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Chapter 11 Chicago, Chicago…

Characters: Edward, Bella, Ron and Karen Evans

Bella POV

On the plane Edward realized that he didn't remember how Mr. Evans looked like. Thankfully Edward must have not changed much over the years as Mr. Evans recognized Edward immediately and shouted at us as soon as we stepped out of the plane.

"Edward! It's so good to see you," He rushed towards us and hugged Edward. Edward froze in his place and gave a weak smile.

"Honey, you've scared him. Give the boy some room to breathe." An elderly woman who stood beside Mr. Evans said and smiled. "Hello Edward. That bald, chubby idiot is my husband Ron, and I'm Karen, his wife. It's so good to see you again. Who might this lovely lady be?" she asked Edward.

"Ummm. Hello. Ummm. She is Bella, Bella Swan. Thank you for meeting us," Edward said still shocked from the hug and welcome from Mr. Evans.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Evans," I said to them.

"Oh sweetheart, please call us Ron and Karen. No need to be formal. We've known Edward for a very long time. I heard from Ron about Edward's medical condition. I'm sure in time we can fill in some details and feel relaxed around each other again," she said and pulled me in for a hug.

"Are you two hungry? I'm thinking we can take a detour and take you to Gino's in Rolling Meadows for some pizza. Karen and Edward's mother used to take him there often when they went shopping to the Woodfield mall. I'm not sure Edward would remember but I'm guessing it wouldn't hurt to go to places he's been," Ron said and smiled.

"Thank you. That would be really nice. We didn't get to eat before we left New York," I answered for Edward since he still looked quite nervous.

We followed Ron and Karen to their car. Edward got inside the backseat first and helped me slide in after him. Ron had an easy listening channel tuned on his radio. As he drove out of O' Hare, I heard Frank Sinatra on the radio.

Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin' town

Chicago, Chicago, I will show you around, I love it!

Bet your bottom dollar you'll lose the blues in Chicago, Chicago

The town that Billy Sunday couldn't shut down

On State Street, that great street, I just wanna say

They do things they don't do on Broadway

They have the time the time of their life

I saw a man he danced with his wife

In Chicago, Chicago, my home town

Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin' town

Chicago, Chicago, I will show you around, I love it!

Bet your bottom dollar you'll lose the blues in Chicago, Chicago

The town that Billy Sunday could not shut down

On State Street, that great street, I just wanna say

They do things that they never do on Broadway

They have the time the time of their life

I saw a man he danced with his wife

In Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, that's my home town

Right after the second verse of the song, I started to hear an unfamiliar voice sing along Frank Sinatra. The volume of the voice was so low but it was definitely someone else's voice. When I slowly glanced towards Edward, he was looking out the window, but on the reflection I saw Edward smiling and singing along. The smile on Edward's reflection on the window looked like one of a happy little boy. I wondered if Edward had gone back in time and remembered something from his childhood. When I looked away from Edward I noticed Karen turned towards us in the passenger seat as she watched Edward too. My eyes met hers and she smiled and nodded. I wondered what the nod was for. Was it a nod to tell me she was happy like me that Edward looked happy?

Rolling Meadows was just a little north of O' Hare so the trip to Gino's East was quick. Ron told us that the Gino's here was less crowded than the one on Rush Street near Edward's condo. Karen ordered for us and said that Edward's favorite was the cheese and pepperoni sausage supreme with the sausage patty. She also ordered buffalo chicken salad, fried calamari, and toasted ravioli. Edward, Ron and I ordered beer and Karen ordered a soda so that she could let Ron enjoy the drinks with us and she'd drive instead.

Ron and Karen were all smiles while they sat in front of us. I could tell they were really happy to see Edward again. I could only imagine how worried they were when they couldn't locate Edward and didn't hear from him for so many years.

"So, what do you do at the café, Bella?" Karen asked.

"I do a little of everything just like everyone else, but I'm mainly the chef. Edward also cooks. He makes Zeppoli on weekends." Ron laughed really hard when I mentioned that Edward also cooked.

"Oh I have to see that! I never imagined I'd ever see Edward in a kitchen. Last I remember he either ate out or got take out. I don't think I've ever seen him make coffee with his coffee maker," Ron said and laughed. Edward blushed and looked embarrassed.

"Ron, stop teasing him. I'm sorry, Edward. Just ignore him. It's nice to know you can cook now though. Your mother was always worried about your eating habits. That was one of the reasons she made you visit them once a week for dinner and sent you home with food to last you for several days. I used to always tell her to stop worrying. There were plenty of places for you to eat near your condo but that never stopped her. A mother never stops worrying. I'm sure your mother would've been proud," Karen said reminiscing the old days.

"Where are you from, Bella? What got you into working at the Café?"

"Oh, umm, I'm from a little town called Forks, in Washington. I grew up with the Cullens. They own the market and the café. My parents divorced when I was young and I learned to cook from an early age. Mr. and Mrs. Cullen thought I had talent in cooking and helped me through culinary school. That's how I got to work at the café."

"Ron, we need to get out to New York soon and try their cooking. I'm glad I have a reason to go to New York other than the opera now," Karen said and smiled.

"It would be great to have you two visit us," Edward said and smiled. I was glad he finally relaxed around them and started to join in the conversation.

The food was really great. The pizzas were really different from the ones I made or the ones in New York but still really great. Edward seemed to love the pizzas and looked like he could eat the whole large pizza himself. Karen wasn't kidding that this cheese and pepperoni sausage pizza was his favorite.

"I'm thinking I'd just bring all the necessary documents and stop by your condo around 10 a.m. tomorrow morning instead of bringing you to my office at home since you and Bella will be visiting us for Thanksgiving dinner. Does that sound all right with you, Edward?"

"Are you sure? Wouldn't it be more convenient for you if I just went to see you?"

