Here's a new story "Dust Devil in the Sky"! Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1: The Quest

Daisy lived on a farm in Arkansas, with her parents Anne and George. She also had a (male) Norwich Terrier named Titi. She found the place colorless, flat, and boring. Daisy wanted an enhanced place to disappear to. Sadly, this seemed impossible, especially when living in Arkansas.

"It's a dust devil!" screamed George. "Take cover!" screamed Anne. "Mama, papa, it's just a dust devil. Not like it's a cyclone" answered Daisy. But the dust devil chased poor little Titi. "Titi!" cried Daisy. She ran to him and scooped him up. However, the dust devil spun through Daisy! * * *

When Daisy looked around her, the surrounds were dissimilar. Everything was colorful, but she saw ruins as far as the eye can see. "Where am I?" asked Daisy to herself. "Titi, this isn't Arkansas." Unpredictably, an elegant looking woman came into view. She was wearing a white gown with red hearts on the bottom, had curly red hair, a gold crown with red jewels, red high-heels, and a wand. "Good day noble sorceress" said the stranger.

"I am not a sorceress!"

"But, you appeared from magic dust. And you're wearing white." She was referring to Daisy's white dress with puffy short sleeves and three blue stripes at the bottom. Daisy also had gray stockings with black Mary Jane's. Her eyes were blue, and her hair was brown with French braid-style pigtails.

"Only witches in Oz wear white" said the witch.

"Is this where Titi and are? In Oz?"

"Yes; and I am Glinda, the Good Witch of the South."

"Could you tell me why Oz is in ruins?"

"There was a war between Oz and the people of a small country named Fahland. King Lucius wanted a bigger country, so he and his allies, the Shire Goblins, attacked Oz. He wanted the Grand Heart Rubies to increase the land of his country. He had little magic of his own, so he tried to steal the rubies. King Lucius failed to embezzle the magnificent jewels, but his army still left Oz in ruins from bombings and other assaults. However, King Lucius cursed Oz, pronouncing that only a human child can restore this country to its former glory using the Grand Heart Rubies."

"Could I be that child?"

"Maybe, but you must travel to the Emerald City-I mean Crystal Town-to receive the Grand Heart Rubies. You can restore Oz" said Glinda. A boomerang-looking tiara with a red gem in the center materialized in her hands. "Before you go, take this tiara. It symbolizes my distant protection of you. No wickedness can harm you, for a force-field of radiance will shield you." "How can I get to the Crystal Town?" questioned Daisy. "Follow the Road of Yellow Brick." Glinda disappeared. Titi barked in fear, but Daisy wasn't afraid. She expected a witch to vanish in thin air.

"REVIEW! REVIEW! REVIEW!" said the Great and Terrible Oz.