Summary: When Lorelei is taken into the Kira Taskforce on suspicion of being Kira she claims she came here to help L, but also claims she comes from the bottom of a river. Parts in the story based on the German Folklore, 'Lorelei'. LxOC

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Chapter 3: First Loves

"Light, Ryuuzaki has decided that he would like you to help with the investigation. If you're still interested you need to come here right away." said on the phone to his son, Light.

"Okay dad," said Light, he hung up the phone calmly, but inside he was ecstatic, 'All along I've been trying to find a way to get involved in the investigation, but I never thought that they would approach me. Now I'll have access to classified information about the case, which means I'll be able to learn more about this other Kira. I need to figure out what this imposter is all about before someone else on the taskforce beats me to it.'


'Who could that be?' Light walked down the stairs to look through the peep-hole, it was a woman with long curly brown hair, someone he didn't know, but still he opened the door.

"Hello Light, my name is Lorelei, I was sent here by the taskforce to escort you to headquarters."

"Oh yes, let me just get my coat," while he went off all he was thinking about was who was this girl, 'She looks familiar…the TV! She was the one outside of Sakura TV. This will be a perfect chance to find out more on her.' When the two, with Ryuk tagging along headed out Light started his inquiry, "So Lorelei, are you a detective as well? I saw you on the TV outside Sakura Studios, you must be lucky as to have not died from Kira."

Lorelei thought about what to say before answering, 'L wanted me to do this, but he didn't tell me exactly what I should do while walking with Light to the headquarters. Should I tell him who I am or make something up?'
"No I'm not a detective; I'm on the investigation on the suspicion of being Kira, but still help and stuff. Anyways, I would have told you the reason that I didn't die was that Kira must like pretty girls, but you and I both know that's not the truth," Lorelei started, "the truth is, Kira can't kill me."

"He can't kill you?" 'Who just is this girl?' Light thought.

"Yes because I'm not human and I sure you know what the first rule of the Death-Note is 'The human whose name is written in this note shall die.' So I can literally go up to Kira and say," Lorelei turned to face Light and said, "Kira you will be punished for your crimes, whether it be by the law or by me. So if you do anything to harm L, I will kill you ten times over with my powers. Don't tempt me."

"I don't know what you're talking about, but you're saying this to the wrong guy. I'm not Kira," said Light 'Is she serious? Or does she just have the Death-Note and is working for the fake Kira. Maybe she is the fake Kira. Either way, I can't let my guard down around her.'

"Don't play stupid Light, your too smart for that. I can see the Shinigami following you. Supernatural beings can see other supernatural beings. Anyways we should hurry up; you don't want to be late on your first day on the taskforce. Oh, and Light? Don't worry I'm not going to tell, for now. Thank the heavens that you're cute." Lorelei said, 'he can't know I taking sides, it's better for him to be lax around me.'

"Yeah…" 'Whether she is on my side or not or even telling the truth, I have to find some way to get rid of her, I don't even know her full name.' The silence was filled with the laughter of Ryuk, who was enjoying ever moment of this.

"Light, wait just a sec, there's a magazine I want to pick up," said Lorelei as she walked into a convenience-store, she came out with two magazines both with a particular celebrity on it.

"I didn't know you were into Misa Amane," said Light as the two continued walking.

"Well not really," started Lorelei, "but I hear she's in the area. We might even bump into her on the street."

Light chuckled at this, "I doubt that happening."

'You never know, Light,' Lorelei thought as the two entered the hotel she was about to press the elevator button when Light grabbed her hand to stop her.

"We sort of started things on a bad foot," Light said thinking fast, "So instead of taking the elevator can we take the stairs, that way we could maybe talk things out." 'Maybe I can persuade her to help me. And if things don't work out, since she is already under suspicion of being Kira, I can just blame everything on her. L already doesn't trust her.'

"Sure, why not." The two proceed to walk up the stairs, but Lorelei being cautious walked three steps ahead of Light.

When Lorelei was about to open the door that led to the taskforce's floor Light grabbed her arm. "Lorelei, we didn't get to talk," said Light, 'I can try charming her, that worked on all my girlfriends, women are all the same,' "you know we could later go out somewhere, I know this great café."

