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Chapter 6: The Return Back Home

"Do you have another wish?" asked Glinda.

"Yes, to go back home."

"I'm afraid the Grand Heart Rubies' power is drained. However, the tiara I gave you has unlimited power. It can send you home. And if you wish to return to Oz, the tiara will make it so." Daisy rushed to her friends. Tears were running down her cheeks. "Goodbye Raggie; your Majesty." "Goodbye, savior" Raggie replied. "Goodbye Wido, sir." "I'll protect Oz in your honor" Wido commented. "Goodbye Florus, you great wildcat." "You're now part of the family" Florus answered. "Thank you Glinda. What do I do?" "Just believe" Glinda vaguely responded.

Titi jumped into her arms. "Please bring me and Titi home." The gem of the tiara and both of their bodies glowed red. They levitated and vanished. In a twinkle, Daisy appeared on her farm in Arkansas.


"Mama! Papa! I'm home!" Anne and George turned her and embraced her tightly. "Oh, Daisy my darling!" cried Anne. "Where have you been?" asked George. Daisy replied "Titi and I were in Oz. But I'm so glad to be here, in Arkansas. I'm glad to be home."

The End

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