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This is…odd…This feeling of knowing, yet being completely oblivious at the same time. That is how I feel…I know about everyone around me, but I'm completely oblivious to what is going on, well, besides what I can hear…But I can't hear…I told you it was odd…I feel like I'm in suspended animation, I only concentrate on thoughts and keeping my heart going. The thoughts…I can hear them…Everyone around me…All the Akatsuki's minds are open to my own. I can flick through past memories, and if I try hard enough, I can hear their present thoughts…That's how I know what's going on...I know that Pein is thinking about his future with Konan…I know that Konan is making lunch for everyone…Zetsu is arguing with himself as usual in his thoughts…Kisame is wondering about Itachi's feelings for him…Itachi is wondering why Kisame is staring at him so intently…Kakuzu is wondering how much money he would make if he sold the TV…Hidan is remembering the feeling of killing…and Deidara is busily at work…

It's not just that, I can feel their feelings. Pein. I had once said that I knew exactly how he felt. I know now I was wrong. I've felt how much he suffered for making Konan end up in the Big Doll House; it was different than to what I had felt to Deidara. Maybe because he had known that Konan would had been affected by what he did. I personally was oblivious to the fact that it would affect someone like Deidara.


There are two things I am absolutely sure of.

I had been out of my body for 1 month and 20 days. I don't know how I know this. But I know it is correct.

And 2- Deidara has not once let me out of his sight.

I can read their thoughts, but only Deidara can read mine.


I can see the moment where Itachi killed the guard whom he had gotten the silver magnum from.

I can see the fiery kiss between Kakuzu and Hidan when they had been escaping from the Big Doll House.

I can go further back too.

I see Konan's memory of the police storming the house. Then I switch to Pein's point of view of the same situation.

I see Kisame as a little kid, watching the samurai of his village train, swords in hand.

My Dei? Well, I now know which puppet it was that inspired him to become a criminal.

Danna? I think it is done.

Okay. Try it.

I feel myself being lifted up off the table.

I can feel the tension in the room as well. Everyone's present thoughts had stopped. All of their minds read the same thought. Will Sasori be back?






I can't hear anything.

Not what I had been determining as sound for the past few weeks.

I lazily opened my eyes. Deidara had complained that they weren't the same brown as before. But I know that with myself now in this puppet they will change to the same muddy colour.

My new puppet body.

It had taken a week to find someone even fairly similar to my own looks. Deidara had been fusing over the dead body, cutting the longish hair shorter and dying it red. Then I had had to instruct Deidara step by step on my normal procedure of turning people into puppets. It would have really only taken myself a day, three at tops to turn someone into a puppet, but it had been difficult because Deidara had never converted someone into a puppet before, plus the fact that it would soon be me made him work even more careful, making him slower. But that didn't matter now.

I sat up and looked down. The body seemed perfectly fine, a few adjustments and it would be practically perfect.


A pair of arms wrapped themselves around my new torso and I was pushed back onto the table by Deidara's weight. I smile and ruffle Deidara's hair…Wait…

"Dammit Deidara, you left to many nerves in!!"

Deidara hugged me tighter.

"Don't you wanna feel me more, Danna, un?" Deidara gave me a smug grin.

I stared at him with an unimpressed expression. Guess I wasn't able to read all of his thoughts…

"Its not that, Dei, it's more because of pain."

Deidara chuckled.

"I finally get the phrase 'More Pain, More Pleasure', un."

Deidara pulled my lips into a kiss which I returned eagerly. Both our tongues fought for dominance. As always, I won. I know the others are staring at us, but I don't care, I only want my Deidara.

"Come on guys; let's leave these two to 'Catch Up'!!" Everyone looked at Konan and nodded, the room clearing in about a minute.

I break the kiss and move to his ear. I muster up a seductive and commanding voice.

"Bedroom now, Brat." Deidara let out a lustful "un" and let go of me. I stand up then look around. Hmm, pretty nice hotel room. "Lead on Brat."

Deidara blushes a bit and grabs my hand, pulling me along eagerly behind him. He opens one of the doors and drags me into a dark room. I switch on the light while he closes and locks the door. There is a king sized bed and a bit of furniture. I pull Deidara back to me and plant another kiss on his lips. While we kiss I push him towards the bed. He gets the idea and falls backwards onto it, pulling me down with him. I move my lips to his neck and bite down. Deidara cries out from the love bite with a mix of both pain and pleasure.

