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Chapter 4

A moan filled the air as the lean figure writhed beneath his lips. Crawford licked, kissed and nipped his way down and then back up his lover's body. He sighed in bliss as long gentle fingers lovingly raked through his sweat dampened hair. His hand slowly crept down the lithe body and gently wrapped around the throbbing flesh of his partner. He lowered his head to suck and tugged at the hardened pink nub. The voice below him came out in husky pants. Crawford moaned as the sexually charged voice sent shivers down his spine as the person begged for more. Letting the hardened peak slip from his mouth with a wet pop he smiled down at his lover. The figure squirmed and thrust his hips upward into his firm grasp. Then he lowered his mouth to engulf the hot throbbing flesh. "More," moaned his partner in a husky voice. Sharp nails gently dug into the back of his flesh as his lover was coming close to completion. Lifting his mouth from the wet, slick flesh, Crawford continued to stroke his lover's arousal. A groan slipped from his lover's lips as the other began to thrust his erection into Crawford's fist quicker. As his lover reached his peaked, the voice beneath him howled in delight as he spilt his seeds over Crawford's hand and striped his chest.

As Crawford crawled up the lean body to stare into the face of his lover, he stopped as he stared into the feline eyes of the Weiss assassin, Ran Fujimiya. He frowned as an awful smell assaulted his nostrils. He looked around and saw that he was surrounded by fire. He could hear the tormented wails of the damned begging to be released from their eternal damnation. He tried to get away but the other held his arm and quickly switched position. Glaring up at the young assassin, Ran smiled down at the older man showing his sharp fangs. "Hello Crawford, I've been waiting to carrying you to hell." He raised his long claws and shoved them into Crawford's chest.


Crawford bolted upright, sputtering as he pushed the awful smelling stuff from under his nose. He took several deep breaths. Once he was calm and his breathing was back to normal, Crawford stared at the seven demons sitting at the other end of the table.

"Are you through being a wimpy pussy," snarled Ngbaka glaring at the human.

"Brother, stop it," said Ashanta glaring at her brother. "You know as well as I that this would be shocking to him. After all, I'm sure he probably doesn't believe in demons."

"Are you all right?" asked Ran holding a glass of water out to him.

Crawford took the water thanking Ran and took a long drink from the glass. "Yes, I'm fine now." Putting the glass down he turned his attention back to the others. "You're right. I never would have expected any of you of being demons. Especially you." He stared at Ran cocking a dark brow before turning his attention back to the others. "You're certainly not what I expected."

"Well, I'm glad we're not what you expected," said Zaine smiling. "You human's have such deranged imaginations of what demons look like."

"So, what can I do for the likes of you?" Crawford straightened his glasses on his face, sat up straight in his chair and waited for someone to say something.

Ngbaka was about to say something snide when Inuyasha stopped him. "If you want to find your mate I suggested you keep your stupid remarks to yourself."

The lion demon quickly closed his mouth.

"Now, Bradley Eugene Crawford, according to my cousin, he says that you are a Seer," said Sethos.

Crawford frowned.

"He means your psychic ability," said Ran. "It's what we demons call a person who can see the future."

Crawford nodded his head.

"We need your help," said Ashanta. "My elder brother's pregnant mate has been kidnapped by people from an organization called Essett and . . ."

Crawford's eyes widened in shock as he spoke before Ashanta could finish her question. "That's impossible! Essett was destroyed when we killed the Elders."

"That maybe true but there is someone out there that is trying to revive it," said Sesshomaru.

"We need your help," said Sethos. "In fact all the humans in Japan need your help."

Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, Ran and Crawford looked at the feline demons questioningly. Ngbaka sighed. "Since you didn't know about us, you also don't know exactly how much power we as Enforcers are given by order of the council."

"What do you mean?" asked Inuyasha.

"From what we had gathered about this organization they are bent on world domination. We have no intentions of letting them use our brother's mate or the children in their plans. It would put demon society in danger of being found out," said Zaine. "So we have the power to totally annihilate every human on this island to make sure we remain hidden."

Inuyasha gasped in shock while Sesshomaru sat there wearing his mask of indifference. Although he was not showing it he was shocked as well as his mate.