"Light, Light, Light," giggled Lorelei, "don't think you can seduce me. I don't think you know who I am. I'm the seducer." Lorelei started moving closer to Light, making him back up in a corner, "As I told you, you may not believe I am not human. I am a siren from Germany; my voice can hypnotize any man to do what I want. And with a kiss of my lips I can drain a man's energy to the point that he dies."

'Can I believe her? With all that's happened with the Death-Note it's not that crazy of an idea.'

"Show me," that was all that Light said, but before he knew it a sensual tune started to play in his head. All of Light's thoughts were washed away. Next thing he knew he was sitting on the stairs with Lorelei on top of him.

"Is this what you wanted me to show you, Light," Lorelei whispered into his ear, "Do you believe me now, or would a kiss seal the deal." Teasing him, Lorelei got up and the spell was broken, she extended her hand to him. "Light, we better hurry on up."

"Wait," said Light, "why don't you help me by joining my side. I know you were trying to help Ryuga by getting those tapes, but look where it got you; under suspicion of being Kira. Join me Lorelei, and you could be the Queen of the New World." 'With her powers Lorelei can seduce L into giving up his name, and since I can't threaten her I have to offer her something she can't refuse,' Light thought.

"Very tempting…I'll have to think about it, if that's fine with you, Light."

"Yes take all the time you need," Light said as the two entered the floor of the taskforce, but what was running to his mind was something entirely different, 'it doesn't matter when she decides to help, it will take her less than a minute for her to get L's name. And once I have his name I will be one step closer to creating a perfect world.'

Inside Taskforce headquarters (Hotel)

"Thank you Light," Said Ryuuzaki when Light entered the room.

"Not at all, after all I want to catch Kira as much as you do, Ryuga."

"I'll have to ask that you call me Ryuuzaki here."

"I'm Masui," said Matsuda.
"I'm Aihara," said Aizawa.
"And I'm Asahi," said Light's father.

"Yes of course, and then perhaps I should call myself Light Asahi?" asked Light.

"Yes please do. To keep things simple from this point on I'll call you Light," said Ryuuzaki, "And as you may already know, this is Lorelei."

"Charmed," was all she said, but Light knew that there was a double meaning to that greeting.

"Okay lets get down to work," Ryuuzaki said; as the men proceeded to take out all of the evidence acquired on Kira, Lorelei plopped on the couch and opened up one of her magazines, "you can start by looking over all the information we've collected. I'd also like you to examine these videos; they were sent to the TV Station but were never aired. For security reasons you're not permitted to take notes, and all materials must remain here."

"I understand," said Light.

"We will begin now," said Ryuuzaki.


Kira: "Now that you have seen proof of my powers, you should have no trouble believing that I am Kira…"

'This video is so mediocre,' Light thought, 'It's making me sick to my stomach. I don't know, maybe it's because I'm the real one, but this is a complete disgrace to everything Kira stands for…Something's not right here, it seems unusual that no one bothered to explain this video to me. It's not like them. Well in any case I'd be stupid to comment on it, it's probably best if I say nothing, if I just leave it alone L dies.'

Seeing the video end L walked up to Light, "So what do you make of this Light? Have you come to any conclusions?"

'Damn, it's a test.' Light thought, "It's hard to say for sure but there might be another person out there with Kira's power."

"With Kira's power," Soichiro started, "but what do you mean by that Light?"

"At the very least I'd say that this tape was not created by the Kira that were familiar with. It's extremely out of character for him to use these types of victims for his killings. And since we established that he needs a name and face to kill, it makes you wonder how he was able to kill that detective and those two officers right outside the television station like that."

"It's, it's the same," stuttered Aizawa.

"That's almost exactly how L- I mean Ryuuzaki said it," said Matsuda.

'That was incredible Light! Now any doubts about you should be resolved,' thought .


The taskforce turned to the sound of the yawn, Lorelei, "Uh, I mean congrats Light you passed."

"What? So you knew about this all along Ryuuzaki? Which means that this was just another one of you tests?"

"That wasn't my intention to test you; the truth is if I was the only one who thought there was a second Kira it wouldn't be too convincing. But the fact that we both came to the same conclusion, makes the theory that much believable, as expected you did not disappoint us. You've been a great help. It's decided then, first we must focus on stopping this copycat. From what we've seen he sympathizes with the real Kira, but clearly lacks the sophistication. I think he might be even willing to obey the original. If so we could lure him into a trap by sending our own message from the real Kira," said L.

