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Warning! The following fanfiction is AU SasuNaruSasu, which is the homosexual pairing of Sasuke and Naruto set in the real world, not Konoha. It will contain emotional relationships over physical ones, but it will have an eventual lime as it proceeds (and is rated in anticipation of this). It also has some Uchiha sibling gen, because I love writing Sasuke and Itachi as caring brothers.

I originally tried so hard to make this warning sound like one of those announcements you get before films but it just didn't work so I scrapped it :( Regardless, that's the theme, so each chapter will have a movie quote. If it can fit the chapter than it will- if not, it will just be one that's well known/good/whatever.

Ready? Let's start the camera rolling! ;)

Lights, Camera, Action!

By Nanaki Lioness


"Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

Forrest Gump, 1994


Take One.

It all starts with a dream.

Dreams, Sasuke Uchiha had stated at the tender age of eight, were things you were supposed to chase, catch and then pin down so it couldn't run away out of sight. When he'd declared he wanted to be an actor, stubbornly clinging to the idea that one day his name would be written in the stars and lights of Tinsel Town, his parents had simply just nodded and let him have his obsession. They assumed, as with all childish and faddy things, that it would phase out eventually.

They realised just how wrong they were the day he'd moved out to Hollywood, taking a single suitcase and his older brother along with him. He left behind most of his possessions, memories and his pet cat- betrothed to the family, he had decided. His dream came above anything.

Sasuke had been quite prepared to venture there by himself and attempt to break into the business single handed, but his family had called an emergency meeting to discuss his naivety. It had been decided that Itachi would make the journey with him, help to get him on his feet before venturing on his own travels.

That had been eight months ago. Sasuke wasn't stupid- Itachi may not have been interested in show business but he had a natural affinity with people (in that he politely intimidated people into getting what he wanted), which was something Sasuke wasn't willing to pass up. One guilt trip later, his sibling had decided to stay in Hollywood and become Sasuke's manager and agent.

Sasuke held a rather smug sense of satisfaction regarding his bargaining skills, but he had been less pleased with Itachi's demand that he get a normal job to help cover the rent. It was a tiny studio apartment where they fell over each other but it was all they could afford. As it was they'd slept on blankets on the floor for the first month or so while Itachi found them each a part time job and got some money behind them.

Itachi had also lamented that Sasuke hadn't bothered to wait until he had some savings for his venture, but that was an argument for another day. The complaint for that day was getting Sasuke to accept acting work of any kind. Unfortunately for both of them, he had an idea what he wanted and refused to stoop lower than it- it was a big hit, or nothing. He refused to listen to reason that he had to start small to work his way up, because he was Sasuke and horribly stubborn.

"Swallow your pride," Itachi asked evenly as he dropped a thick script on Sasuke's lap, earning a scowl of disapproval for it. "Just read this script and tell me what you think."

"It's probably a generic romantic comedy," Sasuke huffed, not even giving the script a glance as if it wasn't worthy of his time.

"Just read it. You came here to act- it's a job, so go for an interview for it."

"I didn't come here to act in pathetic straight-to-DVD releases people will forget after five minutes," Sasuke protested dryly.

"This argument again?" Itachi sighed, throwing himself down on the edge of his own bed with a tired sigh. "You know you can't just walk onto the big stage right away, don't you?"

"Of course I can."

"Your ego isn't going to fit in the room if you keep that attitude up."

The jibe left the room in silence with both parties wishing for at least the hundredth time they had their own space to retreat to. Itachi saved them both by pulling himself up with a sigh, glancing in the mirror on the bathroom wall briefly to straighten his appearance before heading to the door.

"I'll be back later," he called over his shoulder.

As the door clicked shut behind him, Sasuke glanced at the script. Leafing through a couple of pages near the beginning, he grimaced and quickly shut it again- he had been right. It was a romance of some description, evidenced by a kissing scene on the page- laughably dull and a waste of his time, as suspected. He'd just tell Itachi he'd read it and wasn't interested.

