Hey, this is another one shot with another O.C. couple of mine. Not Marshal and Elli, but Buttons and Athena!

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Buttons had been having trouble finding a good topic to write about, so Mr. Mason and Phil told him to wait after class, and they'd send someone to help him. Buttons had no idea, that it would be exactly who he wanted to work with.

Athena walked towards Buttons after school and plopped a history book in front of him on the teacher's desk, or the Zoovenier desk really. "Don't worry Buttons, with my help, you and I are going to find the perfect history topic." She said with a smile. She put her flipper around Buttons shoulder and tugged his head close to the side of her head, making Buttons blush. "Just think, this could be the start of the best history paper in mankind!" she said motioning her flipper from one side to another.

Buttons chuckled. "Uh-hu" he said trying to calm his blush down. He didn't know he'd be alone with…Athena for who knew how long to study.

Athena popped the book open. "Hmm…look at this! Andrew Jackson, George Washington, and lookie here, only three people signed the Declaration of Independence that represented Georgia. Interesting huh?" she said with a smile looking up at him again.

Buttons smiled too and looked down on the paper. He smiled at a name. "Here!" he grunted out pointing to a name on the paper. Athena looked to see what it was, and read the name Button Gwinnett.

"Oh, he's one of the three people that signed the Declaration of Independence who represented Georgia." She said. She looked up at Buttons and smiled. "You want to do him?" she asked, and had to chuckle when Buttons nodded his head really fast. "Okay, then, Button Gwinnett it is." She said before peering in the book.

Buttons got out a piece of paper and hacked up a pencil. "Ready." He grunted out.

Athena looked down. "Okay, he was born in April in the year 1735." She started. They went over a few facts, and then, Athena got to his family. "He has a wife and three daughters. His wife's name is Ann Bourne, and together, they had three daughters. Their names were Amelia, Ann, and Elizabeth Ann." She laughed. "I guess they liked names that began with A."

Buttons looked up from his work and smiled. "Athena." He said it in a tone that almost sounded like he was speaking instead of grunting.

Athena got hot and started to blush. "Yeah, Athena does start with an A." she said. She didn't know why, but it almost sounded like flirting, but maybe that was just her. She took a deep breath and tried to calm down before facing Buttons. "I guess Buttons is a pretty cool name then huh?" she asked with a smile.

Buttons smiled. "Best!" he grunted making Athena laugh, but she wondered if it was nerves. Buttons seemed to notice this, and he put his flipper on her shoulder. "Okay?" he grunted out with his eyes full of worry, only making it worse.

Athena started to sweat. What is wrong with me? It's just Buttons! I've played with him since we were out of the eggs, there's nothing to worry about. I mean, it's not like I'm…crushing on him, no Pft! She said in her head, but then Buttons waved his flipper over her eyes getting her back into reality. "Right." She said embarrassed, but then she thought, why do I even care how I look around him?

Buttons smiled knowing she was alright and began to write down more facts. "Have fun?" he mumbled.

Athena, who was still out of it, shook her head and faced Buttons again. "I'm sorry, what?"

"Have fun?"

"Oh, of course I did! Why wouldn't I have fun with you? You're one of my best friends." She said.

Buttons smiled and his stomach fluttered. "Done?"

Athena smiled. "For today, how about we do it again tomorrow?" she said excited to see him again.

Buttons smiled and nodded, that's when he knew he had a crush.

Young love! It's adorable isn't it? I hope you liked it, and sorry it was so short, hey, it's a one shot! XD besides, Ididn't want to bore you out with all the facts on Buttons Gwinnett, who I had to write a paper on once, and it gave me the idea.

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