"Prince Of Blood"

"Well, alright. You two do look horrible. . ." Mrs. Kardigan tisked.
"Thanks, Mom" Austin muttered "Thanks"

Mrs. Kardigan put her hands on her hips, "Bed" she ordered sternly.
"Fine" Austin said, smirking "I'll tell you all about our near death experiences tomorrow"

"What!?" they all exclaimed simultaneously.
"Sorry, gotta go to bed" Austin said, smirking. Then he dashed out of the kitchen.

Everyone turned to look at me expectantly.
"Ugh, me too" I said, and darted out of the room. And then scrambled up the stairs.

When I reached the top of the stairs, Kate materialized in front of me.
"I could get you some dry clothes" she offered.

"Yea, that would be appreciated" I mumbled, following her to her room.
"Thats what I thought" she said "'Cause your fuckin' drenched"

"That happens when you get lost in a thunderstorm" I muttered.
She laughed as we headed into her room. She locked the door, and then went into her closet.

"Hey, the locks fixed" I noted aloud, just noticing. Even though it had worked flawlessly at the sleepover too. . .
"Yea" Kate called from inside her room-sized closet "Domingo fixed it after the episode at the party"

"Mhm. . .so, things between you guys are getting pretty serious" I said mischievously.
She made a distasteful sound in the back of her throat. "We've only been dating a week" she said.

I shrugged, "So have Austin and I, and things between us are pretty serious"
"That's different" she reasoned "You've known each other for like 10 years before that"

"Oh come off it" I said "I know you and Domingo had something going on before all this"
"Well, sorta" she admitted, coming out of the closet. She threw the pile of clothes at me. A white cammy, and black pajama pants. Both of which were too big for her tiny-ness.

Then, she headed over to her pink canopy bed and flopped down on it.
Quickly, I changed into the dry clothes. Just noticing that I only had one shoe on . . .I wonder when I lost the other one. . .

After I finished I went over to Kate's giant girly bed and layed down on my stomach.
"Spill" I commanded.

She sighed, "Okay, so here's the deal. You know how Austin used to run away a lot?"
I nodded and made sounds of understanding.

"Well, I knew he was going to Hades. But I never told my parents" she confessed.
"Why??" I wondered curiously.

"Because sometimes, when I was supposed to be asleep, I would go to Hades to" she continued "I would only go when I knew Austin wasn't there, though. 'Cause I didn't want him knowing. . .I didn't want anyone knowing 'cause then they could rat me out to mom and dad. Now, Austin probably wouldn't because he was doing the same thing. . .but still. It would stress me out to think somebody else knew. Anyway, while I was there I kept a low profile, under cover you know? But, one night, I bumped into Domingo. He, of course, recognized me. And I begged him not to tell anybody he saw me. He agreed, and we started talking. Then, every time I came to Hades, I would go visit him. We were sorta-dating. It wasn't serious at all, I was only 14 you know? I think I only kissed him a few times. . . Anyway, after Austin got kidnapped by the Arthasians the first time, it was too dangerous for either of us to go to Hades anymore. So, I broke it off with Domingo. . . and I didn't see him again 'till I went lookin' for you and Austin. I pretended we were just friends so Austin wouldn't know. . ."

"Forbidden love" I teased.
She shoved me playfully, and we both laughed.

"We haven't done this enough lately" I mused thoughtfully.
"What?" she wondered.

"Stay up late and talk about boys. . .it's been a while" I explained.
"Well, yea. That's because every time your over here your getting it on with my brother" she said, and then made a disgusted face.

I shoved her, "We're not doing it" I told her.
"Oh, I know" she said, grinning "I just like to tease you"

I rolled my eyes at her, "So have you and Domingo?" I asked mischievously.
"Have we what?" she asked innocently.

"Hooked up" I supplied, with an eye roll.
"Becca!" she exclaimed in shock "I can't tell you that! It's private. . ."

"Oh, you two so did it" I said with a smirk. Her reluctance to tell me was a dead give-away.
"Tell anyone and I'll beat you with a stick" she threatened.

