(A/N: This all started when I asked one of my friends if she thought Bessa would be as awesome as it is if it was called "Noq." Of course it would be, but then I got this idea. Enjoy!)

What's in a Name

Nessa sat in her wheelchair, examining two magazines.

Ozmopolitain proclaimed "Governor of Munchkinland Nessarose Thropp's marriage to Boq Riddle: Will Noq last? Exclusive interviews and pictures inside." The cover showed a picture of Boq standing next to Nessa, both of them dressed up in their wedding clothes and with huge smiles on their faces.

Oz Weekly announced "Nessarose Thropp and Boq Riddle: The Early Years of Bessa. Exclusive pictures and interviews inside." The cover of this magazine showed a picture of Nessa and Boq when they were at Shiz. It was the night of the Ozdust dance that started it all.

"Noq, Bessa," Nessa mumbled to herself. "Bessa, Noq."

"What did you say, Nessa?" Boq asked as he walked into the room, smiling.

"This magazine calls us 'Noq,'" Nessa explained, pointing at the Ozmopolitain. "And this one calls us 'Bessa.'" She pointed to Oz Weekly. "I'm not sure I like either of those. Why can't we just beā€¦Nessa and Boq?"

"You mean Boq and Nessa."

"No, I mean Nessa and Boq," Nessa insisted. "Why do they have to make up silly names for us?"

Boq took the magazines from Nessa and tossed them over his shoulder. "It doesn't matter what they call us, Nessa," he said. "Even if they decide to call us 'the horrendible couple that should have never gotten married,' I'll still love you."

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