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Title: Good Intentions

Author: AbNaGbEyL (You may have seen this story under the name 'Lady Prince' 'Silver Poison', or 'SilverDeath'...all are me. This is my story.)

Rating: T (Rating is subject to change)

Warnings: Slash

Pairing: Harry Potter/Undecided

Good Intentions (Full Summary); A Harry Potter Crossover with Anita Blake.

After killing Voldemort, Harry want's nothing more than to sit back and enjoy life. But when the wizarding world turns their back on him he has no choice but to run or be imprisoned. With the help of Remus, he escapes and is sent to America to live with Remus' Aunt Marianne. There, he learns a new way of life and finds himself caught up in a whirlwind of danger and emotions after meeting the local and visiting lycanthropes...

Chapter One

Harry woke suddenly, his heart racing.

The House of Black was quiet...radiating a stillness that only emptiness could produce, he was the only one living at Grimmauld Place now.

The house actually looked pretty decent now that his new house elves, Dobby and Winky, had joined the battle against the house. There were times that Harry was certain the house was sulking. It was still a dark, and dreary place, but the dark artifacts and strange creatures had been evicted.

Ever since Sirius' death he had made it his mission to bring the Black name back into it's former Glory as a family of the Light...or rather the Grey. He still believed in many of the 'light' ideals, but he had also discovered that the 'dark' was not as bad as it was made out to be. Of course, this mission was made slightly easier because he was the sole heir to everything that belonged to the Black name.

It hadn't been his choice though, not that he had any problem with it. His father had allowed Sirius to adopt him when he was a baby, it was common among purebloods to designate an heir in another family if they didn't plan on children of their own and since Sirius didn't want any kids he decided that his Godson would make the perfect heir. He got a son with all of the benefits and none of the four am feedings. Being the 'favorite uncle' was good enough for him.

Sirius had even gone so far as to use a Blood Adoption potion to make the adoption legal and permanent. Which, of course, was a good thing because if he hadn't then the Ministry of Magic would have voided the adoption when he was falsely accused of murder and betrayal before throwing him in Azkaban.

Harry was sixteen when he learned his true name and title by entering his family vaults.

Sixteen...until then he had simply been Harry James Potter. Funny how people forget to mention the important stuff. It was embarrasing to think that he hadn't even known his first name.

Hadrian James Potter-Black, Lord of the House of Potter, Lord of the House of Black.

As Lord of both houses he was quite wealthy, so he used that wealth in order to pay for tutors that could help him learn how to prepare for The War since no one in the Order were going to help him any time soon. If anything they were actively trying to prevent him from learning anything new, though he hadn't figured out why yet. He wasn't too worried, they weren't his problem any more.

He dropped out of Hogwarts, and in doing so "slipped through the fingers of the great Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore and his Order of the Phoenix effortlessly and disappearing into the vastness of the muggle world..."

Well...that's what the 'Prophet' told everyone. They amused him greatly when it came to embellishing rumors of his 'disappearance', he especially liked the articles on how he was living in Monaco, they weren't too far off but Monaco was made up entirely of squibs. He wouldn't have been welcome by the predominatly magic-less comunity.

In reality he escaped into the Magical part of France with the help of Bill and Fleur, where he then posed as Fleur's younger brother: Alexandre Raoul Dubois-Delacour.

Both of her parents liked Harry and they had no sons of their own. It was easy for them to adopt him, thought not by blood. Harry took both of their names to honor and thank them for their kindness and support but he was only a minor heir to them and would get no title or heirlooms beyond a bit of money and a house or two.

While in France he found both muggle and magical teachers from all over the world.

He had grown up as a muggle and he understood that there were several different ways other than using magic to find a solution to a problem...and he found a solution.

It was with unorthodox methods and even more unorthodox teachers he learned about the other types of magic's: Wicca, Voodoo, and Necromancy interested him the most and he had the aptitude for them.

He also learned that True Wizardry was a fading art. The 'Wizards' were forgetting all that they once knew.

