Charlie stood there for a moment realizing that Bella was not going to acknowledge him. He stood and introduced himself, while Bella just stood there. There was an awkward silence in which no one knew what to say, than he bid the lady goodbye and led Bella out to his old truck.

The truck door opened and the first one in was a black panther that Charlie hadn't noticed before. Charlie just gaped; he was pretty sure that owning a panther was illegal but he just went along with it.

Once they both got in and he started to drive, small talk was started. Charlie told her all about La Push and how she would love it there: the sea and clean beach, fresh air (none of that polluted city air), and, best of all, the amount of space she could be by herself. Bella just acted disinterested and looked outside the window, in reality she could care less about where she went as long as she wasn't found.

They pulled up to a clean, white house with an obvious woman's touch. Flowers and bushes were scattered around with cut, pure green grass. It was a small, two-story house but it was perfect for Charlie, his girlfriend, and Bella. Bella walked in slowly, her eyes darting about trying to take in everything she could. She was naturally curious, which had given her some trouble in the past, and liked to explore all the possibilities.

"Sue," Charlie called out as soon as they were in the house. "I brought home Bella."

A neat feminine voice answered back, "Charlie we're in the living room. Show her in so we can meet her."

Charlie mumbles something under his breath that sounded suspiciously like "those damn wolves again, thinking my house is theirs." He just turned to Bella and smiled, a little falsely, and said, "I hope you don't mind my girlfriend staying with us. There's plenty of room for all of us and she's been a big part of my life."

Bella stared back and didn't answer while her panther curved around her legs and purred against her. They both walked towards the living room and entered with Charlie saying, "Everyone meet Bella, my adoptive daughter."

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