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Chapter 1: Are There Friends in Hell?


The thunderous slap echoed throughout the house. Then there was a cry of pain. The young man with tri-colored hair covered his face, trying to block to blows that were expected from the man only come to known as "father". Father struck his face again. Crap, the teen thought in frustration, as a metallic taste filled his mouth. How am I going to hide this this time? Another blow received, this time in the stomach. The boy doubled and cried out as the man above him continued to kick him relentlessly.

The young man, at age 15, was named Yugi. He had wild hair; tipped red, with black, and blond bangs that hung lightly in his eyes. He was short and was lanky for his age. The bullies picked on him almost as bad as his father beat him. Almost.

A blow to his ribs and a low growl brought Yugi back to reality. His father then roughly grabbed a fistful of Yugi's hair and forced him to look up. Yugi's breathing was labored from the crack of his ribs. His father looked him in the eye and yelled directly at him, "LOOK AT ME WHEN I AM TALKING TO YOU!!!!"

Yugi obeyed silently, on the verge of going unconscious as a result of the harsh beating given to him tonight. Another night of happy hour didn't make the night any better. Actually, it made it worse. His father was an angry drunk who took his pain out on Yugi. Yugi felt helpless and upset, hoping with all his heart something could make him stop. He knew he'd die if he stayed in that house any longer.

"ANSWER ME!!!" came a harsh voice as the man said cynically, "I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!" The threat used to scare Yugi, but that stopped long ago. The father was about to leave the room, but seeing the empty beer bottle, threw it at Yugi head-on. Yugi luckily ducked a little to avoid being hit square in the face. He had ended up hitting his jaw. Glass shattered, piercing the still, tense room.

Yugi tried to move, but when he felt the intense pain in his jaw and ribcage, he just fell back, gentle enough not to hurt himself further. He was seeing stars. He looked around the kitchen, cluttered with the vodka bottles and beer cans, knowing what he'd have to do tomorrow. He was exhausted, so he let unconsciousness consume him.


Saturday is the best day of the week. Poker night for Father. No beating for me. The best part of this day though, is that I don't have to hide. Or be afraid. Father isn't home. I can just relax.

Memories from the previous night overtook me, and I immediately stood up. Whoops. Bad Idea. I thought, as I fell back down, and then moaned as my head hit the tile floor. I slowly looked around. I would have to clean up every ounce of blood I spilled, looking at the pool of blood around my face, having dried overnight.

I started to pick up the empty vodka bottles. There weren't as many, considering father was out at the bar. Whichever friend drove him home, I have no idea. I was just glad they didn't come in. They seemed to hate me just as much as father did. I just accepted them all, because I never knew what I did wrong. The beatings didn't hurt so bad if I tried to fight.

I grabbed a dirty cloth and was about to clean up when I heard a knock at the door. Crap, I thought. Assuming the worst, I prepared to mouth off to one of father's friends. I opened the door and immediately reeled back at the boy standing in front of me. He looked vaguely familiar. Then I recalled I saw him at school today. He tried to talk to me but I blew him off, trying not to make friends. Didn't want any more disappointment in my screwed up, twisted life. It went something like this:

I was running late for school, so I dashed to my first period class. I bumped into a boy. I felt bad that I wasn't paying attention, but I didn't think about it. My books scattered, and so did his. We picked up our belongings.

But before I had a chance to leave, he took a hold of my arm. I yelped, not out of fear, but of how rough he was, and that arm was hurt pretty bad last night. He spoke to me, "Hey! You're Yugi Moto, right? My name's Joey!" I started walking away from the blond as soon as he said my name. I was invisible. I knew the kid all too well. Once, he was a former member of the gang that jumped me once a week for lunch money. I swear he acts like he's two. He's part of the cool group, which included a brunette Seto Kaiba, who was as rich as hell, but didn't have the guts to move away from this crap of a town.

"Hey! Come back 'ere! I'm talkin' to ya!" I immediately bolted out, ditching school altogether. That was a big mistake. I opened the door and there stood father, ready for battle, and took the first swing.

I suddenly felt self-conscious, standing in front of one of the popular kids at school. I have to look like crap, considering that I was beaten like shit for 5 hours straight. Not like I haven't had worse though. I was a little worried that my day might be bad after all. There goes my Saturday, I thought glumly.

The Joey kid looked unfazed by my appearance. Good, I thought, considering I didn't have a good lie up in my sleeve. He looked down and put his hands in his pockets, looking a little uncomfortable. I then realized I hadn't let him in. "Come in," I say with as good a smile as I can manage. Damn, my jaw hurts. I turned around and closed the door behind him, but then I forgot about the kitchen. "WAIT!! DON'T GO IN THE—"I was cut off by a "Holy shit…What the hell?" I started cursing myself a million miles a minute. I slowly walked into the room, dreading what I might see. He thinks I'm a freak. He thinks I'm a freak, I cursed under my breath. How could I be so careless?


"Come in," Yugi said. He seemed pretty cool and I wanted to see if I could get to know him better, since I saw him and he didn't seem to have many friends. I felt bad for the kid, but he seemed to have a … mysterious aura … I wanted to meet him today, at least.

I casually strolled in the house, not expecting what I was about to see. No wonder the kid was so messed up and isolated. Either he was a heavy drinker, or he is living in purgatory prison. Wow… I heard a yell, "WAIT! DON'T GO IN THE—"Holy shit! "Holy shit…What the hell?" Whoops, I let my thoughts slip. A wave of guilt crushed me. I didn't mean for it to sound like that. It just accidently slipped!

"Sorry," I said. Yugi looked confused, so I continued, "It didn't mean to sound like that, and it's just…" I tried to think of the right word, but Yugi cut me off, bitterness seeping in his tone like venom, "I'm a freak, right? The loner with no friends?" I immediately looked at Yugi. I looked him straight in the eye and told him the truth, hoping he'd believe me. "No." I said in a firm voice. I saw skepticism in his gaze, but he didn't push it forward. He finally spoke, in a confident, threatening voice. "If you say a word of this to anyone, I will make your life hell." I could tell that he was honest in his threat. I understood how he felt. Before I was able to get a word in, he added, "And don't pity me. I know you know. I can see it in your eyes. No telling. No pity. Around here, I am that kid you just talked to that one time got it? I am a complete stranger that goes by the name Yugi." He looked at me expecting agreement. I held out my hand. "It's nice to meet you Yugi!" He cracked a half-smile. I smiled back. Maybe one day I'll tell him my dirty little secret…

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