A/N: So, this is a Poem I had to write for an English Project, and decided to post it on here. I hope you like it. =]

I do not own the book 'Unwind' it belongs to Neal Shusterman!


Every morning,

A brand new day.

I'm an orphan,

Another stray.

Nights alone,

So sad and young.

No bedtime stories,

Or lullabies sung.

No parents help,

I learned on my own.

I'll prove to them,

How much I've grown.

I get straight A's,

The perfect marks.

But does it matter,

When I'm in the dark.

I play piano,

I'm really good.

I do what I'm told,

Everyday like I should.

All my lessons,

and perfect grades I get.

Amount to nothing now,

The date is set.

I must get away,

I must break free.

This cant be happening,

It's not my destiny.

There's no where to go,

Or parents to run to.

I'm the one,

Who no one can rescue.

Once I'm gone,

What will I be?

I couldn't predict this,

I couldn't see.

My time is ending,

And death grows near.

I'm full of sorrow,

And full of fear.

My days are numbered,

As are the breaths I take.

I'll be another,

Who pays for mankind's mistake.

My goals were never reached,

Nor Potential ever found.

I have no choice in the matter,

Soon, I'm going to be unwound.