Roxas moaned, his eyes flickering open as he awoke for the seventh time that day… or night… Actually, he had no idea what time it was, or how long he'd been held captive. He did know, however, that his wrists were tied behind his back, and his legs were tied to the chair he'd awoken to find himself in. Roxas looked around the room—it was bare and extremely plain. White walls, white tile floor, white ceiling, a black portal… Sitting up straighter in the chair, Roxas fixed a glare on his face as Xemnas—ah yes, "Mansex" himself—walked through the dark portal. Roxas's eyes lingered for only a moment on the Superior, flicking towards the portal as another person immerged from its shadows. Long blue hair, an 'X' shaped scar across his forehead… Saix. What a surprise. He would be the one to come out of a portal with Xemnas. Despite the situation that he was in, Roxas couldn't help but roll his eyes. This was just more proof that those two had a thing for one another. Wait until I tell Axel about this… Roxas's thoughts trailed off as the realization hit him. Where was Axel? Where was Demyx? Where were Sam and MarXno and everyone else? And were they okay? Question after question flitted through the keybearer's mind, causing him to absently struggle with his bonds.

"And how is our little traitor doing?"

Roxas flinched at Xemnas's voice—he'd always hated it. It was too deep and weird… Xemnas was staring straight at him, his gaze unrelenting. Not feeling very intimidated, Roxas returned Mansex's glare, raising an eyebrow in response to the Superior's question. "I'm fine—feel it a little unnecessary to keep me tied to a chair… but overall I'm just peachy."

Xemnas raised an eyebrow. "Good…" He said, staring at something behind Roxas. Struggling to turn around in his chair, to see what was behind him, Roxas gasped in surprise and pain when someone grabbed his hair, yanking his head back so that his neck was exposed. Looking up, Roxas met the stone cold eyes of Saix, who quickly redirected his attention to his Superior. "Roxas, do you know where your friends are?" Xemnas droned, beginning to pace back and forth slowly. Was that supposed to be a trick question? The last time Roxas remembered seeing his friends was when he'd fainted. After that, he'd woken up here. Roxas bit down on his tongue, refusing to answer. Apparently, Xemnas didn't need one. "They're down in the dungeons… Or at least, they were…"

What? What was that supposed to mean? "What did you do to them?"

Xemnas chuckled to himself, sauntering closer to Roxas. "Let's just say, Larxene and Marluxia went a little overboard…"

Roxas felt something in his heart—one of his new emotions from Sam, most likely. Disbelief, hatred, and this strange feeling that started in his gut and began to expand, threatening to engulf and drown him—fear. They weren't dead, they couldn't be! MarXno, Sam, Demyx, Axel… There was no way. Xemnas must have seen this in the keybearer's face, for he suddenly summoned something and held it up so that Roxas could see it—it was a chakram.

"No, Axel!—"

Xemnas ignored Roxas. "—There is, however, a way to bring them back… you just have to help us…"

Yeah right! You think I'm going to believe you idiots? You can't even order the correct thing from the Burger Barn!

"Before the traitors were eliminated, we couldn't help but notice that a few of them acted… strangely… Almost like they had hearts. Especially that new girl… Maxs was her name, wasn't it? Now if you could be so kind as to tell us how you traitors developed emotions…"

Roxas flinched slightly. If they figured out how to get hearts, if Kingdom Hearts was to be completed, it would mean disaster. "You can't bring them back! The hell I'll tell you anything!" Roxas yelled, trying to wrench his hair free of Saix's grasp. The older Nobody gave a growl and jerked Roxas's head even farther back. Suddenly, something cold and sharp was touching his skin.

"Xemnas, shall I do it now?"

Xemnas shook his head. "Wait a moment." Taking a step closer to Roxas, Xemnas thrust his face at Roxas, so that they were only an inch apart. "You can play nice and cooperate, or you try and be stubborn and suffer. Either way, we'll get the answer out of you." Xemnas straightened. "Anyways, I have my theories. I believe that you were given these emotions, and not only emotions, but hearts as well. And whoever this person is, who can distribute their heart amongst Nobodies… They will be the answer to our problems."