"I guess I shouldn't be surprised," said Light, "you literally took the words out of my mouth."

"Oh and Light," said L, "I would like for you to play the role of the real Kira."

"Huh? Me as Kira?"

'That won't be hard for you Light,' thought Lorelei.

"Yes, you're the only one I can think of that could pull something like this off. At any rate we don't have time to waste. Do you think you could script a message from Kira in time for it to be aired on this evening's national news?"

'Damn him he must have been planning this from the beginning. It's the only reason I'm here.' Light thought.

"Ryuuzaki, does this look okay? I think I managed to make it believable," said Light.

"I think you did an excellent job with this, however if we submit the part 'you're free to kill L' then I'm gonna end up dead."

"Sorry I guess I got carried away playing the part. I figured if I was him I would demand that you would be killed. I was improvising; fell free to change it to whatever you like," said Light.

"That sounds good," said L, "Okay Aihara the script is ready, and I'll leave it to you."

"Alright," said Aizawa as he left with the finished product.

On the TV

"And now a shocking announcement, in response to the frightening Kira video aired on Sakura TV only a few days ago, an anonymous individual has contacted us claiming to be the real Kira. In short, he has demanded of this network as well as several others that we air this message that you are now about to see. I would also like to mention that the NPA granted us permission to show this video. Is this the real Kira? No one knows for sure, but we can only hope this video will provide us with much needed answers," said the news reporter.

"I am Kira, the true Kira. The one who has broadcasted on Sakura TV several days ago was a pretender, a fake. The purpose of this message is to communicate my will to this imposter. I have chosen to be lenient with him for the time being, only because I feel he wishes to cooperate with me in creating a new world, but I want to make it absolutely clear; that the taking of innocent lives is against my will. If this person claiming to be me is truly sympathetic to my cause and wishes to be of some help, I ask of two things from him; that he refrain from killing aimlessly and he abide by my basic principles."

After the Kira broadcast, somewhere

"It worked! I knew he would answer me," said Misa, "Yay! Now where did I put that camcorder?"

"What are you planning to do?" Rem asked.

"Uh, hello do you have to ask? I'm going to respond to him of course."

Kira Taskforce headquarters

While talking about the impact of what the fake Kira video could bring the taskforce was interrupted by the laptop lighting up with the letter W. "Ryuuzaki we have a response from the second Kira," said Watari, "I'll be bringing over the envelope and tape received, but in the mean time I'm streaming you the copy of the video so you can view it on your end."

Kira: "Kira thank you for your reply. Please do not worry, I will follow your orders and do what you say."

'That idiot, I told her to stay out of this whole mess,' thought Lorelei, she went up closer to get a better look by sitting on the armrest of the chair L was currently in. But unbeknownst to her someone else was having the same thoughts.

'Follow my orders you say, if you were on my side you would demand that L appears on TV, that idiot,' thought Light.

"I really want to meet you. I don't think you have the eyes but you don't have to worry I would never try to kill you. That's a promise."

'What the hell is this guy thinking? Talking about Shinigami Eyes in a public message like this,' thought Light.

"What is having the eyes supposed to mean, is that some sort of code," said Aizawa.

"Yeah…" said Matsuda.

'Misa you maybe stupid, but you're making Kira sweat,' Lorelei said as she glanced at Light, 'I give her props for that, I might not have to kill her. Well that's if she doesn't harm L.' When she glanced over at said person he was breathing heavily.

"When we meet we can confirm our identities by showing our Shinigami to each other."

"WHAAAAAAAAA!" At the word Shinigami, L started screaming with his hands in the air. His chair tipped over sending him and Lorelei to the floor.

It took Lorelei a few seconds to realize what just happened, 'Okay L acted like a total drama queen after hearing the tape, so he screamed. After that he tipped the chair over that how I ended up on the floor. Well at least I landed on something comfy. Wait L!' Lorelei opened her eyes to see L staring right back at her.

