What did Skipper and his team see? Find out now!

"Nothing, someone stole the tape out of there!" Skipper answered, throwing his flipper in the air angrily, but making Athena and Buttons nearly fall over in relief. "This arouses my suspicion to a dangerously high level, I want a full search for that tape men, are we clear?" he asked, and Skipper smiled when his team saluted back.

When Skipper and his team left, Athena and Buttons sighed. "I know where the tape is." A voice said behind them. Buttons and Athena turned around to see Marshal. Athena's heart stopped for a second in shock, he knew.

"What tape? There's no tape! Who said there was a tape!?" Athena stammered and started blushing again.

"A tape?" Elli repeated confused. She cocked her head to the side confused.

Marshal crossed his flippers angrily as he remembered something. "Well, Peanut has it, cause I can't keep it around the people who were caught." He said mimicking Peanut's voice. He shook his head coming back into reality. "Anyways, I saw you two." He said with a small cool grin, making Athena and Buttons blush and not knowing what to say.

"What? I'm confused!" Elli said.

"It's nothing Elli." Athena said, not wanting another person to know about this.

Marshal smiled at her. "I don't know, but I'm sure it was something. Something you and Buttons should talk about." He said before waddling out in the hall. He walked by Elli, but when she kept looking at Buttons and Athena, who looked really embarrassed and weren't looking at each other, he grabbed her flipper and dragged her in the hallway with him, but no one said they'd leave the room.

"Marshal, what are you doing?" Elli whispered.

Marshal shushed her. "Look out there." He said pointing to a small crack in the doorway, revealing Athena and Buttons.

Athena finally got the guts to look into Buttons's eyes. "He's right, we should talk about our, uh, you know…actions." She said blushing, but when Buttons just stayed quiet, she decided to continue. She cleared her throat, not really sure what to say. "You see, I-"

"Like." Buttons grunted out.

Athena's eye widened. "W-what?" she stammered. She nearly fainted.

Buttons smiled at her, and then he grabbed her flipper, pulling a very shocked and red Athena up to him. She was so close; she could see her shocked expression reflect in his blue eyes. "Like." he repeated. He was embarrassed, but happy to get that secret off of his chest. "you." He added, making Athena smile and blush even harder.

Athena was so happy, Buttons did like her. She pulled Buttons into a big hug, making Buttons smile, but it quickly disappeared when Athena spoke up after burying her head in his neck. "I want to be friends too." She said before hugging him harder. Buttons was happy she wanted to be friends, but was that it?

Buttons sighed a little said he didn't get his real point across, but he patted her back. "Good." He grunted out. His neck felt a little sore from her beak being rubbed against it, but the pain numbed down. Hey, they may not be a couple, but it's a start!

Elli giggled as she watched the two hug. She turned to Marshal. "You helped them out?" she asked a little shocked, Marshal, of all the people.

Marshal smiled. "Kinda."

Elli giggled and hugged Marshal. "I'm proud of you! Doesn't it feel great to do the right thing?"

Marshal thought for a moment. "So-and-so." He said, making Elli roll her eyes, but strangely, she didn't let go of him.

A few hours later, Skipper and his team returned home tired from searching for that tape, that Peanut had kept perfectly hidden. "Sorry we couldn't find the tape Skippa, maybe tomorrow." Private said, trying to lift the spirits, but they were too flat on the ground to lift.

Skipper sighed. "We'll check first think in the am."

Rico moaned not wanting to wake up early.

Kowalski sighed. "Well at least the smiling faces of our young will cheer us up after a failed mission." He said, making Skipper shoot him a glare. Skipper didn't like to call his missions failed, just unsolved ones. Kowalski popped his head through the door and saw his daughter Athena sitting next to Buttons helping him out with some homework, luckily, the table blocked the fact that Athena and Buttons were holding flippers.

Aw, their friends! :)

Poor Button though, he and Athena aren't a couple…yet! XD

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