Roxas tried to turn his head, tried to see what Saix was pressing up against his neck, but when he moved Saix gripped his hair harder, causing him to gasp softly to himself. "You see this?" Xemnas asked, walking over and taking whatever the thing was that had been against his neck. Roxas struggled to see what Xemnas was holding up, but Saix barley relinquished his grip. Xemnas took a step closer, and as he did so the object he was holding came into view. It was an injection needle, full of a dark purple liquid. Roxas felt his heart drop and clenched his teeth. There was no way he was going to say anything—he would not betray his friends. Xemnas resumed his pacing, returning the needle to Saix, who refused to release his grip on Roxas's hair. Roxas tried not to shudder as again the needle was pressed against his neck.

"The substance in this needle was created by Vexen—" Despite his situation, Roxas sighed. Oh man. "—a few weeks ago." Xemnas explained.

Roxas let out a small yelp as the needle was violently plunged into his neck.

"It was originally intended for that imposter who chooses to dress like us… But…"

Saix suddenly pushed the plunger, injecting the liquid into Roxas's veins, causing him to grunt in pain.

"…Considering that we've yet to capture the bastard, I've decided to test it out on you, instead."

Saix suddenly released Roxas's hair, and the keybearer's head fell all the way back so that he was staring up at the ceiling. He sucked in a shaky breath, his vision slightly blurred. "Aah!" He gasped, wrists straining slightly against their bonds. It was as if his whole body was shutting down, and all Roxas could do was breathe, though even that was getting slower and slower. Unable to move now, Roxas was forced to watch the ceiling as he heard Saix summon a portal, leaving quickly. Xemnas, however, circled around the chair, coming to a stop in front of the keybearer.

"I'll let you figure out for yourself what Vexen's potion does." The Superior smirked. "Maybe then your tongue will be loose enough to tell us what we need to know. Until then…" Xemnas swept away, heading around the chair and into the portal. Roxas longed to say something—a sharp retaliation, anything. However, he couldn't speak, couldn't even blink. And so he just stared at the cavernous ceiling above, unblinking, as his vision continued to fade. Xemnas's portal shut with a snap, but Roxas barley heard it—there was a buzzing in his ears. Ok, keep cool. I don't know what's gonna happen, anything's possible with Vexen… Just gotta keep calm… Jeez I freaking hate that guy! He sat like that for what seemed like forever, bonds cutting painfully into his skin. This isn't good… but it's not horrible either… Roxas thought, confused. What was up? Was this all Vexen's potion did? Paralyzed you? How stupid…

It all happened at once. As if in answer to Roxas's thoughts, it came—the real affects. Roxas found that he could move again. Everything was blindingly clear. His vision snapped back, as did his hearing and voice. For a second Roxas was fine, and he picked his head up, shaking his hair out and sighing. And then it came— the blinding pain. It felt as if his whole body were on fire, inside and out. This was beyond agony. Gritting his teeth, Roxas flung his head back, tears forming in his closed eyes. There was no way out, no way around the pain. It came at him from every angle—snapping, biting, attacking, and leaving him singed. The fire in his veins was unlike anything he'd ever felt. And then it suddenly increased. Roxas cried out, his voice full of pain. A tear splattered the floor.

"Hey, where are we?"

"Does is really matter, MarXno?"

"Um, yeah—it's pitch black in here!—Owwa! Demyx that's my foot!"

"That wasn't me!"
"Sorry MarX…"

"Wha-? Axel! You idiot!"

"This way dudes!"

"Xigbar, I'm a girl! And so is MarXno!"

"Uh, right… This way dudes and dudettes!"

"You Organization people are bizarre…"



After Xigbar had rescued everyone from The Castle that Never Was (which Demyx and Sam had nicknamed "The Castle of Fails", such as The Bottomless Trashcan of Doom, or The Room of Despair [aka the bathroom], or Sam's personal favorite, No Man's Land (Larxene's room… -_- ) they had been transported to… well, no one really knew. As Sam felt around in the darkness, trying to find her iPod—which was in one of her jean pockets—everyone else began to panic…