"Okay, okay. No worries. I won't tell" I promised "So, how'd you do it?"
"Ugh. . . . .I'm really not comfortable answering that" she said "Maybe you should ask Austin. . .he'd be more then happy to show you. . ."

I smacked her with a pink fluffy pillow, "That's not what I meant you sicko. I meant how did you find a private place in a house of 10 people"
"Ohhhhhhhhhh" she said, understanding "That was simple. We have a van, duh"

I shuddered, "Never going in there again" I muttered.
"Yea, that's probably a good idea. . ." she mused.

"So, was it more then once?" I wondered. Aware that this was a messed-up conversation.
She shrugged, "A few times" she mumbled, hugging a fluffy pillow to her chest.

"Interesting" I said in a mildly creepy voice. Stroking the fluffy pillow in my arms like an evil mastermind would a fat white cat.
She shoved me, "Your such a freak"

"I'm a freak-aholic" I told her.
We both randomly burst out laughing. . .because, well, we're just that weird.

"Maybe I should sign you up for FA" she joked "Freaks Anonymous"
"That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard" I told her, still laughing.

I was still giggling when I noticed Buffy sleeping on one of Kate's pillow. Buffy is Austin's ferret. He's a white albino ferret with little red eyes. His name is supposed to be ironic. You know, Buffy The Vampire Slayer? Because he has white fur, little fangs, and red eyes. Kinda your classic vampire. And then Buffy is a vampire slayer. . .you see? Irony. Well, now that I knew Austin and his family where vampires. . .it was even more ironic. . .It was even weirder because I had come up with the name in 7th grade when Austin got Buffy. . . back before I knew they were vampires. . .very weird.

"Kate? What is Buffy doing in here?" I asked.
She shrugged, "I took him out to play. . . but he feel asleep"

I rolled my eyes, "Ferrets sleep 18 hours a day, Kate" I told her matter-o-factly.
Wow, I really am turning into quiet the animal-expert.

"Well, he was awake when I took him out. I assumed it was his 6 hours of activness" she said with another shrug.
"Well, you better put him back. Austin will be pissed if he sees that he's gone" I told her.

Until I knew that Austin loved me, I would've sworn Buffy was the only living thing Austin really cared about.
Buffy was a pretty spoiled ferret. He had one of those cages that were several feet high, with little staircases. And a hanging bed, and toys, and treats. . .yea, a pretty sweet deal.

"Nah" she said dismissevly "He's probably sleeping. . .I'll put him in a little while and Austin will never know"
"Speaking of sleeping. . .I'm exshausted. Can we go to sleep?" I asked.

"Sure. . .but put Buffy away first" she told me, picking up Buffy.
As she passed him to me, he began to stir. His little red eyes opened and he tittered unhappily at me.

I put Buffy on my shoulder like a bird, and he put his little front-feet on my head. So he could look around.
I was used to carrying Buffy around. Austin, Kate, and I were the only people Buffy didn't bite.

I slid off the bed and headed to the door.
With Buffy on my shoulder, I headed down the hall to Austin's room.

I was thankful that I didn't run into anyone in the hallway.
Especially Jupiter, Mars, or Diego. I didn't need them thinking that I was sneaking into Austin's room in the middle of the night. Nope, didn't need that.

So, I walked down the hallway uninterupted, and to Austin's room.
The door was closed but unlocked, so I went right in. It was pitch black inside, so I felt along the wall for a switch.

After finding it, I threw on the lights so I could see. The first thing I saw was Austin, lieing in his bed.
His eyes were open and he was starring at me with an annoyed, sleepy expression.

"I thought you were asleep" I said in a disapproving tone.
Oh dear lord I sound like his mother . . . I gotta stop doing that.

"I was" he muttered, rubbing his eyes sleepily "You woke me up. You know I can't sleep with the lights on. Vamp, member?"
"Oops sorry" I apologized "I forgot. I just came to put Buffy back in his cage."