"Not at all. I have some business to take care of in the city later in the day."

"Shall we get going? Bella and Edward must be really tired," Karen said to Ron.

Edward and I realized, Karen had already settled the check when she left for the restroom earlier. She was really sneaky. Edward had wanted to pay but they wouldn't accept his money.

Due to the traffic it took more than 45 minutes for them to take us back to Edward's condo. I was surprised at how tall and large Edward's high rise condo was. I had been in this building before. I wondered if my path ever crossed with Edward before I met him. Karen stayed in the car while Ron walked us into the building and said goodbye to us in the lobby.

We took the elevator and went into Edward's place. I gasped when I saw his living room. It was really beautifully done. The whole concept of his place was very modern and simple. It looked like I stepped into a living room in a magazine. I did notice one item in particular. The couch in his living room was the exact same one I had in my living room that I had purchased from the Conran shop years ago. It was from the "Content by Conran" line.

"That couch looks like the one you have. No wonder I love your couch," Edward said and chuckled.

"Yeah. I noticed that too."

"I'd give you the tour of the place but I don't have a clue so we'll have to explore it together," Edward said with a sense of humor. I was glad he wasn't freaked out by it all. He entered his place but he had no memory of it. I wondered what that felt like.

I took his hand and led him to the kitchen. I really wanted to see what it was like. It was also very modern and beautiful and the appliances looked like they had never been used. "I think you've never cooked in here. It all looks pristine," I said and laughed as I recalled what Ron had told us earlier that Edward never stepped into the kitchen. I opened the large refrigerator and was surprised to see it stocked.

"Edward, I think Ron and Karen stocked your fridge. There's water, milk, juice, beer, eggs, sausages, cold cuts, cheese, yogurt, and butter. Oooh, there's even some frozen waffles, biscuits, and cinnamon roll."

"Oh that's great. I kept looking out the window to find a convenience store nearby while they drove us here. I thought I'd need to go buy some water and juice tonight. I should thank them tomorrow. That was really sweet of them."

"Let's go check out the rest of this place," I said and took his hand and led him out of the kitchen. We got into the dining room and I gasped again. It looked very similar to the furniture I saw on a magazine featuring George Lowell. After we checked out the living room we went to the master bedroom. I noticed another item from the Conran store. Edward had the Francoise bed designed by Tristram Mylius. I was proud of myself that I recognized so many of the items in Edward's place. Years of being dragged around shopping with Alice and Rosalie must have paid off.

The next door we opened looked like Edward's studio where he worked on his designs and crafting his jewelry pieces. There was a faceting machine, scale, ring stick, ring gauge, and various other tools such that I had no clue what they were for. On one side of the room were bookshelves full of books related to gem and designs. On his desk was a book titled, "Bedazzled." When I flipped the book over on the back cover was Edward. After reading through what was written I realized this book was all on jewelry Edward designed.

"Wow, look! Edward, you have a book published based on your custom jewelry. Oh wow, it says here that you even had your pieces exhibited in MOMA and that you created many jewelry pieces for movies." I was so excited to learn so many things about Edward, but when I looked into his eyes all I saw was sadness. I wondered if he was thinking about all the things he could've, should've, and would've achieved if he never left for the trip that caused him to lose his memory. I'm sure his life would've been totally different than what his life was like right now. I felt a pang of pain in my heart when I wondered now that he'd seen a glimpse of what his life used to be like if he would maybe not want to go back to New York.

I walked towards Edward and wrapped my arms around him and leaned my head on his chest. "I think there was some wine on the counter in the kitchen. Would you like to have some wine and cheese and relax a bit in the living room before we go to bed?" Edward smiled and nodded but his smile looked a little forced. I realized that I had done most of the talking since we came to his place.

I opened a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and sliced some Camembert, Roquefort, Colby, and Danish Blue that the Evans stocked for us. They even got us some Carr's table water crackers for the cheese.

We both relaxed on the couch and stretched our legs out. There wasn't really anything interesting to watch so we settled on CNN. We both sat in silence. I didn't attempt to strike up any conversation. I assumed Edward could use some peace and quiet. It must have been an exhausting day for him. I slid closer to Edward and brought my hands to his neck and shoulder and started to give him a massage.

"Bella, it's okay. You're tired too. You should relax."

"Nah. I'm all right. Let me do this, okay? Consider this massage as payment to let me stay here for free instead of a hotel." Edward chuckled.

After several minutes of massaging his neck and his shoulders, Edward turned his back more towards me and let me rub his back. I could physically feel his muscles relax and Edward gave a sigh of relief. I'm not sure how long I spent massaging Edward. He started to sway and I noticed that he was dozing off. I kept rubbing his back gently and he started to snore. I moved in closer to him and let him lean into me. I wrapped my arms around him so that he could put his weight on me. The warmth emitted from Edward's body was nice and comfortable. I started to battle with my eyelids. Soon I noticed I couldn't keep them open.

I wasn't sure how much time had passed since I fell asleep. I felt my body shift and lifted off the couch. I realized that Edward woke up and now I was in his arms being carried out of the living room. I was too embarrassed to open my eyes.

"I know you're awake, Bella." Edward chuckled.

"Guilty as charged." I said and opened my eyes to look at Edward as he carried me to the guestroom. "You know, you could have left me on the couch. You know how often I fall asleep on my couch."

"Not gonna happen. You're my guest here, Bella."

"Well now that I'm awake, you could put me down, you know."

"True, but your body heat is keeping me warm. It feels good."

Edward carried me into the bedroom and gently lowered me onto the bed. "Thanks, Edward. So, I guess I'll see you in the morning."

"Good night, Bella. Sweet dreams," Edward said, and kissed me on my forehead.

"Good night, Edward."


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