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Chapter 20: Epilogue. A Few Months Later

"Kura, where is the cake?" Ryou whispered. Bakura groaned and replied, "Ryou, don't talk so loud!" He found the chocolate cake and handed it to Ryou when he carried the boxes to Yami's living room.

"Kura, will he like the gifts?" Joey walked in and yelled, "Hey! Yugi here yet?" Ryou and Bakura both hushed him and whispered, "He's upstairs, now shush! He doesn't know we are down here. Now help out a bit here," Seto, who heard the conversation, whispered, "I'll set up the plates on the table." Joey added, "I got dibs on gifts," Seto laughed a bit and said, "Just like a loyal puppy." Joey mock-growled and Bakura had to shush them again.

Malik and Marik walked in quietly with one violet and one red-wrapped box. Bakura smiled and whispered, "Perfect," So far, all the boxes were colored only with red or violet. They really knew what to get with color choices.

Yami yelled, "He's coming!" They rushed to their spots and when Yugi was mid-mutter about 'what's going on?' they all yelled, "SURPRISE! Happy Birthday, Yugi!"

Yugi practically jumped out of his skin when he saw all the presents paired with the shout. "What the—" Yami smiled and whispered, "Happy birthday Yugi," Yami's breath lightly hitting Yugi's ear, tickling him.

Yugi gave a short laugh before he said, "Thanks for remembering you guys! You are the best friends a guy could have!" They all laughed.

First, Yugi blew out the candles of his cake, so they could eat while he opened gifts. They sang gleefully, Ryou surprisingly, being the one with the most enthusiasm.

Yugi pointed to the small violet and red wrapped boxes from Bakura and Ryou. Bakura said, "Please tell Ryou it's okay because he's been obsessed since he got it," Yugi laughed and when he opened the gift, he laughed and said, "It's awesome Ryou!" He held up the black spiky choker. Bakura motioned for Yugi to open the red one and said, "It's a corny gift for Yami. Put the choker on, and he's your slave for a day!" Yugi looked confused before he saw the leather leash inside, "And it matches his outfit!" Yugi gushed. He was so tempted to use it he told Yami, "Down," Yami bent his head laughing, while Yugi adjusted the size and wrapped the leash around his own small wrist, showing his control.

Yami smiled and whispered seductively in Yugi's ear, "This will come in handy soon," Yugi blushed five shades of red, bypassing the crimson. Not releasing his hold on the leash, he took Marik and Malik's double present. Marik said, "We like the corny stuff too, so open the purple one first. This could be used tonight," Marik said deviously. Malik said 'shut up' so he wouldn't spoil what was inside.

Yugi frowned, wondering why the purple box had a bottle in it. Before he could comprehend, Yami laughed and said, "Spin the bottle? I'm scared of what's in the red box…" Yugi laughed when he got his answer, and started to open the red one. Yugi stated confused, "Handcuffs?" He looked at Yami who was currently blushing like he was being boiled alive. Yami abruptly took the handcuffs and said, "Moving on." Yugi laughed, but went silent when he got what they could be used for. His mouth formed an 'O' shape, and he immediately took Joey and Seto's gift.

Joey laughed at Yugi's expression and warned, "Ours won't be any better," Yugi blushed. He looked into the bag. Before Yami could get a good look, Yugi closed it and said, "Moving on." Yami held his arms and said, "Don't make me handcuff you. Let me see aibou…" He looked into the bag and threw it back down. "Sorry I didn't trust you aibou," Yami whispered in embarrassment. He saw the risqué outfit, and his thoughts took a trip for a second, before he remembered where he was. He couldn't wait till tonight…

Seto smiled and said apologetically, "Ours will be like Ryou and Bakura's presents. They correspond with each other." Yami and Yugi both looked in eagerly, wondering what could correspond with lingerie. They both looked up, horrified. "What the hell guys? Is today 'What should we do to get them in bed now' day?" Yami nodded and said, "And who would be doing the dancing?" He held up the adjustable stripper pole.

Everyone laughed and Malik said, "Hey, we are guys! We just thought we could make things interesting for you guys!" Yugi and Yami laughed before Yugi reached to Yami's present. Save the best for last, Yugi thought to himself.

Yami spoke before Yugi unwrapped the ribbon and said, "Sorry if it isn't sexy or kinky enough for you." Yugi laughed and said, "It would be a blessing if it wasn't too much of either of those things," Yugi laughed, but what he opened took his breath away. Yugi sighed, "Awww! Yami, it's beautiful!" He opened a golden locket. Yugi opened the heart charm and gasped at the cute little picture of Yami on one side and himself on the other. Yami said, "Flip it over…" Yugi did as instructed and read quietly what was engraved on the back.

You hold my heart

With love, Yami.

Yugi had a lump in his throat. "Yami, it's the best present ever!" He kissed Yami softly for a few seconds before Marik went dramatic and said, "Well, that sucks. I had to drink a whole bottle of soda for that bottle!" Malik hit him lightly on the arm, but kissed him back.

Yami and Yugi laughed at their antics, and then kissed each other chastely before they split. Yugi smiled and said, "Definitely not kinky, but to me it could be considered sexy," Yugi said deviously. Yami smiled and said, "You are definitely worth it," Yugi blushed. Yami stroked his cheek gently, lovingly.

Yugi smiled and placed a hand on Yami's cheek. He stated quietly, "I knew that everything would be okay once it blew over. You all saved me and kept me alive through the ups and downs of all this mess. Now we can finally put our behind us."

Yami smiled and said, "And we were there for each other every step of the way," Their friends nodded in agreement. Marik spoke up, "Time for some spin the bottle!" Everyone laughed, glad that everything seemed to work out in the end.

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