"Oh my God, what if we never get out of here? What if we have to live here for the rest of our lives and we never save Roxas and there's no hotdogs here and what will we do if it rains 'cause then my clothes will get all wet and I hate being wet and then I'll have to restyle my hair and I don't know what we'll do 'cause first of all we can't even see 'cause it's pitch black in here—wherever here is—and we're on the run and the Organization thinks we're traitors which we are and OMG what are they gonna do to my stuff back in my room that's not good what if they burn it 'cause they know I HATE fire and you know what I just realized it doesn't really matter if it rains 'cause my element is water but still that sucks for you guys and OH MY GOD who is touching my arm oh it's you Sam… I WANT A CORNDOG! This is so unfair I can't believe this is happening! What the fu—"

"That's Demyx talking, isn't it?" MarXno grumbled from where she stood to the right of the group. "Jeez motermouth, breath!"

Next to her, Sora began to laugh.

"Hey, what's so funny, kid?"

Still laughing, Sora took a step away from the direction of MarXno's angry voice. "So much for being super cool bad guys! And here I thought you were all badass! –Oof!"

MarXno marched away, cracking her knuckles and grumbling to herself something about how someone was an ignorant f**ktard. Demyx glanced down at his feet as a low moan sounded. "Uh…Xigbar? What the hell is next to me?"

"Yeah, 'cause I'd know." Xigbar said sarcastically.

"It's me…" Sora mumbled, holding his stomach, where MarXno had violently jammed her elbow.

Turning around, Demyx held his head in his hands. "Holy shit, he even acts like Roxas!" At the mentioning of his friends name, Demyx suddenly sank down and sat on the ground. What were they doing to him? Was he alright? Sam, who was still trying to find her iPod, suddenly sensed as someone walked past.

"Who is that?"

Sam barley heard the reply. "It's me."

"Axel?" When he didn't answer, Sam resumed her searching, double time. Finally, pulling the device out of her shoe, she turned it on and shone it around. "Axel!" She whispered, starting forward in the direction that she'd last heard his voice. Up ahead, she could see spikey, red hair just disappearing into the darkness. "Hey, where are you going? Ax!"

"Hey, everyone stick together!" Xigbar yelled, his voice sounding distant as Sam ran after her friend.

Sam barley took in what she saw as she ran—emptiness around her, emptiness below her, literally. She wasn't standing on anything. Finally, she reached Axel, who didn't even bother to stop or turn his head. Slowing to a walk, Sam stared up at him. "Hey, what's up?"

"Are you seriously asking that question?"

"What do you…" And that's when it hit her. Roxas, he was still being held captive. Oh shit, this is not good. No Roxas, no Sora being whole… No Roxas! Grabbing Axel's arm, Sam stopped, holding her ground and making the older Nobody turn around so that he could face her. "Hey." She said softly, trying to catch a hint of some emotion in Axel's face. If she'd given him part of her heart, it didn't show. Axel's face was stone cold, his eyes looking above her head at something in the distance (what though, Sam had no idea, since everything around them was pitch black).

"Just lemme' be for a bit, okay?" Axel pulled his arm from Sam's grasp, turned, and disappeared into the darkness. Sam sighed and sank to the ground. This was not good. How could all of this have happened? Taz. She was so close to getting him back! And then he disappeared! He… he… What was he? Taz, what's happened to you?

Suddenly, there was a cry from the direction Sam had just come from. Leaping to her feet, Sam began to sprint, iPod's light held out in front of her. The scream had been a girl's (or Demyx's…), so that could only mean that it was MarXno who was in trouble (or… Demyx…). There was a noise up ahead, and suddenly Sam ran smack into Demyx. Reeling backwards, Sam fell flat on her back, the wind knocking out of her.

"Sam! Are you okay?"

Sitting up, Sam shook her head and held her iPod up, shining the light on a very worried looking Demyx. "Yeah. Tell me you didn't even fall down!"

Demyx smiled. "Eh… More like stumbled backwards for a bit… So, why'd you scream?"

Sam started. "I—I thought it was you!"


"So then it was MarXno! C'mon!" Regaining her feet, Sam sprang forward, grabbing Demyx's hand and dragging him after her. "MarXno! MarX!" Sam yelled, her iPod turning this way and that as she searched desperately in the darkness.

"I'm here!"