Wands were not amplifiers of magic, simply tools meant to help young children focus until they managed to learn how to direct their magic on their own. Many years previously, wands were discarded around the age of twelve or thirteen.

Spells were the same, they were simply triggers to help children learn control.

Magic was done by the will of it's user, they simply had to direct it to what they wanted it to do. No words or focuses were needed.

In truth he learned that Magic had no limit other than what it's wielder gave it and it was with this knowledge he took the matters of war into his own hands.

Sure...he could have gone out wearing heavy battle robes covered in layers of protection spells while he wielded a jewel incrusted sword belonging to some ancient and noble hero intending to fight until he was covered in the blood of his enemies on a huge open battlefield. He could have watched as all of his friends and loved ones died around him and he could have mourned them while the survivors talked about how brave and noble they had all been...but he didn't.

There was no climactic Final Battle to be fought...there was no Glory or Honor in how he dealt with the enemy.

In fact...there was no active magic used at all. His muggle instructor had been very proud of him.

The only things he used were his invisibility cloak, a handgun , a remote detenator and a lot of C-4.

Then...it was over. That was it. Nothing more.

The 'Dark Lord Voldemort' had his brains spattered onto his pillow and his followers were extra crispy in their own homes.

And he was able to go home at the end of the day with no regrets or worries.

His job was done and they didn't need him as a weapon anymore.

So, here he was, sitting up in bed trying to figure out why the hell he was up at the un-godly hour of six o'clock in the morning.

Then he heard it, someone was pounding on his front door.

He cursed and stumbled out of bed before searching for a pair of pants while he asked the wards around the house who was at his door.

The image of his sort-of Godfather filled his head and he grinned.

"Come on in Remus!" He yelled, unlocking the door with a thought.

The door opened and the sound of running filled his ears, he frowned again and managed to get himself decent before Remus burst in holding a copy of the 'Daily Prophet' in one hand.

"Harry! Oh thank God! Your still here!" He gasped throwing his arms around Harry's smaller frame and hugging him fiercely. Harry frowned slightly and hugged his mentor briefly before holding him at arms length to find out what was wrong. He only frowned harder when he realized that his friend and mentor was terribly pale and out of breath. The man was a werewolf. He shouldn't be out of breath by a simply run up the stairs.

"Remus? What's wrong?" He asked worriedly while trying to steady him. "Why didn't you floo?" he asked, knowing that he was the only one keyed into the apparation wards.

"Haven't you read today's paper? Shit, oh shit, here!" the normally calm Werewolf gasped handing him the 'Prophet'.

Harry took it, sending him one last worried look before looking at the paper.

The Boy-Who-Lived a Cold Blooded Murderer?

Last month we of the Daily Prophet and you, our readers, recieved word that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's reign of terror had finally come to an end. However, The Ministry of Magic has maintained the belief that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named never returned.

This morning, The Minister of Magic released a statement to the press that has declaired Mr. Potter a wanted criminal.

"Mr. Harry Potter's dubious actions last month have lead us to investigate the property of the late Mr. Thomas Riddle. We were able to identify the remains of Mr. Riddle by the use of partial dental records. The remains of no less than hundreds of others were left unidentified due to the lack of sufficient remains. This savage act leaves we of the Ministry with no doubt ...Mr. Harry Potter is a Stone Cold Killer and he must pay for his crimes..."

Mr. Potter is to be sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment in Azkaban...

Harry looked at Remus in horror.

"Is this...I mean...I..."

Remus nodded.

"It's all true. I asked Tonks, she has orders to bring you in but she gave me time to warn you." Remus said. "Your floo has been blocked and every auror on- and off-duty have orders to bring you in. They set up wards around my house and all the houses that belong to someone who you are known to have regular contact with. I had to run to fight my way through the magic. It's strong. They aren't taking any chances...had I been a normal wizard then I wouldn't have gotten through in time to warn you."

Harry felt tears build in his eyes. "They'll believe this won't they? Every one I worked to save...they'll turn on me again won't they?"

