The Date!!...

Hidan insisted on cooking dinner for them both. Kakuzu agreed. Hidan went into the kitchen with Kakuzu following and got all the ingredients he needed. "Hidan, do you even know how to cook?" Kakuzu asked. "I watch Konan cook all the time, im pretty sure i've learned a little," Hidan replied. "Konan is a bad cook... Just try not to burn the food, ok." "Im not fucking stupid!... Ok I am, but im not gonna burn the damn food!" Hidan shouted.

Kakuzu sat in the living room as Hidan was cooking. He heard a loud scream from the kitchen. "Hidan, are you ok? Is everthing alright in there?" Kakuzu asked looking over his shoulder. "AHH!!! No im not fucking ok!" Hidan shouted. Kakuzu sighed and walked into the kitchen to see Hidan on his knees. "What happened?" Kakuzu asked as he helped him up. "I was cooking and I accidentlly burned my hand," Hidan said. "It's not that bad," Kakuzu said.


After Kakuzu treated my wound, he asked me why i've been acting so weird lately. "I'm not acting weird! You're the one thats been acting fucking weird!" I shouted. "Hidan, stop yelling." He put his hand on my cheek. "Hidan... You know I love you, right?" He said as he pulled his mask down. Now I was scared, he never takes his mask off. Even when he is the only person here, it's always on. "What are you doing?" I ask. He pulled me close to him. I tried to say something else, but I was to shocked to say anything. He pulled me into a tight hug. "Kakuzu, is something wrong with your brain or something?" I asked him. "Hidan... Stop complaining," Kakuzu said in a suprisingly soft tone.

He let me go, but to both of our suprise... I didn't let go. I finaly had him and i wasn't gonna blow it. "Hidan, you can let go now," he said. "No," I reply. I hold him tighter and bury my face in his chest. He put his hand on my head and played with my hair. It felt nice. To have someone to love that loves you back. But the only thing that was confussing was 'the dreaded question'... why? Why did Kakuzu say he loves me? This question replayed in my head over and over and it wouldn't stop. "Hidan, you wanna go to the movies now?" Kakuzu asked, breaking the silence. "Fuck yeah!" I shouted.

Kakuzu was driving us to the closest movie theater. "So what movie are we seeing?" I ask. "Depends. What movie do you wanna see?" He asked. "I dunno," I replied. "Well, we'll see what movies there are when we get there," Kakuzu asked.

I got bored and started playing with my seatbelt. Kakuzu was staring at me. Paying no attention to the road, Kakuzu put his hand on my thigh. I shivered, not used to being touched like this. "Keep your eyes on the prize... and the road!!!" I screamed and pointed to the car headed straight towards us. Kakuzu turned the wheel and hit the breaks as fast as he could... but it was too late.

The impact of the other car crashing into ours made the window shadder all over the two of us. "Are you ok?" Kakuzu asked. I didn't answer. I pointed to the other car that showed what looked like a dead body inside the car. We got out of the car and looked at the body to see if the person was still breathing. Kakuzu called for help while I took a close look at the person. I lifted the head to reveal the person. When I realized who it was, I was shocked. That person was... my sister. My one and only sister was injured because of us.

Kakuzu walked over to me. "Hidan, are you ok?" He asked. "No," I replied. "It was just one person," Kakuzu said. "No... It wasn't just one fucking person. Kakuzu that person was my sister!" I cried. "She was all I had left. And now she's gone." I felt the tears fill up in my eyes and fall down my face. "Oh, Hidan don't cry. Im sorry you lost your sister because of me," He said. He pulled my into a hug and rubbed my back to try and calm me down. "It wasn't your fault," I whispered. "She's not dead yet."

Twenty minutes later the ambulance finally came. We got back into the car and followed the ambulance to the hospital. After they got her into a room, we had to the sit in the waiting room. After what felt like forever, they notified us that she was going to survive and that she also had some memmory loss.

We left the hospital and headed home. It was late and everyone was else was probably home by now. "Are we going to finish the date," Kakuzu asked. "Maybe some other time," I replied. We drove home and right before he opened the door, I pulled on his arm. "What?" He asked. I pulled him down a bit so I could kiss him. After I let go of his arm, he pulled me into a deeper kiss than the fist one.

The door slowly opened. Without Kakuzu noticing everyone was loking out the door and staring at us. I pushed Kakuzu away. "What are you guys doing home!" I yelled. "We got kicked out of the restraunt because Tobi... well... i'd rather not say, un," Deidara said glaring at Tobi. "But Sempai, it was and accident," Tobi said. "Anyways! What happened between the two of you while we were gone?" Pein asked with a smirk. "N-nothing, why?" I replied. "Oh, is that so? Then what were you two doing just a minute ago?" Pein's smirk grew wider. We ran past them and headed to our room.

"D-damn it Hidan," Kakuzu said worriedly. "W-what? It wasn't my fault they saw us!" I screamed. "Just forget about them," he replied. "Ok." I sat on my bed. "You really wanna try going out again?" I asked. "Yeah," he replied. "When?" I asked. "Maybe tomorrow." He sat down next me. "Today turned out a disaster, but I got to spend the whole day with you and that's all I care about," Kakuzu said as he rapped his arms around my neck. "Same here," I replied. He kissed my on the forehead. "I love you," he said as he let go and laid down on my bed. I laid down on top. "I love you too," I said as we fell asleep. Today I had the best date ever with the one I love most, who would ask for more? Not me. I always loved the big guy and now he's mine.