"Hold on, we're coming!" Together, you and Demyx hurried in the direction that MarXno's voice had come from. They found her quicker than Sam had expected. She was standing with her spear drawn—uh oh, that means that whatever she's found can't be good… "MarXno, what's wrong?"

The blue haired Nobody barley turned around. Instead, she nodded her head forward. "I—I tried to write something in my book, something to give me some light. It didn't work though, nothing I write in it works! And just now I—I bumped into something and it scared me." She said, sounding ashamed. "Be careful. I don't really know what it is."

Creeping forward slowly, Sam and Demyx took a cautious step around MarXno, Sam hesitantly shining her light ahead of her. "Oh, my God."
"Sam…" Demyx whispered. "It's a…"

"Yeah, I know. It's a Keyblade."

MarXno had come forward now, peering over Sam's shoulder inquisitively. "Wait a minute, it's shining… It's a portal! I remember Luxord pointing one out to me while we were on a mission together. "If it shines and is transparent, than it's a portal!"" MarXno cried, imitating Luxord's accent. "We're getting out of here!"

Demyx glanced at MarXno. "Hey MarX?"

"…You're accent sucks. –OWWW!" Demyx doubled over, clutching his stomach "You didn't have to kick me!"

Sam had taken a step closer, in the mean time, and was inspecting the blade. "Hey, I recognize this Keyblade…"

Demyx had by this time picked himself off the ground and now stood beside Sam, studying the weapon.

"You do, Sam?" MarXno asked.

"Hey wait," Demyx said, "I remember this Keyblade too! That freaky guy we saw before we were captured… He was carrying it. Or at least, he was carrying two different ones… But this one looks like a weird mix of the two."

Sam's gaze locked onto the blade. It was true. A black wing instead of the actual teeth… a bone handle.


Roxas sat, head slumped forward, eyes barley open. He'd long ago lost his voice, long ago become too weak to fight the pain the still coursed through him. Every now and then he would stir slightly, but otherwise he was still. He'd been enduring this for hours— that much Roxas was sure of. Vexen's potion had let up only in the slightest, but still, it was unbearable. His wrists, which hung limply behind him, had gone numb long ago. One of the side effects that he'd learned very quickly about Vexen's potion was that it made you unable to lose consciousness. Suddenly, Roxas sat up, throwing his head back a little as a lance of pain stabbed through him. That was it, he'd had enough. Determined, Roxas managed to find his voice.

"I'm not going to talk! Do you hear me? You can just kill me!"

He wasn't even sure if any of the Organization members could hear him, let alone Xemnas. A portal opened up suddenly a few yards away from Roxas, though the Nobody did not stir. So they had heard him after all—good, he wanted to get it all over with as quickly as possible.

"Finally, I've found you!"

Found him? Who'd found him? Roxas longed to look, but he had no strength left to do so.

Riku removed his blindfold, blinking so his eyes became accustomed to the light. Strangely, he could not use his blindfold in this room—in other words, if he kept it on, he would be completely blind. He could do nothing, his sense of direction was mixed up—Xemnas must have place Roxas in here knowing this. Riku was truly blind with the blindfold while in this room—he could not wear it to do anything but summon portals… It had taken him hours to find the room where they were holding either Roxas or Sora captive, though he'd suspected the former, considering that he'd already found Sora's necklace in the dungeons. And now, as he took in the sight before him, he confirmed what he'd known all along. It was Roxas, and whatever they'd done to him, it didn't look good. The Nobody sat slumped in his chair, obviously still conscious, but just holding on. Riku walked forward slowly, inspecting the boy. Every few seconds or so, he would shiver or grimace in pain. Suddenly, he let out an agonized cry, his teeth gritted. Instinctively, Riku moved forward, alarmed. Roxas resembled Sora incredibly, though this he'd already known, considering the two of them were Nobodies. However, he'd never quite realized how similar the two were. The pained look on Roxas's face caused Riku's stomach to flip, for in Roxas's face he saw Sora.