Remus gave him a sad look, but nodded.

"What am I going to do?" Harry whispered.


Harry looked at Remus in shock.

"What?" he whispered.

"Run, go to France and stay with Fleur and her family they will see you properly hidden until I can make other arrangements. I am going to contact an old friend of mine to see if she will take you. The Goblins will make sure that all your properties and vaults are sealed, you're their favorite client after all." Remus gave him a small smile.

Harry gave him a helpless look.


He was cut off as the alarms built in with his wards sounded...someone was trying to force entry into the house.

"GO!" Remus ordered.

Harry lept into action, grabbing a bag and stuffing it with things that he would need.

When he finished Remus pulled him into a hug, Harry clung to him for a second before he pulled back in order to apparate away, Harry mentally adjusted the wards to temporarily let Remus through.

Remus gave him an encouraging smile before apparating first so Harry could effectively 'shut down' the house.

He released the magic of the house and felt it fade away before apparating out himself.

XoXoX ("French")

Harry appeared in the apparation room of Delacour Manor with only a slight pop, he was normally silent but he was too upset to consentraite properly. Fleur said running in with baby Dominique in her arms.

" 'Arry! Oh thank Goodness! I was so worried about you!! The papers said..."

"I know, Remus warned me and told me too come here. Where is everyone?" He asked.

"Mother and Father are visiting my Grandmother, she fell ill yesterday. Gabrielle is in the Library and Bill is at work. I just put Victoire to bed." Fleur told him after kissing both his cheeks briefly.

"I think that I will need a place to stay for a day or two. I think that Remus is trying to get me as far away from England as he can." He told her as they walked into the hall.

"Good, as much as I would love for you to stay here it is too risky for you." Fleur told him with a sad smile.

He hugged her gently. "Don't worry Big Sister...things will work out in the end. Now give me my Niece!" He demanded holding his arms out for the infant in Fleur's arms. Fleur laughed and transfered the little girl over too him smiling as he cradled her gently.

"You will be a wonderful fazer someday 'Arry." she told him, he gave her another smile and tickled the toes of the giggling baby.


A week passed before any word came from Remus.

Meanwhile the English Ministry had attempted to seek help from the French Ministry but the only thing they got was a firm order to stay out of the country and look for him in their own.

It may have helped that Minister Jean-Luc Dubois, who just happened to be Fleur's uncle, was very fond of Harry.

However, just in case they attempted to keep looking for him he fell into the disguise of Alexandre.

Normally, Harry was 5'5" with slightly long but spiked in a controlled style instead of the mess it could be if he didn't style it. It was so black that it looked blue in the right light, and it only enhanced the color of his emerald green eyes, he had done away with his glasses after talking to a few of his fighting instructors. He had a slender but well muscled build and his body had a nice, even tan that came from both genetics and plenty of time out in the sun.

But as Alexandre he changed his appearance so he had short, silvery blond hair done in a faux mohawk and his eyes became a bright sapphire blue, he had tried to make them a bit duller but that just made them revert back to their brilliant emerald color. He couldn't get rid of his height or body mass but his skin was now very white. It made him look quite a bit like his 'sisters'.

Apolline, Fleur's mother, had him working on improving the wards around the manor when Remus finally arrived.

The old wolf was a little worse for wear but smiling as he greeted Harry enthusiastically.

"My friend has agreed to house you until this...problem has been solved. Pack whatever you wish to bring with you, it may take awhile knowing the stubbornness of the Ministry." Remus told him.

"Where does your friend live?" Harry asked as they made their way back to the manor and into the kitchen.

"Remus!" Apolline said happily standing from where she was having her tea.

"Poly, you look wonderful!" Remus said hugging the older woman. She blushed and giggled as her husband laughed.

"Remus you old wolf! Flirting with my wife! Shame on you!" the heavily muscled 6'6" man said slapping him on the back in a manly hug.

"Raoul! Your looking much better, how do you feel?" Remus greeted.

