New fanfiction ^-^ The name Big Doll House is what they sometimes call Women's prisons (I think). I know there is a movie called The Big Doll House about women in prison, but I got the name from the song 'The Big Doll House'. It is a song from HairSpray. It wasn't in the movie but it was in the originally musical. I may put a few lyrics hidden in it ^-^ Anyway, this Chapter is just the Prologue, really just about Sasori and Woolfy…Don't worry, Woolfy not going to be a big character in the story!! I dunt wanna make it an OC story!!! Anyway-

-- Prologue


The hammer hit the table. Wood colliding with wood. The sound echoed through the closed in court room.

"The court hereby finds you both guilty of the crime of murdering of innocents."


"It's not like we care."

"Miss Woolfy Ryuu, you are to be imprisoned in 'Jastib Medium Security Prison'."

"Pfft, I will be out in a week." The girl stuck her tongue out at the judge. "See ya later Sasori!!" She smiled at Sasori before being pulled away by the police officers, her hands useless with the reinforced hand cuffs locked around her wrists.

"And you, Mr Akasuna? You were the intelligence behind your scheme. Do you know where you're going to go?"


"You are to be sent to The Big Doll House Maximum Security prison." Sasori chuckled. "Something funny, Mr Akasuna?"

"A human puppet, in a place called the Big Doll House? Irony at it's finest."

"We assure you, this place was not selected for names sake." Sasori chuckled once more.

"And you're separating the both of us? We were like siblings. You probably should have put her in a maximum security prison as well."

"Why?" Another chuckle from the red head.

"You will see." Sasori gave a small devious, knowing smile. The guards appeared next to him. Sasori turned and started walking out the door. Rather going by his own will than getting dragged out. Sasori hopped into the back of the police car.

Off to the Big Doll House.