Somewhere deep down he knew his brother was right. They were hurting for money- wages were poor and rent was high, even for a small studio like their own. The combined wage of a waiter in a café and a barman wasn't very high. He needed work, and he needed it yesterday.

All Sasuke's colleagues at the café were aspiring actors as well, which came as no surprise given the area. Sasuke refused to tell them he felt he was above the jobs offered since they struggled to get any at all and he didn't want to create a hostile working environment- he hated the job enough as it was. The only saving grace was that girls flocked to him and tipped exceptionally well, as they did with Itachi at the bar. It didn't mean they were wealthy however- it simply meant they were able to eat more than packet noodles and discounted rice for dinner sometimes.

It was much later that night when Itachi made his way back through the door, bringing with him the scent of alcohol, smoke and cold air. He'd seemingly gone straight to work from wherever he had vanished to- Sasuke never questioned it. His entry woke Sasuke, who had been drifting in and out of slumber on his bed. The script lay discarded on the floor, partially open to give the illusion it had been studied, leaving Itachi to step over it as he padded across the room.

"You read it?" He asked of the script.

"As I predicted," Sasuke replied dully. "Pathetic romance. Man falls for girl, they fall in love, something tragic happens to split them apart, they get together- the end."

A tiny smile tugged at the edge of Itachi's lips as he hovered in the bathroom doorway. "Is that so?" He asked over his shoulder, seemingly intrigued by something. "You definitely read it, right?"

Sasuke didn't give a response, shrugging and turning back over again.

"If that's the case you won't mind if I call and tell them you'll do the interview then."

"What?" Sasuke snapped irritably, not bothering to turn over and face Itachi. "I told you, I'm not doing it. It's not worth my time."

"You need to realise you can't just expect to get everything handed to you," Itachi explained, leaning back against the doorframe. "Life is what you make it, not what you think you are entitled to."

"I'm not doing it," Sasuke sulked, barely listening to the words being spoken to him.

"You are."

"You can't tell me what to do."

"No," Itachi agreed slowly. "But as your manager I can advise you, and as your agent I can overrule you. As your brother, all I can do is marvel at your arrogance."

Sasuke waved a dismissive hand at him to signal the end of the conversation, leaving Itachi to shower and Sasuke to mull things over. His eyes wandered down to the script on the floor, but he pulled them away once more. He wasn't doing it, and that was that.


"I told you I'm not doing it!"

"Smile, Sasuke," Itachi practically hissed in Sasuke's ear as they approached the studio building they had been heading for. "You don't want to scare them off straight away, do you?"

Itachi had managed to persuade his little brother that he should at least go to the interview- he'd told Sasuke he'd actually read the script through a little and it seemed promising. It wasn't stars and lights promising, but Itachi reassured him the premise had the potential.

Sasuke had begrudgingly agreed- but only because he was curious, of course. Not because his brother was right, oh no. Itachi simply let him believe whatever he wished that got him out of their home and into the interview.

Stepping inside the building caused heads to turn in their direction for a mere moment before turning away again- attractive people were common in the town and where they had had an almost constant trail of people on their backs in their old small town, in Hollywood they blended in. Both of them enjoyed the break, truth be told- being worshipped for simply existing had become tiresome.

"Pleasure to meet you- Itachi Uchiha," Itachi introduced himself to the lady at the reception desk. "I'm here with Sasuke Uchiha to meet with Mr. Kakashi Hatake?"

"He's expecting you," the receptionist replied, giving them a smile. "Go on through the corridor and he's in the room at the end."

The two siblings walked the indicated corridor in silence, footsteps echoing lightly around them as they went. Itachi laid a supportive hand on Sasuke's shoulder once at the door for just a moment before pulling it away, knocking the door in front of them sharply.


Once they had stepped inside the room, the person who greeted them wasn't quite what they were expecting. Kakashi Hatake looked up at them with a pleasant smile, pushing aside the paperwork he had been looking at. A shock of silver hair sat atop his head, looking rather like a messy bird's nest that he ran his fingers through as he gestured for the brothers to sit.

