Sam held her nose as the school bus stopped next to her, its fumes making her head dizzy and eyes water. Shouldering her Kingdom Hearts back pack, she stepped onto the bus, finding her seat in the middle and quickly plopping down, so as not to draw attention to herself. Sliding over to look out the window, Sam placed her bag next to her, so no one could sit with her. No one tried to.

Halfway to school, finding it impossible to be away from it any longer, the blond haired teen unzipped her book bag and drew out her copy of Kingdom Hearts manga; #5 in the series. She stroked the cover before opening the book and burying her head into it, forgetting all the annoying kids around her on the smelly bus, or the horrible day that followed.


"Hey Smelly. Oh God, whatcha reading this time you loser?" Sam winced at the sound of the voice and sunk lower in her seat, KH manga still in her hand. It was just after lunch, the time in which Sam's language arts class was given half an hour of free time. Most of the kids talked to their friends about stupid things, like who kissed who, where, and how. Since Sam didn't have any friends in the class, she sat and read, naturally.

Looking up slowly, Sam winced yet again as she spotted Brea Clemnol and her small gang of giggly girls standing in front of her desk, glaring. She put down her book. "Can I help you?" Brea frowned and, without as much as a blink, reached out and snatched Sam's book, holding up for everyone to see. "Kingdom Hearts? What kind of book is this?" Roughly she opened the book to the middle and began to read. "What the hell Smelly, why doesn't' this make and sense? And who the hell is Sora?"

Sam smiled softly to herself. "It's not backwards, manga's read from right to left. And Sora is the main character, duh." Brea snorted. "Loser, is this what you spend your time doing?" Sam reached up to snatch her book back, but Brea jerked her hand away. "Hell no, you're not getting this back, I think I'm gonna look this over for the night, find out how gay it really is." Sam turned red, "I swear to God Brea, if you don't freakin' give it back-"

"-You'll what? Beat me up…? Oh by the way, that's on my schedule for you today, so I'll see you after school in the back." Sam snorted. "You think I'm actually going to let you bet me up? I'm not stupid enough to go back there!" Brea grinned evilly. "Then I guess its bye, bye bookie, hm?"


"You WHAT?" Sam winced, not too surprised by her friend's reaction. "Taz, look, it sounds bad, but-"

"It sounds waaay worse the bad, Sammy!" Taz, Sam's best friend since they were third graders, looked around to make sure no one was near by. He reached up to run his hand through his black hair, styled in a very skater boy cut, due to the fact that his brother had come home with the new due from college and insisted he try it. Now the two walked side by side home, winter coats wrapped tightly around their cold bodies.

"Look, didn't I tell you not to call me-?"

"Sammy, I'm not gonna stop calling you by your rightful nickname just because fatty Brea calls you Smelly! She has the worst B.O. of all of them!" Sam gasped, "you think I stink?!"

"No! You're trying to change the subject! You let her punch you in the face! Just so you could get your book back?!" Sam winced, it did sound a little worse than bad, now that she heard him say it aloud. "It's a new book!"

"That doesn't matter! Why didn't you fight? Or go buy a new book?"

Sam suddenly stopped and sank to the side walk, her knees trembling. Her cheek still hurt from where Brea had hit her. "I-I-I don't k-know Taz!" She cried, suddenly sobbing. Her friend, looking a little guilty, sunk down beside her and put his arm around her. "Hey, it's not the end of the world. Just, next time, please punch her back! Stand up for yourself, ya know?" Sam smiled weakly and punched Taz's arm playfully. "I'd rather use a keyblade to beat her ass." This made Taz chuckle. "C'mon, let's go play some KH and stop sitting in the cold!" Sam couldn't have agreed more.

So this is my first fanfic, I hope you all enjoy it! I actually wrote the prologue just yesterday, the idea just seemed to be a really good one and I didn't want to forget it ('cause I forget everything =p). I picked the title Her Heart's Kingdom because Sam is basically like any other crazy Kingdom Hearts fan and her heart would be happiest if it were in the game close to favorite character's sides; it would be her [hearts] perfect kingdom. Yo'k, so, I DO NOT own Kingdom Hearts. I do own Sam and Taz (I could care less about Brea ^^). So that's about it! K, Peace.