"Better, much better, I assume your here to take my son somewhere safe?"

"Yes, I am." He looked back to Harry who had been watching with a grin.

"Are you packed?" he asked.

"Yeah, I wanted to be ready just in case I had to leave in a hurry." Harry replied.

"Good, did the Goblin's send you your passport and other papers?"


"Your going into the muggle world. My friend, Marianne is a muggle witch."

"A Wiccan?" Harry asked in surprise.

"Yes, that's the term. She lives in Tennessee."

"America?" Harry asked incredulously.

Remus nodded.

"But...the wizarding population there is...is..."

"Next to nothing. You'll be completely safe from the Ministry" Remus said grinning.

Harry grinned. "Remus, you're absolutely brilliant."

"I know, but just in case...don't use the Potter name ok?"

"Way ahead of you...Hadrian Evan Black at your service." Harry said with a grin, flashing a muggle I.D. with that name on it.

Remus blinked. "Where did you get..."

"One of my instructors, Edward, taught me how to forge I.D.'s during my training. It's pretty useful." Harry said grinning innocently.

Remus gave him a wry look. "I'll bet."

Harry looked towards his adoptive family.

"You be careful Son." Raoul said shaking his hand firmly. He nodded and smiled.

Poly stood and hugged him fiercely. "Don't get into too much trouble dear, we can't help you over there."

"Yes mum."

"What about Bill and the girls?" Remus asked. "We have to leave soon."

"They went back to Shell Cottage to finish moving in. Gabrielle is with them...they'll understand." Raoul said quietly.

"Give them my love then..." Harry said sadly. The big man nodded and pulled his quietly crying wife into his arms.

Harry flicked his wrist and a bag appeared in one hand. "I'm ready then." He told Remus.

"Ok...here's the portkey."

He handed Harry a chewing gum wrapper and together they vanished from the beautiful manor.


Harry blinked as they suddenly appeared in a shady corner in a very busy London airport. Without waiting for Harry to recover, Remus pushed him through the crowd. Harry dimly noticed that they had by passed all the security and and they were being lead directly onto the plane.

He was seated beside Remus by the time he fully recovered from the jarring portkey induced daze he could never seem to get used too. His tutors had been frustrated constantly by the issue but nothing seemed to help, apparently his magic just didn't like portkeys.

"Remus?" He whispered.


"A little more information if you will?"

"Oh, of course. Marianne is my father's sister, she took me in after...after the night your parent's died. She is also a Vargamor for the local werewolves of the Oak Tree Clan."


"A vargamor is a pack's wise woman or wise man. Usually a witch, although sometimes a psychic, it is a position held by a normal human, no lycanthrope I know of has ever held the position. Probably has something to do with a disruption in heirarcy. It would be bad if someone other than the pack leader to have control over them and their abilities."

"She's your Aunt?" Harry asked, Remus rarely talked about his family.

"Yeah, she she had a little magic but not enough to go to Hogwarts so her father, my grandfather, sent her to learn what she could in America...if you remember, our world isn't very accepting of Wiccan Witches." Remus told him with a small shrug. "She's a better Psychic though, she just started to really practice witchcraft a few years ago.

"Yeah, I remember how pissed every one got when I mentioned the Wiccan arts over dinner once. How well do you...know her?" He asked seriously.

Remus chuckled. "You mean 'how much do I trust her.'"

Harry shrugged, unembarrassed.

"I trust her with Teddy's life. She helped me get myself together after the night and the pack accepted me without question."

Harry nodded. "Ok...hey, do you think she'll mind teaching me what she knows about her magic?" he asked eagerly.

"I have no doubt she'll absolutely love to teach you." Remus said grinning at him briefly.

"Now sit back pup...it's going to be a long flight."


And here we are, by popular demand. One of my older, now revised, stories. I hope you like it so far.

A/N: All pairings are undecided but I am going to make this as canon as possible in that regard. I do not want to make Anita out as some slutty bitch who ends up dying in the middle of the story so don't look forward to that. I like Anita.

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