"What are you doing with him anyway?" he asked, seeming irritated.
"Kate took him out earlier, and he fell asleep on her bed. We were just about to go to sleep, so I brought him back" I explained.

"Oh, well put him back in his cage" he mumbled.
"Alright" I said, walking over to Buffy's cage by the wall.

I knelt next to the large cage, and placed Buffy on the floor next to me. As I tried to unlock the unnecessarily difficult lock, Buffy decided to go play. He ran across the floor towards Austin's sterio. Taking my attention away from the lock, I snagged Buffy's thin lean body. As he squirmed I placed him on my lap, so I could go back to work with the latch. But, as soon as I put him down, he took off again. Ugh, the little devil could've played with Kate for hours but slept instead. Now, he wants to play? Come on. . . I turned my attention away from the lock, once again, and tried to catch Buffy. I heard Austin groan and looked to see him get up from his bed.

He had exchanged his drenched suit for plaid pajama bottoms and a grey t-shirt. He hadn't even bothered to try and conceal the blue scars on his wrists.
Seeing my struggles, he walked over to Buffy. He knelt down and lifted Buffy off the ground.

He held Buffy to his chest and came over to the cage.
Buffy didn't fight Austin like he did me.

He motioned for me to move over and I did.
Then he undid the latch with one hand, and secured Buffy to his chest with the other.

Once the cage was open, he put Buffy inside. Once inside, Buffy ran up the little stairs to his hanging bed.
Then jumped in immediately and probably went to sleep. Then Austin closed the cage latch.

I huffed, "Why does he cooperate for you?" I whined.
He was still facing the cage, so I was viewing his profile. And I could see a hint of a smirk.

"Because he's my pet" Austin explained, turning to face me "And-"
He stopped abtruly and stared at my arm. I looked down to see what he was freaking out about, and saw two nasty wounds.

On my shoulder was a deep gash from one of the knives. On the crease inside of my elbow, was another gash. It wasn't deep like the other, but long instead.
Thanks to the white tank-top Katie had given me. The gashes were extremely noticeable on my lightly tanned skin. It was a wonder Kate hadn't noticed. . .

"Oh my God" he exclaimed, moving closer to me, "Are you alright!?"
He knelt next to me, touching my arm like a doctor's examination. He felt along the edges of the cuts, he was careful not to touch them though.

"I'm fine" I insisted, they actually didn't hurt, "Seriously, I'm fine Austin."
"Are you crazy??" he demanded "You were stabbed! Multiple times!"

"And you got a third degree burn" I countered.
"That's different" he muttered.

"Yea, it's worse" I retorted, annoyed. He was allowed to fawn over me when I was hurt, but I wasn't allowed to fawn over him when he was hurt? Unacceptable.
"Whatever. C'mon, I got clean these cuts. There gonna get infected" he said, getting up. He kept his hands on my arms, partially helping me up.

"I'm an immortal" I mumbled, rolling my eyes "If I get an infection it's not a big deal"
"Your half human" he said, leading me to the bathroom by my arm "That makes you only half-immortal"

"Half-immortal is better then nothing" I mumbled as he led me to the sink.
"All it means is that you can't die of old age or disease. . .you could still get sick from an infection. . . thanks to the human side" Austin explained, reaching into the medicine cabinet.

"Are there a lot of . . .half-human, half-immortals?" I wondered as he took out some kind of cream.
"Not a lot, no. Certain types of immortals can't even breed with humans. Like vampires, werewolfs, and wish granters. Witches, pixies, and shape-shifters can however" he said.

He took a white cloth off the golden towel ring. He placed it under running water, and then wrung it out. He took the damp cloth and gently pressed it to the rim of the cut on the inside of my arm. The cloth cleaned off the blood and dirt around it easily. Then, he wiped the blood and dirt off the rim of the gash on my shoulder.

"But, witches, pixies, and shapeshifters can" he continued, while cleaning the cuts, "It's not very common though, people don't wanna end up with half-breed children"
He gave me an apologetic smile as he opened the bottle of cream.