Moving forward and summoning his keyblade, Riku quickly cut Roxas's bonds. Instantly the Nobody slumped forward, coming within an inch of the ground before Riku caught Roxas and slung him over his shoulder. "Let's get you out of here." Reaching for his blindfold, Riku got ahold of it right when the portals appeared. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Nine portals, forming a circle around Riku and Roxas. Suddenly, out of one closer to Riku stepped Larxene, then Marluxia. Soon, the whole Organization (or what was left, at least…) was surrounding the two keybearers. Backing up a set, Riku set Roxas down behind him, summoning his keyblade once more. Quickly he began to tie on his blindfold—the only chance they had of escaping was if he could summon a portal.

"Stop him!" Someone shouted—it was Xemnas, judging by the voice. A sudden wind swept past Riku, yanking the blindfold out of his hands and into Xaldin's. The Nobody smirked. "Remember me?"

Shit, this is not good. Riku thought, turning to face the Nobodies behind him. He found Xemnas, who stepped forward, arms raised. "Finally, we've caught you. How dare you don the coat of Organization 13, imposter." While the leader was talking, Riku began to edge closer to Xaldin, who still held his blindfold. This was gonna get interesting. Quick as a flash he was over to Xaldin. Raising his keyblade, Riku brought it down on the Nobodies head with a resounding crack. Yanking the blindfold free of Xaldin's grip, Riku turned eyes locking onto Roxas's limp form a few yards away, and set off at a dead sprint.

"Don't just watch you fools! Capture him!"

The first thing Riku dodged was a scythe, thrown at him by Marluxia. Rolling to the left, he quickly regained his feet just in time to be hit in the back by a chunk of ice. Wincing, Riku sprang forward, bringing the blindfold up to his eyes. He felt the electricity begin to gather around him, and dove as the blast hit the spot where he'd been only moments before. Saix suddenly came at him, eager to please the Superior, Riku guessed, and swung at him. Blindfold now on, Riku had a little trouble dodging the attack. Summoning a portal, Riku ducked just in time to hear a light saber whizz past his head. Finally he reached Roxas. Grabbing the kid's shirt, Riku hauled him towards the portal, nearly getting pulverized by Lexaeus's ax-sword. We're so close... Riku ducked as a chunk of ice zipped past his head. Thud. Letting out a gasp of pain, Riku fell backwards, hitting the ground hard. Thud. Another one. Gasping, Riku reached down and wrenched the first of Larxene's knives from his chest, throwing it far away. Thud. He winced as another knife hit its mark, digging deep into his shoulder. Yanking his blindfold off, Riku blinked in surprise as his vision blurred and began to fade. Heh, why am I surprised? I should have known that bitch had another trick up her sleeve. He thought bitterly, yanking out another knife. Of course Larxene would poison her knives, because nothing could just be freakin' simple! Riku flinched in surprise as another knife pierced his skin, though he barley felt it. Behind him, Riku heard his portal close with a snap. He tried to move and failed, finding that he was too quickly blacking out... _

Roxas moaned slightly, opening his eyes. Everything was blurry, everything hurt. Not wanting to move, he lay there, confused. What was different….? And then… The pain! It had ebbed away, and was now only a dull burn in the back of his mind. Roxas twitched his hand, his arm… He could move? He wasn't tied up? What's going on? Suddenly there a portal opened up next to him. But… who had summoned it. It was then that Roxas realized the battle that was taking place around him. The Organization surrounding him at first made the young Nobody panic—what were they going to do to him now? But then he saw a flash of silver hair, a boy dodging the Organization's attacks, and quickly he understood. He was being rescued—though he had no idea who this guy was, or what he would do with him. Roxas winced as a lance of pain, though much smaller than the ones previous, stabbed at him, and briefly he shut his eyes. He was still badly hurt, and he knew it. Suddenly he was grabbed and hauled forward by his rescuer, to the portal. Thud. Roxas's eyes snapped open as the boy dropped him, he knew that sound. Thud. A gasp of pain. A portal snapping shut. Roxas felt something in his chest drop, and winced at the emotion. His rescuer at been hit by Larxene's knives… her poisoness knives. Now what would become of them? Larxene's poison—made special for her by Vexen (who was too afraid to tell her that he was tired of making things for her ugliness… -_-)—was incredibly lethal, and usually had the victim knocked out within a minute. Roxas shut his eyes; couldn't he just get cut a break already? Snap! What? Roxas's eyes opened into slit, flicking towards the sound. It was a portal. "Get in!" Someone whispered. Around him, the Organization was closing in.