'I never realized Lorelei had such blue eyes, and did she always have that necklace?' L stared at the necklace that was dangling right in front of him, engraved it was a moon and waves, 'I have to ask her about it later.' The two were in this position until Lorelei remembered her surroundings and got up, one word that could describe the feeling between them, awkward.

Extending her hand towards the detective Lorelei said, "You okay Ryuuzaki?"

Taking her hand the shaken detective sat in the once tipped over chair, "Am I supposed to believe that Shinigami exists?"

"That's impossible," said Matsuda.

"Obviously they don't exist," said Aizawa.

"Yes, that's right Ryuuzaki," said Light. "Listen to yourself of course Shinigami don't exist."

"You're probably right, but I remember Kira made those prisoners write something suggesting the existence of Shinigami."

"So based on that fact perhaps we're dealing with the same person after all. That would definitely explain why we're hearing the same words," said Soichiro.

"I don't think so," said Light. "Because if this was the same person, it's highly unlikely he would have responded to our video in the first place. And why would he agree to let L live, after going through all the trouble trying to get him to appear on TV? The real Kira wants him dead, so it doesn't make sense."

"So maybe there's some other connection between the real Kira and this new guy. They could have already met and decided to use the word Shinigami. You know as a way to confuse us," said Aizawa.

"No, I say that's unlikely," said Ryuuzaki, "It's as Light says, if the two Kiras were connected I don't think the imposter would be so willing to give up on his plan to kill me. All of this suggests to me that the copycat has his own agenda and is acting independently of the first. I believe his actually motivation is to meet the original."

"I think you're right," said Light, "he's acting out of an interest in Kira. The word Shinigami could very well be a reference to their killing power. Saying we could confirm our identities by showing our Shinigami to each other probably means they can confirm their identities by demonstrating their ability to kill."

"Yes that's it. Based on their messages, we can assume the word Shinigami must hold some other meaning that only the real Kira and the second Kira are aware of. Now we just need to convince this copycat to tell us what that is. But from now it's best to leave it up to the two Kiras."

"What do you mean?" said Matsuda.

"I imagine that the second Kira is probably quite satisfied with the current situation, now that he has received a televised response. He sent a message to get Kira's attention, as far as he knows he now has it. Also there's that word he used, one that only the two of them would understand," said L, "We'll arrange to have this reply broadcasted today on Sakura's 6 o'clock news, naturally this will be of some interest to Kira, and he'll be following this exchange between the copycat and the Kira we've invented. Now if I were Kira himself my priority would be to prevent this imposter from coming in contact with the police. This is good for us, for it means the real Kira will be pressured to respond this time."

"Okay let's say he doesn't respond, then what do we do?" asked Aizawa.

"Yes, I've been thinking about what the second Kira might do if he doesn't get a response, for one he might reveal more information that he knows Kira one kept secret, to pressure him into a meeting. Of course that would make Kira nervous. It could be interesting. What would be even more interesting is if Kira sent a message of his own to prevent this from happening. Ideally this could present us with the physical evidence we'll need to build a case against him. In the mean time let us gather all the evidence we can on this copycat."

Late at Night, Apartment building

"I'm soo tired that shoot went on for hours," said Misa as she flopped on her bed, exhaling a sigh she turned to her shinigami, Rem, "Hey Rem? Can I ask you something?"

"What is it?" Rem asked.

"Each Shinigami has one Death-Note of their own. For a Shinigami to give a notebook to a human he needs to have two, for Ryuk to give a Death-Note to Kira it was because he somehow found a way to sneak an extra one passed the Shinigami King?"


"What about you?"

"The Shinigami King is not someone so easily fooled," said Rem, "It doesn't happen often."

"Then how did I get mine?"

Rem thought about this for awhile, "Let's just say it has to do with the fact that I am one of the few in the Shinigami Realm who knows how to kill another one of my kind. That's how I ended up with two."

"Oh," said Misa, "I think I get it, you killed a Shinigami and then you gave his notebook to me, right?"

"It's not like that," said Rem, "I wasn't the one who killed him. Just happened to be around when he died. It was coincidence really."

"So how do you kill a Shinigami?" asked Misa, "I have to know."

"Never repeat this to anyone. I learned the only way to kill a Shinigami is to make them fall in love with a human."

Star-struck Misa said, "What a beautiful way to kill."

