We have a mission. Kill her.

Ashley's eyes burned with unshed tears as she looked down at her mother's tortured face.

"Ashley, please."

The other super-warrior stared at her, wondering what was happening.

We have a mission. Kill her.

Ashley tried to ignore the words. Her fingers tightened on the wrist she held back. She could feel the pulse throbbing, a pulse that matched her own beat for beat.

We have a mission. Kill her.

It wasn't just the other one who was telling her this. She could feel it flaring in her, rearing up. She struggled to keep her head clear, but the voices kept shouting. Kill her. Kill her. Kill her.

"Mom." she gasped, shaking.

There were so many other things she wanted to say. I love you. Thank you. You are the best mother in the world.

Ashley wished she could relive her life, just for a little while. She wanted to crawl into her mother's arms, just like when she was little. Mommy, I'm afraid. She wanted her mother to make everything all right, to kiss the wound and make it better.


She didn't have time. She was losing herself again. And then she would kill her mother, destroy the Sanctuary, and the Cabal would win. It was the only way. The EM shield was up. Teleporting would kill her. It was easy; one thought was all it took.

It was the only way to save the Sanctuary. It was the only way to save her mother. It was the only way to save herself.