"Would read the one from last time again?"

"Sure." One of the reasons I liked Kay was because he didn't seem to have any trouble picking up my words. At first, maybe, but he picked it up faster'n Felix and Felix ain't exactly slow. I guess it was maybe because Kay had his own thing, that way of dropping words that everyone seemed to do, so many talking a little differently wasn't such a strange thing here. Sure not the Mirador anymore.

The other thing I liked about Kay was the way he listened when I read him stuff. Like he wasn't just sort of listening just to humor me but actually hearing everything I said and sometimes he'd ask questions, and if I didn't know the answer to a question and I said so he'd sort of smile and say that I could make something up if I wanted. So I would, and it probably didn't make any sense, but Kay seemed to like it enough. He'd always sort of smile, anyway, even if it was a weird sort of thing.

"Are a storyteller," he said to me, once, cutting into a story, "Listen to yourself. I know no one who can tell stories like you do."

That surprised me a little, I guess. I like telling stories, that's all. What else is there about it? "Go back and read it again," he said, though, and it's funny how he can make it look like he's looking straight at you even when you know he isn't, or not really. But so I went back and read the bit again I'd just said and maybe I put a little bit of a voice on it or something, or said it a little differently, but Kay made that weird little smile again.


And I said, "There what?" and he said "There, that part, why you are a storyteller."

I told Felix about it later, and he kind of laughed at me, though I wasn't sure why, but he actually smiled too, so that was nice. I asked him later, though, if he thought I was a storyteller, and he looked up at me from where he was reading, looking kind of amused.

"Ask Kay," he said, "He clearly knows better than I do." He seemed to think that there was some kind of joke there, but I didn't quite get it, and that made me feel a little stupid, but I guess he didn't mean it.

I dunno. I kind of like the idea of being a storyteller. Even if it's just like I said. I like stories.

But I thought about it so much that when I went back to read more and Kay told me to tell my own story, one I hadn't told anyone else yet, I had one all made up, and I don't think it was so bad either.

Kay seemed to like it. He had that smile the whole way through, and he even applauded at the end which was a little weird, but in a good way, though. So that was all right.