Summary: When your insides are screaming with terror. Extremely short oneshots for each character, during Shawn Takes a Shot In The Dark.


The realization hits like a bullet, fittingly enough.

The words drop out of my mouth, and I am so sickeningly sure that they're true.

"Shawn's been shot."

Here's the thing – Shawn and I have been through nearly everything together. We've had so many close calls that I've lost count of them all. Point is, I'm used to being afraid for my best friend.

But we've never been through this before. He's been shot. He's bleeding. He could be dying slowly...

And I'm not there with him. I can't do anything to help him.

I don't even know where he is.

It's a miracle I don't throw up right then and there.

I want to tear the world open.

Yell his name everywhere.

Make him hear me.

I can't take this.

We have to find him.

There's no other option, not for me.

We have to find him, because I can't handle this alone.

I just can't.

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