort of battle I didn't know I'd entered.

"That sounds like none of your business, doesn't it?" I snickered back.

"Oh, suspicious. No out-right denial?"

"Not today. I'd like to see you sweat it." Matt punched my shoulder.

"Ass," he smirked.

"What?" I gasped, mock-offended.

"Erity, you're the expert," Linda caught her friend once we were in the hall. "Are they together?"

"That sounds like none of your business, doesn't it?" Erity gave her friend a big smile.

"... I am mad at you again." Linda decided point-blank. Erity just laughed, but I knew for sure she would cave to Linda before I would. But the idea of Linda finding out didn't totally repulse me. I mean, I wasn't really sure what there was to find out. I wasn't really sure where I stood with Matt at that exact moment in time. But I guess I would find out later. The then and there should be about enjoying our time at the dance. That we were going to. Together. For the most part. Probably.

The dance was like what I thought all dances would be like - although I had never actually attended a dance before. But had I been to one prior, I had the sneaking suspicion that it would be about the same. I was quite proud of the fact that it wasn't corny the way I thought it would be. I mean, it was a winter dance, so I was glad to find that there were no plastic and paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and no fake snow/bits of paper littering the floor. Erity was almost immediately asked to dance by a boy I only vaguely knew, but knew for sure he was pretty far down rank-wise. Jeret asked Linda to dance, although I couldn't personally tell if it was just friendly because neither of them were already dancing, or if it was something personal.

I stood next to Matt, alone. Well, not alone. I mean, obviously, with Matt. And a room full of other kids. Not really alone. But it felt alone. Well, no. I mean, I felt alone with Matt, although that doesn't really make a lot of sense either, so whatever the version of alone is when you're with another person. But just one other person. A person you feel a littkle awkward being "alone" with, but not in a I-don't-know-what-to-say-to-you-we-have-nothing-in-common way, more in a I-kind-of-want-to-kiss-you-but-we're-in-public-and-the-same-gender kind of way.

Wait, kiss?

"Wanna dance?" Matt asked - blurted - interrupting my thoughts.

"Oh... um... is that...?" I murmured, a little afraid of meeting his eyes, but the room was dark anyway, so I wasn't sure if my fear was just stupid anyway.

"It's fine. I mean... do you care?" He paused. "I can't say it's fine." He laughed a little. "But I don't... care," he added, rubbing his neck. "But I get if you care."

"No." I shook my head. "I mean, we're at a dance. We're supposed to dance, right? That's the point," I murmured.

He took my hand, making me flinch, which in turn made him flinch back. Which would have looked utterly ridiculous to anyone watching had the room not been so dark and their attention so much elsewhere. "S'okay," I answered, trying to relax myself. "S'okay," I repeated, squeezing his hand and pulling him towards the dance floor. I was surprised when he pulled me towards him and wrapped his arms around me - finding the action uncharacteristically outgoing for Matt. But it was actually kind of... nice. So I just let it happen. Only a small part of me worried about who could have seen us, and what consequences might come out it. Most of me was totally okay with it. I mean, what was there to not be okay with? It was nice, I liked it, I should continue to do it.

Had living always been this...