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Early in the afternoon, Sasori and Deidara were sitting in the living room bored out of their minds. Deidara wanted something to eat, so he went into the kitchen. When he opened the refrigerator he saw there was nothing to eat, then slammed it shut. "Danna, there's nothing to eat, un!!!" He shouted. "What so you want me to do? Blame Kakuzu for not going shopping yet," Sasori said, staring at the TV even though it wasn't even turned on. Deidara sat down next to Sasori again. "Kakuzu! Come here, un!" Deidara yelled, then waited. After a few seconds, he got a response: "Im busy!" Kakuzu replied in a darker than usual tone. "Now!!" Deidara shouted once more.

As Kakuzu walked down the hall he reached the living room with a very death defying glare. "What... do you want...?" Kakuzu angrily said, trying to keep himself from decapitating Deidara on the spot. "Im hungry, and there is nothing to eat. I was hoping maybe you can take us out to eat," Deidara bravily said. Kakuzu had an even harder glare than before, Deidara had called him in the middle of counting his money just to hear him complain. Just as he opened his mouth to say something his own stomach growled. Loud. "Okay... We can go out to eat," Kakuzu said defeted.

Deidara got up to go to his room, but when Sasori pulled on his arm, he saw Hidan and shreked because of the fact that Hidan wasn't in the living room before, and no one saw him come in. "Damn, that was... loud... and painful," Hidan said, hearing a ringing in his right ear. "Pipe down, princess," Sasori said as he got up, and dragged Deidara to their shared room. Hidan stared at Kakuzu with suprisingly wide eyes. "W-what?" Kakuzu said, almost blushing. "... 'Kuzu, do I have to go out to dinner with you guys?" He said in a pleeding voice. "... Yes." Hidan gave Kakuzu a big hug. "But... why can't I stay?" Hidan asked, kakuzu escaping his tight hug. Kakuzu gave in, Hidan looked so adorable like that. "Ok... but I have to stay, too." "I don't need a fucking babysitter!" Hidan screamed. "Last time we left you here alone you nearly burned the place to the ground! That's why I removed all the money from our room, and carry it in my briefcase when I go out places, and on solo missions!" Kakuzu replied, in a dark tone. "That was so damn long ago, and you're still fucking mad!" Hidan crossed his arms "Hidan... That was just last week."


After everyone, but Kakuzu left the base to some restraunt in the closest village, I laid down on Kakuzu's bed, obviously because it was closer to the door, and it's so much more comfortable than mine. After a few minutes of silence, Kakuzu walked in, and slammed the door behind him. He sat down at his desk, and stared at me with a 'What the hell are you doing' look.

I sat up, and looked down to the carpeted floor while Kakuzu started to count his money. "Kakuzu," I whispered. "Yeah?" Kakuzu replied after hearing his name. I looked up. "Why did you really stay with me?" I asked. He looked around though he was deep in his thoughts to find a reasonable explanation. "Three simple reasons: One, I can't trust you alone, as I said before. Two, if I went with them, they would most likely force me to take off my mask so I can eat with them. And three... I wanted to spent some alone time with you," he replied.

I was stunned, speachless even, not a word that was in my mind could find its way out. "... Wow I... Wow..." Was all I managed to say. "Hidan," he said, then got up, and sat next to me. "Are you okay? You look like something is bothering you," he moved the stray hair away from my face. I flinched. "Who the fuck are you, and what the hell did you do with Kakuzu?" I bursted out as I jumped off the bed.

He let out a small laugh, I just stared at him. "Hidan... Come here," he stood right in front of me, and hugged me. Very tightly. I stared at him when he let go. He stared at the floor. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked. "Im just trying to be nice for once, Hidan," he said, then put his hand on my face. Something was wrong... in a weird, yet good way that is. He pulled my hair, and laughed when I screamed. "Kakuzu!" I shouted right before our faces crashed into a deep, lustfull kiss.


I don't know what came over me, one second im talking to Hidan, and the next im kissing him. What the hell was I thinking. Not only will Hidan throw one of those annoying fits, but what will he think? 'Where the hell am I touching him... Shit! Why the fuck am I touching him THERE?!?! For some reason I think he's enjoying this.' I move my hand to an unsure area I kneel down a bit, and pull his pants down suprisingly fast. I pulled him down to the floor, and get on top. Why am I really doing this?

I stick my hand down his boxers, and grab his cock. Now I really want to know why im doing this. Calm down, calm down. "...'Kuzu," he called. I hate when people call me by my nickname, but when Hidan says it... It's different. Well, in a way. "kakuzu, what the fuck are you doing?" He barley managed to say. "I... I don't know," I reply, then let go of him. "Don't stop..." Hidan was always kinda strange, but this was down-right bizarre. I swear I think im drunk. I got up, and sat on the bed closest to me. Obviously his bed.


I sit next to him, and put my hand on his shoulder. "It's ok," I say to try, and make him feel better. "I know," he said. "So... Do you want to go to the movies later...?" I asked. He looked at me with one of those looks that implied 'What the fuck did you just say.' "W-what? It was just a question," I mummbled. He kept staring at me like that, then a smirk came across his maskless face. 'Shit! He has a perverted look on his face!' I thought. "... And why would I want to go to the movies with you?" He asked, that look still plastered on his face. "... Face it, dude. You totally want me," Hidan replied. Kakuzu's smirk went away as fast as it came. He flipped me off, and glared. "Shove it up your ass!" I yelled. "Shove it up yours, too!" He replied.

We sat in complete silence until his stomach growled loudly. "You ok?" I asked. "Yeah." He covered his stomach to try, and muffle the sound. It didn't work, I was still able to hear it from across the room. "You hungry?" I asked. "No," he said, his stomach growled even louder. "Ok... Yeah," he mummbled. "So... How does dinner and a movie sound?" I ask. Kakuzu groaned. "Ok. But it's not a date!" He shouted. "... 'k.... It's not a date," I assured him. 'Oh, it's so a date!'

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