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Title: Good Intentions

Author: AbNaGbEyL (You may have seen this story under the name 'Lady Prince' 'Silver Poison', or 'SilverDeath'...all are me. This is my story.)

Rating: T (Rating is subject to change)

Warnings: Slash

Pairing: Harry Potter/Daniel (Zeeman) /Asher

Good Intentions (Full Summary); A Harry Potter Crossover with Anita Blake.

After killing Voldemort, Harry wants nothing more than to sit back and enjoy life. But when the wizarding world turns their back on him he has no choice but to run or be imprisoned. With the help of Remus, he escapes and is sent to America to live with Remus' Aunt Marianne. There, he learns a new way of life and finds himself caught up in a whirlwind of danger and emotions after meeting the local and visiting lycanthropes...

Many thanks to my Beta, yamiyugi23, who puts up with every mistake I make. Thanks!!

Sorry about the repost! Just fixing a mistake. Thanks Kirallie! For pointing out that Tonks WAS pregnant and NO I didn't kill off the baby. She delivered a happy, healthy baby girl.

Chapter Four: Filler Chapter

A year and a half later...

Harry enjoyed his time among Verne's pack. Having lived among the wolves for the better part of two years he could honestly say that he had never been happier in his life.

In the Wizarding world, Harry had been expected to live and die for everyone in it. In the pack, no one expected him to do more than he was able and respected him all the same when he couldn't. He was still a student of his craft first and foremost and they understood that.

Marianne, a woman who had earned his respect many times over, had become both his mentor and mother/aunt-like figure. He had teasingly started to refer to her as 'Auntie' several times in conversation early on and the name stuck.

Verne had earned the position of an affectionate uncle while Roxanne had interestingly enough earned the position as a sister rather than mother. Though, when the situation called for it, she did have a mother henning streak that put Mrs. Weasley to shame.

He was starting to realize, that after two years, he'd would never be able to go back.

Instead of calming down, the world's fear of him had risen to new heights and the call for his blood was stronger now than it was in the beginning. Remus had visited only a handful of times, bringing pictures of his godson as well as Fluer and her family but he never stayed long...too risky for both of them. He could see it in Remus' eyes...there was no going back.

As time passed, he began to feel stifled and trapped in the little town. Marianne encouraged him to visit the other local animal groups to get acquainted with the other forms of lycanthropy and while it helped for awhile he still felt as though he were being caged. Marianne noticed it first, and reminded him of Richard's offer.

Richard visited every few months or so and invited him into his own pack before leaving. Harry had never really considered taking him up on the offer until he got a message from Remus.

Tonks was dead. She'd been out shopping when she was attacked by a mob of angry people in Diagon Alley because they thought that she knew where he was. She didn't...Remus had tried to protect her by not telling her because of the danger knowing such a secret. His intentions had been good and sound, but it didn't matter as they weren't enough to save her from a horribly painful death. He, Teddy and baby Lillian took asylum in France with Bill and Fluer after the funeral. Remus assured him that he didn't blame Harry, but it didn't matter.

He blamed himself.

So, with mixed feelings of depression and relief he started packing up his cabin for the trip to St. Louis.

"Are you sure, I mean..."

"Harry. You'll be fine. There really isn't anything more I can teach you anyway."

"But the pack..."

"They'll miss you, yes, but they've known for a long time that you wouldn't be staying forever. And it's not like you won't visit. Besides, Verne has no intention of letting anyone else use your cabin. Roxy would kill him if he did."

"I could still help you here." He insisted half-heartedly, giving her one last chance to protest. Marianne's eyes softened.

"Harry, sweetie. I'll still be here for you when you need me. Just because your moving on doesn't mean you have to give us up too. We love you little one. Your family. Besides, it's time you've gotten you're own pack. While you're here you will never experience the true power of the Lukoi as I have. You'll never be a true Vargamour so long as I remain alive."

Harry bit his lip and nodded. Marianne smiled encouragingly and hugged him.

"Get going brat. You have a long drive ahead of you and if you leave now you'll make it by tomorrow morning."

Harry grinned. "Your coven is celebrating isn't it? They never did like me." He said teasingly as he headed towards his car. It was stuffed full with his belongings. Mostly gifts from the pack.

Marianne laughed. "They never seem to like my students! I have no idea why." she replied with a twinkle in her eye.

Harry looked ruefully at his bandaged fingers. "I'm sure raising the dead has nothing to do with it."

Marianne chuckled. "Well, at least you don't have to carry around chickens in your backseat. Ask Anita, the Lupa, if she can give you any tips. She's been raising zombies for years."

"I will. Hey...Aunt Marianne?"

"Yes little one."

"Thanks for everything."

"You're most welcome child. Good luck."

The roads were clear and he made extremely good time. It was several hours before dawn when he made it into the city limits. Normally, he'd just make his way to Richard's place but since it was the night of the full moon he knew better than to provoke a grumpy werewolf first thing in the morning before breakfast. He'd learned his lesson the first time.

Also, he hadn't told Richard that he was coming, he wanted to surprise his friend. Verne thought it was a great joke and agreed not to tell. He couldn't wait to see his friend's face when he arrived.

So, he found a decent, if not great, hotel to stay in until other arrangements could be made. It didn't take too long and he was soon crashed out on the bed, exhausted from his trip. He had several hours to kill before he could see Richard anyway.

In 'Blue Moon' The only Lycanthropes in the Oak Tree clan that are mentioned by name are Roland, Ben, Dr. Patrick, Mira (deceased-Killed, her head presented to Anita as a peace offering for her wrong doings) and Lucy. On page 112 of the paperback edition of BM, LKH states that there are 52 wolves with only 9 Alphas.

Many of you were wondering about the timeline. I would like this to be after the latest book. At this moment in time, said book is Flirt, which takes place roughly three or four years after BM.

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Ages (Best Guess, after studying the books...)

Anita: 30

Richard: 32

Harry: 19

Pack terminology:

Lukoi- The pack, it's the name werewolves use to describe themselves as a whole.

Munin- Spirit/Dead of the pack consumed by the pack to literally preserve their memories.

Ulfric- Pack Leader; they are predominantly male but a female can take over.

Fenrir- Challenger, in order to become a fenrir one must fight their way to the top by either killing or dominating everyone in thier way. Including the second- and third- in command.

Lupa- Girlfriend/Wife/Lover/Mate of the Ulfric

Freyja- A Lupa declaring her Ulfric to be an inadequate mate. She then becomes free game and a chase begins. If her mate wants her back then she must prove himself worthy by catching her before another male.

Freki- 2nd in command.

Geri- 3rd in command.

Skoll- First enforcer; the Ulfric's bodyguard; He/she may not interfear directly with pack business or fair challenges.

Hati- Second enforcer; the Ulfric's bodyguard; He/she may not interfere directly with pack business or fair challenges.

Bolverk- The punisher and more often than not the Bogey man of the pack. He/she carries out the punishments/executions that the Ulfric can't or doesn't want to do. He/she are allowed three helpers.




Eos/Eros/Erenthe- New pack members have a difficult time controlling their shifting during times of emotional stress or strenuous situations. These pack members work on helping new wolves control the change during sex so that they won't rip their normal partners to shreds after losing control.

Vargamor- A term used to describe the pack's wise woman or wise man. Usually a witch, although sometimes a psychic or someone with other special abilities, it is held by a normal human, no lycanthrope can hold the position.