"You can't do that," said Ran. "There are innocent people here. You can't kill them all because of a handful of nutcases."

"We can and we will," snarled Ngbaka. "We will do whatever it takes to make sure our race remain out of the hands of unscrupulous humans like this organization that has my mate. And I will be damned before I let those bastards get away with kidnapping my mate."

"He's right brother," said Zaine looking sadly at Inuyasha. "When or if Ngbaka gives the order several water dragons will station themselves around Japan. We will give all the demons here twenty-four hours to vacate the island along with their families and then it will be sunk to the bottom of the sea."

"You can't," said Crawford. "It's inhuman."

"In case you haven't realized it, we are not human," snapped Ngbaka.

"It's why we need your help Seer," said Ashanta. "My brother's mate was in a human disguise. Unfortnately, he was seen by these people from Essett doing something no ordinary human can do. As long as his disguise is still intact, he should be safe for the time being. You should be able to tell us where these people are holding Jurormaru before they discover he is really a demon."

"I am a precog not a clairvoyant. I can only see the future," said Crawford. "You should have gone to some of those psychics in the states that help the police."

"We did," said Sethos. "They were of no help whatsoever."

"I don't see what I can do to help." Crawford pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose.

"We maybe able to find out clues from the description of your visions," said Zaine. "It's all we have now. Unless you know of someone that is a clairvoyant or maybe you know of a place where they could have a secret lab hidden."

"That's true but if the person or people who are trying to revive Essett are clever to not make the mistakes of the elders. Than it's safe to say they may have moved the locations of all the labs already."

Ashanta sighed defeated as she looked away. "You were our last hope of finding my brother's mate."

"Is there nothing you can do, Crawford?" asked Ran.

Crawford stared mesmerized into Ran's bright violet eyes. "Well, I still have a few contacts." The American raked his fingers through his hair and sighed. "Essett had several clairvoyants in its service but with the death of the Elders, they have scattered throughout the world."

"Well, that doesn't help us any," sneered Ngbaka.

"I guess we have to rely on you using your precognition," sighed Inuyasha.

"I don't know how much help I can be but as I stated I will get in touch with the few contacts I still have. I should be able to find something out about what is going on with the resurgence of Essett."

"While you check your sources I'll get Omi to check to see if there have been any large medical purchases that has been made recently," said Ran.

"Who is this, Omi?" asked Sethos.

"He's one of my teammates from when I was an assassin." Then Ran turned to Crawford. "What about your Prodigy? Isn't he suppose to be into computers also?"

"Yes, he isn't called Prodigy for nothing," the American smirked smugly. Then he sighed. "I just may be able to help you. I have a small talent as a clairvoyant."

"Is that true?" Zaine asked sitting up in his chair hopeful. "Why didn't you say so before?"

"I didn't know you were a clairvoyant also," said Ran.

"Well, that's because I never let my 'handlers' in Rosencruz know about my other talent." Crawford sighed. "If they had known, my training under those sadistic people in Rosencruz would have been three times as worse."

"Than that's good," said Ashanta.

"Maybe so but I must warn you that my talent lies with precognition. My clairvoyance isn't as strong as my main talent."

"If it can help me find my mate I care not how small it is," said Ngbaka. "But I must warn you as well, if these people kill my mate and cubs I will not hesitate in wiping Japan from the face of the Earth."

"You can't do that," said Ran worried about the safety of his sister and friends. "Besides, Essett was started in Germany. Also, you're not sure if these people who has your mate are still here in Japan."

Ngbaka grumbled as he conceded to that possibility. He really didn't want to destroy Japan. He was just so terrified for the safety of his mate and cubs.

"Don't worry, brother," said Ashanta resting her head against his shoulder. "We will find him. Now that we know where their main headquarters are. The entire organization will be dealt with." She sighed.

"If it wasn't for the fact that the cities of today are so overcrowded with the smell of humans and pollution we could have found him easily," said Sethos.

"As I said, I'll do my best but . . . ," said Crawford. Suddenly he frowned as he stared at the demons. At first when the demons said 'he' Crawford thought that it may have been a language mistake but since they keep saying 'he', the American began to wonder. "Wait! You said 'he'. What do you mean by that?"

