I know you say finish one before you get to the second! But I couldn't help myself and this story is one I've actually been wanting to write for the longest time... Thoughts are in italic. And well review to you heart's content! More info will be given in the following intros.

Académie Légion Etrangére

Emerald orbs looked at the file in her hands for the twentieth time,

Académie Légion Etrangére huh? It sure does sound fancy... So let's go over the program again.

It was her fourteenth day, which meant the final hours that will forever more change the course of her life.

First Day- In the legion Information Center for Reception, Information, and Terms of contract.

Well, done already. Although that terms of condition did sound questionable. One tends to think things over when a terms of contract talks about possible death in your 4 year program in like -what every paragraph? Well if I cared for my life that much I sure would have worked in an ice cream parlor.

And the next two minutes following was spent with the thoughts of herself serving ice cream in a probably the most ridiculous uniform. The fore coming twenty minutes was spent shaking of the virtual imagery from her mind. When she finally succeed, her attention was back on the file.

Preselection - 1 to 3 days in a legion Recruitment Center (Japan-Sendai) for confirmation of motivation, initial medical check-up , finalizing enlistment papers, and signing the possible 4 year contract.

4 years... Pretty much like going to university, only my physics class will consist of how to blow somebody's head in many ways science allows us. Hehe.

Selection - 1 to 10 days. In the Recruitment and Selection Center in Sendai for Psychological tests, personality tests (complementary to the psychological tests), logic tests (with maximum education requirements), medical exam and physical condition tests, motivation and security interviews, and confirmation or denial of selection.

Man was that a pain in the ass. And that logic test! Maximum education requirement my ass! Even a high school student would know that, well not that I know what a normal high school student would know but whatever...! I better not go under a program with bunch of idiots. Arghh... Well, confirmation is today and I guess in a few hours I will know what happens to me. Not that I don't mind being an ordinary absolutely fucking fantastic army elite but when it's supposedly worldwide acclaim that this 'Academy Legion Whatever' trains the world's greatest assassins, one tends to listen the advice I guess. Ughh I'm going mad already, stop thinking and get dressed will you Kuga.

The moment Natsuki Kuga finished putting on her trainee uniform, her room phone rang breaking the blue haired girl's deadly concentration.

''This is Kuga, #705.'' She quickly replied with a tinge of excitement in her voice.

''You're expected in the conference room, building-A 2019, soldier.''

''Yes sir.''

She put the phone down and looked at the file for the 21st time, and image of a exquisite building reflecting on her eyes.

''Alright! Let's get our smoking ass to the building.'' she talked to herself, checking her stunning image one last time in the mirror.

There stood an intimidating woman probably aged somewhere between her late twenties. She had the aura of Julius Caesar, ready to conquer the world with a single glance of her cobalt-blue eyes. Her long jet black hair stood as the greatest contrast, it's magnificence close to the one standing in front of her. Everything is a contrast Natsuki thought, a perfect harmony of contrasts; her almost transparent whitish skin, her apparent blue veins carrying the toxicated blood, again those eyes, her pink lips, damn this woman would give any Hollywood star run for her money. And the black uniform just glorified everything in double as if she needed any more glorification.

''Natsuki Kuga, 21 years old, female, birth origin is unknown, orphan at birth, took by the foundation of Searrs at the age 7 as she showed signs of not-so average intelligence. Acquired many decorations, medals and trophies, one being the youngest girl with the highest killing score. Left the army but her loyalty still lies with the Searrs. And well, then somehow you learned about ALE and showed up on our doorsteps. Interesting, may I ask how you did so?''

Man this woman's voice is... is.. I don't know what adjective! And you always find your adjective Kuga!

''Excuse me sir?'' the blue haired soldier tried her best to put together the pieces on what exactly her higher ranked asked of her.

''How did you know about ALE soldier, because sure as hell we are spending millions of dollars so that nobody knows of ALE. We pick you, you don't pick us. We come after you, sometimes even hunt you, but never in history did one appear by simply just taking the plane and showing up at the recruitment. Whatever intelligence you have, I would like the learn the name of it, so that I can put it on our priority list to watch out. ''

The woman's intense gaze took nearly everything from Natsuki not to break the eye contact.

''To be honest sir, I did not learn of ALE through any intelligence but mere coincidence.''

Honesty was always good. Especially if you're facing probably one of the most dangerous woman on the earth.

''How so?'' the figure inquired.

''Well sir, I was at a mission in Russia to kill a certain Baron. But long story short, quite early in the evening I learned I was not the only one who had the same mission. And you know how ugly it gets when competition arises. I beat my competitor but mostly by luck, and later on found her in my hotel room which was not known even by the officials themselves. Apparently she had admired my talent, and was or is a student of ALE. She was the one that simply ordered me to appear at the recruitment.''

''And you simply thought... why not?'' a faint pleasure behind the cobalt-blue eyes was visible.

''Exactly so sir. It was the first time I faced death. No one had ever came that close to me unless I wanted so, and she could simply eliminate me before I could even say fiddlesticks. I'm highly praised for my intelligence so it should not be a surprise. I know when I'm overpowered, and frankly I do not like it one bit. Therefore I want to be the best. So I listened to the best that I've met so far in my life.'' Her cheeks blushed faintly. Why was she blushing now at all times.

Well, that memory always makes you blush. But not now for fucks sake!

''Well Kuga, truth be told whether you showed up here or not, you were going to be picked up anyways. Like I said our job is to find the best. Yet due to political confrontations your supposed pick up was delayed a year. But certainly you showed everyone in the high-up that you haven't really missed much from your first year.''

''My first year sir?''

''Yes. You will be starting as a second year legion. We do not see the need for Engagé Volontaire which is the first year training. Pack up tonight, you and the rest of the chosen ones which seems pretty low in number yet greater in quality this year, will be flying to the Academy in four hours to be exact.''

The woman with black hair rose up from her seat and put a genuine smile on her face, she walked next to the athletic figure and offered her hand.

''Congratulations. You have been promoted from being a soldier to Legion. I, personally have high hopes for you, and will test my hopes in every chance I got.''

Natsuki rose up from her seat abruptly her heart racing a tempo faster. She gracefully accepted the hand offered to her and said her thank you's. So she was in. What now was a new beginning in her life to be the deadliest... But before she walked out, she had to know.

''Sorry sir.''

''Yes, Legion. Was there something else?'' A brow was raised in anticipation.

''May I learn your name?''

The woman in front of her smiled briefly.

''Yes you may Legion. Since there will be a day and we'll be on the opposite ends of a sniper scope, checking each other out.'' the smiled turned into a faint grin before the woman continued.

''Chikane. Chikane Himemiya. Remember it well.''

''I will sir.''

And Natsuki Kuga walked out of the conference room mentally noting down the first name whose owner she one day admired to be.