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Author's Note: This is a fic for Veteran's Day. For those in the military who gave their lives for defending our country and those who are still in the military and those that are retired from the military. I'm not sure if they have a memorial for those that didn't die during a war in DC. I think they only have one for those that died in duty, but not sure.

Author's Note 2: This was in the paper in the Parade Magazine and thought I'd share it with you too.

Question: In my favorite NCIS episode, Charles Durning played a decorated war veteran. Which stars really served in the armed forces?

Answer: Durning, 86, who won a Silver Star and three Purple Hearts in World War 2, is probably the only veteran of the D-Day invasion still active in TV and movies. Other notable show-business vets include Ernest Borgnine(Navy, World War 2), Gene Hackman(Marines), Alan Alda(Army Reserve, Korean War), Dennis Franz(Army, Vietnam), Chuck Norris(Air Force), Montel Williams(Navy), Robin Quivers(Air Force) and Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst(Navy).

Author's Note 3: Gibbs's father is going to make an appearance again sometime in December. I think it is for the Christmas episode.


Tony DiNozzo walked towards the memorial and looked for the name that he had been looking for, Ernie Yost. He remembered that day like it was yesterday. It was when Kate was still alive. He remembered that Ernie had turned himself in because he had thought that he had killed his friend, but in fact he did not. He remembered sleeping on Ernie's couch to watch him before Gibbs interviewed him. He watched as Ernie went through a box and he had commented on how good looking his wife was. They had talked some more and then Tony and Ernie went out to breakfast before he had to take him to NCIS.

Then he remembered watching Kate and Ernie dance. It was an emotional moment for everyone there that witnessed the dance between the two. Then when Faith Coleman and those two guys came he couldn't wait to show them Ernie's medal that he had on to show him a little more respect.

He had liked the man and was glad that he was not charged with anything. He watched as Gibbs led him out and invite him for dinner. He smiled and then went back to doing his report that he still had to finish.

They had gone to his funeral when they were told that he had died. Gibbs, McGee, Kate and he had gone to the funeral when they found out when it was. They all wanted to pay their respects to the man.

Tony raised his hand to the name that was engraved in the wall and said one word. "Thank you." Not only to Ernie, but for the rest of the veterans as well.