"Our brother's mate is a male," said Zaine smiling slightly.

"But . . ." The American stared at them in shock. "You said this person was pregnant. If he's a male how can he be pregnant. Males cannot become pregnant."

"Human males cannot become pregnant but we are not human remember," said Inuyasha smiling. "In demon society male demons can become pregnant. I, myself, have given birth to ten litters over the centuries."

"I will tell you all you need to know," said Ran resting a hand on the precog's knee.

"You should know this Bradley Eugene Crawford," said Sethos. "If Ran tells you about our society you are bound by our laws. And know that if you tell anyone about us, your power of precognition will not save you from a painful death."

"He's not going to tell anyone about us." Ran glared at his cousin in indignation.

"But what if I need to inform my team. They will want to know why I am searching for someone I don't even know," said Crawford.

"Well, you could always tell them that you heard that Essett was being revived and you want to put a stop to it before they are back to full strength," said Zaine.

"If it can't be helped tell them if you have to but only if there is no other way," said Sesshomaru. "Ran, this man shall be your responsibility. If he betrays us he will die and so will all those he tell."

"I understand my lord and none of you have anything to worry about. He will not reveal our existence to anyone." Ran smiled at the American as he placed his hand on top of Crawford squeezing it gently.

Crawford was surpised at the intimate display of the young man/demon. He always thought Abyssinian was a sexually repressive sort of person. A small smile touched the corner of his lips as he let the warmth of the other man seep into his hand. Then he sighed and looked to the lion demon. "Do you have anything of your mate's?"

Ngbaka removed a gold locket from his pocket. He stood up and walked over to the human. "There is a piece of his hair in this locket." He reached it to Crawford.

As soon as the locket touched Crawford's palm his eyes closed as he was struck with a vision. He clutched the locket tightly in his palm. His body jerked as pain ripped through the precog's mind. He began to jerk violently in his chair as Ran held the American tightly in his arms.

Ran became worried as the precog was in obvious pain. The worry became panic as blood began to trickle from the corner of the human's eyes and down his nose. Suddenly Crawford's eyes snapped opened as his amber eyes seemed to glow and stare into nothing. Then he collapsed into unconsciousness into Ran's arms.

Ashanta frowned as she stared at the human then to Ran. "Is he all right? I have never known any Seer to be in such pain from a vision."

"I don't know," said Ran frowning. "I asked him before if something was wrong. He said no but he was definitely lying." He picked up the vile of smelling salt and passed it under Crawford's nose.

The human immediately awakened. He collapsed exhaustedly against Ran breathing heavily. "What happened?"

"That's what we want to know," said Sesshomaru.

"Everything was blurry. I couldn't see the building clearly but they had your mate locked in a cell."

"Could you tell if he was all right?" asked Sethos. "He hasn't gone into labor yet, has he?"

"Yes, they haven't done anything to him . . . yet," said Crawford. "From what I could see, your mate was still in his human disguise and he has not gone into labor. But we are talking about Essett doctors. It won't be long before they either dissect him or do something else more horrible." He raised a tremble hand to his nose and pulled it back to see blood. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief to mop up the blood.

Zaine frowned. "What could be more terrible than being dissected?"

"You would be surprised at what those psycho bastards can do." Crawford frowned as he remembered all the terror he went through when he was under the thumb of Essett. Then he looked up at the lion demon. "If we are going to find your mate and save Japan from being destroyed I should get home."

"We will give you forty eight hours to find something out," said Ngbaka. Then he turned to Sesshomaru. "You should gather the heads of the demon clans here in Japan and inform them of what is to happen if the worse happens." Then he left.

Ashanta sighed as she and the others stood up. "Don't worry about Ngbaka. He is just worried about Jurormaru and his unborn cubs. Once he has calmed down, he won't go through with the extinction order. There's no reason to destroy all of Japan if these people have already left. Besides, the threat is from Germany. I will contact our headquarters to let them know where the real base of this organization is located."

"But I do fear that if we don't find Jurormaru in time our brother will go on a killing spree," said Zaine looking at everyone worried.