This was going to be so much better without the fear of someone hearing us.

"Sasori, un~"


I nuzzle my face into his neck lovingly. I start to kiss his skin tenderly while my hands start to tug at his shirt. He gets the hint and pulls it off while I pull my own shirt off as well. I stare hungrily at his slim masculine body. My eyes flick to the wound on his chest. It seemed to be healing nicely. He pulls me back down and into another kiss. My tongue explores his sweet tasting mouth eagerly. I leave his mouth and start leaving a trail of kisses and love bites down his sweet body. He moaned louder the lower I got. I finally reached with waist line and undid the clasp with my teeth and pull his pants and boxers off.

I ran my tongue from base to tip, causing my little uke to mew.

"Danna~ Stop Teasing, un~"

I gave a sly smile and licked his tip.

"I'm sorry, Dei. Am I teasing you?" I blew on his tip, causing a shudder to run up his body. I licked down his shaft. "I didn't notice." I lick back up once more.


I chuckled and looked back at the panting face of Deidara.

"What do you want me to do, Dei?"


I smirk at him. I'm such a sadistic bastard.

"Say it Dei."

Deidara whimpered as I licked his tip and blew on it once more.


"Was that so hard to say?"

Before he could answer, I locked my lips around his cock and started sucking. He cried out and I felt two hands entangle themselves in my hair. He forced me to take more of him in. I started to hum along with sucking. His moans grew louder. He finally cried out my name and released into my mouth. I swallowed and sat up, smirking seductively at Deidara.

"Not bad, Dei." I bought my face back to his and kissed him lightly on the lips.


"Yes, Brat?"

I smile at him teasingly. I know what he wants, but I want him to say it.

"Fuck me…un…"

I chuckle and sit back to undo my pants. I'm naked in about a minute and was looking at my new larger cock.

"I can see why you liked this body so much, Dei."

"That was…just a…special feature…un…"

I smirked and crawled back over him. I kiss him lightly on the lips and hold out 3 fingers.

"Do I really have to say it?"

He shoved my fingers into his mouth and started to suck. He looks so irresistible. It is taking me all my will power to not just start screwing him then.

I pulled out my fingers when I deemed them lubricated enough and immediately shoved two up Deidara's ass.

"Ugh, Bastard, un…"

"Just try to relax." I start another heated kiss with my blonde in an effort to distract him. I pushed in my third finger while he was distracted and stretched his entrance. He moaned into my mouth when one of my fingers brushed against his prostate. Bingo. I pull my fingers out much to his dismay and lined my new length with his entrance.

"You ready Dei?"

He nodded eagerly and I thrust in hard and fast. We both groaned, he in pain and myself in pleasure. Deidara was right, this felt more pleasurable than last time with more nerves. I wait for Deidara to get used to it. Deidara on the other hand seemed against this plan.

"Move, un!!"

"You sure?"

He nodded.

I pulled out mostly and slammed back in, hitting his prostate.

We both let out moans of pleasure. I pulled mostly out again and slammed back in, hitting his prostate dead centre once more.

Deidara was practically screaming my name.





I stuck to my usual rhythm of pleasure. I felt myself reaching the bliss of release, but I refused to be the first to break. I grabbed Deidara's cock and started pumping him roughly in time with my thrusts. His moans and cries grew even louder. It wasn't long till Deidara let out a scream and released onto both of us. I felt his ass tighten around me. I made a few more frantic thrusts before I released deep inside my Deidara. I made a shuddered moan and pulled out.

I rolled myself off of Deidara as we both tried to catch our breath. After about a minute, Deidara snuggled up to me. I rolled over to give him better access. He buried his head in the crook of my neck and I wrapped my own arms around him.

"Sasori Danna, un~"

"Your mine, Dei, don't forget that."

I felt him nod against my neck.

"So, Danna, do you love me this time?"

I blinked. As usual when asked this question, I heard two voices.

My Heart.

I love you Deidara.

And my own voice.

"Yes, I love you, Dei."

Guess my head has given up on the debate.

"I love you too, Danna."

"Hey, brat?"


"Happy Valentines Day." I kissed him lightly on the lips.

Deidara faintly chuckled. I could feel his exhaustion.

We both fell asleep within minutes.

"Lady Justice hear my plea,

Cause the Big Doll House,

The Big Doll House,

The Big Doll House,

Ain't big enough for me!!!

For me!!!

For me!!!

FOR ME~!!!"

The End.


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