"So usually the only ones who. . .get involved with humans are the ones who can't reproduce with them" he told me, squirting some of the cream onto his finger.
He rubbed the cream around the edges of the cut. It seeped a little into the cut, and stung. It must be that damn anti-bacterial cream stuff that burns like hell.

I winced a little at the burning. It was so not a tingle like the label said! It was a fuckin' burn!
"Sorry, sorry" Austin apologized "I just don't want it to get infected"

"I know, I know" I mumbled absently. The burn wasn't that painful but still annoying. He was allowed to be overly-protective but I wasn't? I'll retaliate somehow. . .
He moved his hands to smear white cream into the gash on my shoulder. Then he threw open the top drawer.

He dug around and pulled out a box with giant band-aids in it. He took one out, and peeled off the white paper.
Then he gingerly placed it on the cut on the inside of my arm. The long one that wasn't as deep.

He smoothed his hand over the band-aid to keep it in place.
Then, he dug back around in the drawer and pulled out white bandage. The white kind that you wrap around major injuries.

Austin pulled out the roll of white bandages, and unwound some.
He cut the piece off with his teeth. Then, he took the piece and wrapped it around the cut on my shoulder. He wound it around a few times then secured with some little metal thing.

"Okay. . .I think it's good" he said thoughtfully, as if he was unsure of what he was saying.
I sighed dramatically, "It's perfectly fine" I told him.

"I'm just careful. . ." he mumbled.
"Well, so am I" I said "Now, let me see your wrist"

"Oh, c'mon" he complained "It's fine."
"You burned your skin at 4000 degrees" I argued "We both know it's not fine"

"Well, there's nothing you could do anyway. . . it's a burn. . ." he told me.
"At least me see it" I insisted.

"Not now. . .I want to go back to sleep" he muttered grumpily "I'm tired. . .I'll see you in the morning"
He stalked out of the bathroom, and I heard his door slam.

Now, I'm not really good at letting people have there space. Never have, never will.
I can be kind of pushy, especially when somebody is upset.

I stomped after him, and banged on his door angrily.
"Can't get 'rid of me that easily!" I shouted.

His door opened a second later, revealing an angry looking Austin.
"What?" he snarled irritably.

"Your cranky when your tired" I teased "Want me to sing you a lullaby and tuck you in?"
He growled at me, "What do you want anyway?"

"I don't feel like sleeping in Kate's room and listening to her babble all night long. . .can I sleep in here?" I asked, batting my eyelashes innocently.
His surprise broke through his angry mask, "Really?"

"Yea" I said, leaning closer to him.
"Well, alright" he agreed, moving aside to let me in.

I waltzed in, and Austin shut the door behind me.
The bed looked extremely warm and inviting.

I wandered over to the bed, and plopped down.
Austin came over and motioned for me to move over.

I conceded, and rolled over to make room for Austin.
He layed down and pulled the green blankets over us.

Then Austin reached for the second light switch above his bed.
Once he flicked it off, it became pitch black.

I rolled over onto my side and Austin threw his arm over me.
Smiling to myself, I snuggled closer to him.

I felt warm and safe, sleeping next to Austin under thick warm blankets.
It wouldn't take long for me to fall asleep here.

Sure, a bunch of assassins are after me . . . trying to kill me.
And there was somebody out there, a powerful immortal I would guess, who wanted me dead. And thought a quick death was too good for me.

But, for now, I couldn't think about that. For whatever reason.
Maybe because I was with Austin, and whenever I'm with him it's like all my negative thoughts melt away. Like all the negative things in my life just. . . melt away.

We were a good couple. . .strange but good.
A couple of teenagers who are both stubborn and sarcastic . . . but were both abnormal immortals.

I was a half-breed witch. Half-human, and half-witch. One who had never known she was a witch, and was an oddly fast learner of magic.
And Austin was a prophesied vampire with extraordinary powers. Who was also a vampire prince of the ancient underground chain of cities known as the Azimon.

A witch and a prince. A vampire prince.
Who was ruled by blood, and a ruler of blood.

A true prince of blood.

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