"And he will," said Crawford. Everyone turned to him to finish his explanation. "Well, I had a vision of him going insane when he found his mate and children dead. In this vision he was finally stopped when you all joined together and killed him."

Ashanta gasped in horror. "Then it's even more urgent that we find Jurormaru," said Inuyasha not liking the vision Crawford told them about.

"From the report that Ran has complied on this organization. They work in the shadows. If this organization is concerned with world domination I don't think they will let it be known that demons exist," said Sethos.

"You're right. I'm pretty sure your organization knew nothing about Essett until we started all that chaos to prepare for that ceremony," said Crawford looking at Ran. "At the most they will brainwash him and turned him into an assassin as we were."

"Well there's one good thing," said Ran. Crawford stared at him questioningly. "We demons are unable to be hypnotize unless there is strong magic involved. And since you humans are so hooked on your science, we have nothing to fear."

"Or they may use the children to force Jurormaru to hunt down the rest of us," said Zaine. Everyone looked at him frowning. "What better way to start rebuilding a dynasty than with the power of demons."

"You maybe on to something," said Sethos. "Although you humans have destructive weapons, it will do no good if a disguised demon is within your ranks and his duty is to sabotage your weapons. Any country will be defenseless against us."

Zaine snorted as he smiled at his canine brother. "All they would have to do is capture these two and they would lay waste to any army that stood in their way."

"Well you needn't worry about that," said Inuyasha. Then he turned to Ran and Crawford. "You two should go now. Time is running out."

"Right." Ran helped Crawford to stand and just as they were about to walk out the door Sethos stopped them.

"Once the forty eight hours are up, we will come to you both and see if you have found out anything."

"Understood cousin," said Ran.

"Oh, and Ran," said Ashanta smirking at the red hair demon, "remember that it's that time of the year for unbound demons." She glanced knowingly at Crawford. "You might want to start getting to marking your intended."

Ran turned several shades of red as he grumbled something not even demon hearing could understand and led Crawford out of the room with the sound of laughter chasing him from the mansion.


Once they drove away from the mansion, Ran changed back into his human disguise. He glanced over to Crawford. "Do you want to tell me now what is wrong with you?"

"You want to tell me what she meant by marking your intended?"

"Like I said before. I will explain everything to you about demons later on." He smirked at the pout on the human's face. "Now, you were going to tell me what was wrong."

"I said there is nothing wrong," the American snapped.

"That is what you said but we demons can tell when someone is lying. And you are lying. Why?"

"Because it is none of your damn business!" Crawford turned his head to stare out the window.

Ran sighed. "Fine. Be that way but I'm going to find out whether you tell me or not." He smirked as he saw Crawford turn his head to glare at him. "So, once this is over with, would you like to have dinner?"

The American arched a brow at the red head sitting next to him. "And where did this come from?"

"Well, I've always wanted to get to know you," said Ran smiling. "But since we were enemies, I knew there was no chance of that happening. Now that we are no longer on opposite sides, I figured I have more of a chance. Before I was summoned by Lord Sesshomaru I was going to give you a call and ask you out."

"Well, this is news to me Abyssinian."

"It's Ran."

"Pardon me," said Crawford.

"My name is Ran not Abyssinian. That was my code name when I was in Weiss."

Crawford smirked. "Very well, Aby . . . I mean Ran."

They sat in silence for a few seconds before Ran broke the silence. "Well?"

"Well what?"

Ran sighed. "What about the date? Do you want to go out and have dinner?"

Crawford sat in his seat deep in thought. He glanced over at Ran. The younger man or demon as the case may be was very handsome in this form. And his demon form was quite breathtaking. Those amethyst feline eyes were beautifully hypnotic. Why the hell not? After all, he hasn't long to live anyway so he may as well enjoy what little time he has left. "Sure, I wouldn't mind going out with you." 'It might be nice to be held and kissed by someone before I die.'

"How about we meet for lunch tomorrow," said Ran. "We can compare notes and see what our little computer nerds found out."

"Okay, I would like that." Ran smiled in excitement. The rest of their drive the two talked about any and every thing.