Wedding Day

Christian opened his eyes and for a minute wondered where he was. Then he remembered he had stayed over at the Beales' for his last night of freedom!! He and Syed had decided to do things by the book and that included spending the night before the wedding apart. There was a tap on the door and Jane came in with a tea smiling at him.

"Today's the day you marry your prince then Christian"

He smiled back at her "Yes and I can't wait".

Back over at Christian's flat, Syed had already got up and was having breakfast with Tamwar. His brother had stayed over with him to keep him company and they had had a few friends round the night before just as an early celebration. Syed could hardly eat anything he felt so excited and nervous and couldn't wait to see Christian at the Registry Office later in the morning. He went and took a shower and then started to get changed into his suit with Tamwar's help.

Christian was ready and the car had arrived so he and Jane went outside. A few passers-by stopped to cheer and wish him good luck. The rest of the Beales had gone on in Ian's car earlier. As the car drew up outside the Registry Office, everybody gathered just inside and then they were told to go on in to the main room. Christian and Jane waited for Syed to arrive. At that moment the other wedding car had arrived and Syed walked in with Tamwar. Christian and Syed looked at the other and smiled. Their matching navy suits with white shirts and purple ties looked great and Jane and Tamwar smiled seeing them together. They held hands and walked up to the table in front of all the guests.

After the ceremony and the exchange of rings they went to a local hotel which they had booked for the afternoon and evening. All the guests had a wonderful dinner and then it was time for the speeches. Christian stood up "I would just like to say thank you to everyone for being at our wedding, your lovely gifts and most of all I would like to say the biggest thank you to this gorgeous man next to me who agreed to marry me and who I love with all my heart and has made me the happiest man alive".

"Ahhhhhhhh" went everyone in unison. They all stood up and raised a toast.

Syed stood up "I too would just like to say thanks to all our families for supporting us and I feel like the luckiest man in the world today to be marrying Christian". As Syed sat down he leaned in to Christian and whispered "I love you so much" and they kissed. Everyone cheered and the families looked on happily including Zainab who was there with baby Rayna who was just starting to toddle everywhere. The only one who wasn't there of course was Masood and Syed tried not to think about his dad, he didn't want anything to ruin today. He firmly set his mind to thinking of their honeymoon instead, they were off for 2 weeks to Australia. Christian turned to look at him

"what are you thinking about?" he asked smiling stroking Syed's cheek

"our honeymoon" replied Syed. He picked up Christian's hand and looked at the wedding ring he had put on there hours earlier. He had a matching one and he felt now they were completely together.