"There once was a Shinigami named Gelus, who spent all of his time watching over a certain human girl. Gelus wanted nothing more than to look at her as she went about her daily life. Curious about how she was going to die I stayed with him and watched her. It was night time and she was walking alone, no one else was around, and then it happened.

A man suddenly appeared and blocked her path; he was clearly infatuated with the girl. She never seen the man before and of course turned him down, angered he started to attack the girl. Without even thinking Gelus did something that we Shinigami must never do, Gelus used his Death-Note to kill the man instantly and therefore saved the girls life.

It was the wrong thing to do. Shinigami only exist to shorten and take human's lives. We are not permitted to undo, that which has been fated. At that moment Gelus become something that was neither sand nor rust and disappeared forever.

He died, the only reminder of his existence was his Death-Note left behind. The rest of his lifespan was added to the girl, so not only had he saved her life, but he extended past its natural end."

"So if he never fallen in love with this girl he would have been alive today?"

"That's right."

"I had no idea," said Misa, "I just thought it was luck that saved me that day, not a Shinigami."

"Gelus loved you enough to die for you" said Rem, "So that Death-Note is now yours to keep."

"I see," said Misa, "for a Shinigami to die they have to love a human enough to prevent their death from happening. So what about you Rem? You're not in love with me are you, be honest."

"Just forget it; you think you can kill me that easily?"

"Oops. You saw through that. Well anyways I'm so glad I have something interesting to say to Kira when I meet him. But I wonder does he know, how to K-I-L-L a Shinigami. I asked him on TV for him to find a way for us to meet, but he hasn't replied to me yet. What's taking him so long? Maybe I should just send him another message."

Later at the Hotel

Getting off the couch and stretching her arms above her head Lorelei said, "Yay, they're all gone! I can finally get out of these clothes." L's only requirement for Lorelei is that if she wanted to be out with the taskforce she would have to wear something professional and not one of L's shirts. Hearing the requirement Lorelei said "Maybe you should take your own advice."
L stated back, "I don't have breasts." Laughing back at that moment Lorelei went into her room, or a.k.a. really L's room.

Walking into the room Lorelei was surprised when she saw L in the room on the bed with his laptop out, "Gosh, Ryu you scared me."


"Yeah, 'cause you won't let me call you L and I don't feel like calling you Ryuuzaki." While she was saying this she was changing out of her clothes and into one of L's shirts. Unbeknownst to her L was watching her change enchanted by the sight, out of the corner of her eye Lorelei saw this and smirked, "Like the view?"

'She doesn't wear any underwear under clothes.' "Yes," said L bluntly, "but I was also wondering why you are so adamant in wearing one of my shirts to bed. When you went shopping with Watari didn't you buy some sleepwear?"

"Oh yes," said Lorelei and then she started to smile, "yes we did. Why don't I show you it?" Lorelei went into the closet looking for one of the shopping bags, once finding what she wanted she ran into the bathroom.

Curious, L put down his laptop to wait for Lorelei to come out, "Ryu, I'll only come out if you promise to keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them. Okay?"

L sighed, "Fine, I agree with the arraignments."

"Are your eyes closed?"


"Close them then!"

"Are they closed?" asked Lorelei.

"Yes, you asked me to close them, so I did."

"Okay, I'm coming out now," said Lorelei. Having his eyes closed L could only hear footsteps approaching him, though without any warning his body was pushed downward so that he was laying on the bed on his back, that's when he felt a weight come on top of him.

"You can open your eyes now." When L's eyes opened they widened too see Lorelei in a Princess style lingerie.

Covering L's lips with two of her fingers Lorelei kept on talking, "Do you like it? Don't worry Watari didn't help me pick this out he just stayed outside of the store. I think its okay, but I prefer the basics to any fancy get-up." Lorelei then proceeded to take off the corset, skirt, and lace stockings that came with the outfit, leaving her in the bra and panties.

"So Ryu, would you like me walking around in your shirt or like this," said Lorelei as she was straddling L, "but I think I have a good idea which you like best, especially from the input of your little friend." Lorelei pointed down to then squeeze L's 'little friend'.

"I could help you two out, if you want." After hearing no objection Lorelei started to unzip L's pants, "I always wanted to know if the greatest detective in the world was a brief or boxers man."

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