"Whose portal is that?" Xemnas snapped, aiming one of his lightsabers at the black mass.

"Well it's not his, that's for sure!" Larxene cackled, throwing another of her knives at an unconscious Riku.

"Let's get this over with," Vexen grumbled, "I need to get back to my lab…"

"Hey!" Roxas flinched slightly as the voice whispered out of the portal again—it was a girl's voice. "What are you, an idiot? Get in! Or do you wanna stay here with these lovelies?"

The only problem was, Roxas wasn't sure if he could move, let alone grab an unconscious guy and fling them both into a portal with eight deadly Organization members surrounding them… and Zexion with his book… Another spike of pain flashed through him caused Roxas to grimace. The hell I'm going through that again! Summoning all his strength, Roxas snapped open his eyes. Quick as a flash the keybearer was up and hauling the boy into the portal, much to the bewilderment of the Organization. "He shouldn't even be standing!" Saix cried, and with that he threw his claymore at Roxas. Larxene, thoroughly enjoying herself now, whipped her knives at Roxas as well.

With a final heave Roxas fell backward with the boy into darkness, which quickly enveloped them. The last thing he heard was Xemnas shouting "You fools!" which made him grin. What a fruit… Suddenly the blackness receded, causing Roxas to blink in surprise. He was laying on grass, looking up at a blue sky… But where was he? Where were his friends? WHERE WAS AXEL!

"Finally! I didn't think you were going to make it!" Surprised, Roxas sat up quickly, causing the pain that had been burning dully within him to increase.

"Owowow!" He yelped, falling backwards. Gentle hands caught him before he hit the ground. Who was this girl who had saved them? "Who are you?" Roxas asked his voice hoarse.

"I'm… well... how should I put this…"

Whew! *sweatdrop* So here it is, hope you enjoyed it! Oh, and happy [belated] holidays/New Year! Yeah, so I originally intended to get this out before Christmas break started, but… well, let's just say I forgot to upload it onto my USB thingy before I left school on the last day… (hey, I was distracted by all the festivities!). Anywho, I hope your vacations were amazing! I know mine was (I mean, any vacation is amazing when the learning process isn't involved!)! I finally got a bow (despite my complete lack of aim, I am pretty good at archery ^^), which has me pumped! Oh, and my computer is fixed, yaaay! Now I can write these things and get them out quicker to you! Oh, and please don't forget to review! It's the prefect fuel for me! Alrighty guys, until next time! Peace!


Roxas – You better pay me extra for this *points upward angrily*

Demyx – It's rude to point, dude


Me – Roxas? You okay? *gulps*

Roxas - …Omg… Did you really just ask—?... NO! NOOOO I AM NOT OKAY! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME? { *summons keyblades*

Me – Demyx, go get Axel!

Demyx – *Glances in fear at Roxas, who is wrecking the stage/props with his keyblades* Gotcha!

Roxas - *Turns upon hearing Demyx's voice* I'm gonna KILL you!


Me - …

*Demyx dives to the side to avoid running into Axel, who is coming to see what all the yelling is about. Roxas then crashes into him*

Axel – Rox?

Roxas – Ax?

*One word, Lemons.*

Me – Oh God O_o

Demyx - *Looks up at Axel and Roxas and sees them kissing* What? What— WHAT IS THIS!

Riku - *Standing in shadows* Aww, everyone got their happy ending 3 Isn't that right Sora? *Puts arm around Sora*

Sora – Uh—

Riku – Yeah, everyone is happy *hugs Sora closer*

Sora – What is going on?

Vexen – Oooh Larxene! *pokes head in room*

Larxene – What?

Vexen – I have a confession to make… I…

Larxene – Okay… Well spit it out!

Vexen – I LOVE YOU!

Larxene - *chokes and gags*

Luxord – *Pokes head in room* I DO TOO!

Zexion – SO DO I!

Larxene – No! NO! NOO! Not the EMO!

Saix and Xemnas – WE DO TO!

Larxene - *dies*

Marluxia – Think we should tell her she's dreaming? *glances at Larxene on couch*

Vexen – Nahh, let's leave her for a little bit…