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I stood with a firm grip on his hair; if I was to pull at it any harder, I would rip it out. I stared at his neck and watched his blood pumping furiously through his veins.

He smelled so good; just like how people used to smell before polluting your body became so en vogue.

My lips were peeled back, and exposing and extending my fangs. Venom filled my mouth as I prepared myself for what I knew would be the purest, sweetest blood I had ever tasted. Some vampires had told me there was blood which sang to them, but to me blood was always just blood and I'd never believed it; until now.

Now I was sitting with this man in my arms and my head was filled with the melodic sound of his blood. He moaned and whimpered in pain and that's when I made my first mistake; I looked at him.

He was afraid. He had the same look that almost everyone did just before I killed them; it was a combination of fear and the realization that his death was quickly approaching. But unlike all the others, he was staring at me. The others would look for their escape route, frantically searching for a way out, but not him, he was breathing furiously and crying. The tears fell out of his insanely green eyes, eyes filled with confusion, trying to decipher what I was and then he parted his lips and spoke, his voice no more than a whisper.


That was all he said. Not "I don't want to die" or "you don't have to do this" which I'd heard so many times before. It was just a simple 'please.' He was from the south and his accent was thick, and that with his plea clouded my judgement.

He could've been referring to anything, but I assumed he wanted me to let him go. Or maybe he knew what I was; it wouldn't be the first time someone had wanted me to turn them.

But with this simple word, I felt a wave of guilt. I couldn't kill him even though I wanted his blood more than anything. I was confused by my emotion.

Who was this human to me?

I stared at him for a moment longer then let him go. He backed up, pushing himself away from me as Jasper burst through the door, Alice followed behind. Both were covered in blood.

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