"Itachi Uchiha," Itachi spoke smoothly once they were in front of the desk, holding out a hand. "Sasuke Uchiha's agent and manager."

"Brothers, eh?" Kakashi queried almost needlessly as his eyes flicked between them both, taking Itachi's offered hand in a firm handshake. "Please, sit down. I'm pleased to say you've got the job, Sasuke."

Sasuke froze halfway between standing and sitting, narrowing his eyes in confusion. "I do?"

Kakashi gestured for him to sit once more. "You're carrying a vibe with you, Sasuke. I can tell simply by looking at you that you're perfect for the job."

Sasuke practically glowed with pride as Itachi seated himself as well, eying Kakashi suspiciously.

"Please explain," Itachi asked politely when he felt silence had reigned long enough.

"The air around Sasuke practically screams of superiority," Kakashi replied, still smiling at them as Sasuke's face fell and Itachi had to fight not to laugh. He looked at Sasuke as he continued. "You're overconfident- you haven't accepted any other jobs, have you? Your resume is really quite lacking, Sasuke. You are, however, very striking to look at and therefore you cover everything that I need. What better way to crack the acting market if you don't actually have to act the role and can simply be yourself?"

Sasuke regarded Kakashi with sharp, narrowed eyes for a moment before simply standing and turning to leave. A hurried hand caught his arm however, and he met with Itachi's firm gaze.

"Stay," the elder Uchiha demanded.

"You're going to let him talk about me like that?" Sasuke hissed, glancing at Kakashi with a scowl on his features. Kakashi had turned back to paperwork on his desk, seemingly not worried about the heated exchange.

"He's only saying what we both know is true," Itachi pointed out. "Sit, and stop making a scene."

"You should listen to your brother," Kakashi reprimanded as Sasuke did so awkwardly. "Sasuke, this industry isn't very kind and nor is it easy to hit the big time in, especially not right away. I don't think you realise just how influential it is to say you've worked under me. I make a somebody from a nobody- that's what I do. It would be unwise to walk away."

"Then why have I never heard your name?" Sasuke asked curtly.

"Ah, but you have," Kakashi replied, sitting back in his chair and folding his arms in his lap. "You've heard of Minato Namikaze, haven't you?"

"Of course," Sasuke snorted. "Who hasn't?"

Kakashi grinned and held a finger up, lowering it to point at himself. "That would be me."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Sasuke replied rudely, noticing even Itachi was looking a little dumbfounded at that revelation.

"Minato was the other half of our very successful partnership," Kakashi explained. "Unfortunately as you know, he died a few years ago. He and I worked together on everything, but we agreed one name was enough to grace the credits so we flipped a coin for the privilege." Kakashi shrugged, clearly not worried that he was being left without recognition. "Out of respect for him after his death, I keep my name out of things and use only his still."

Sasuke blinked a few times, clearly struggling to take things in. Minato Namikaze had been a brilliant director and screenwriter, renowned for taking scripts and turning them into fluid motions of gold and stars on screen. With his death the name had continued, but people had assumed his family had taken over. They, Sasuke included, had not expected someone they had never heard of until this moment was now running the scenes single handed.

"Using my name for interviews has another advantage," Kakashi continued when he felt Sasuke had taken the information in. "It keeps away the hot shots who think they deserve a higher wage than anyone else."

"So, basically you're cutting costs by hiring less known people so you don't have to pay them as much?" Sasuke summed up. "Isn't that a little unethical?"

"In what way?" Kakashi asked, seemingly genuinely confused. "The less you spend the more profit you make. That makes sense to you at least, does it not?"

"It does," Itachi swiftly cut in. "It isn't unethical Sasuke- what are you talking about?"

"Are you done ganging up on me?" Sasuke muttered, folding his arms and turning his angry gaze to the dark carpeted floor.

"Thank you for giving Sasuke this chance, Mr. Hatake," Itachi thanked instead, ignoring the mild tantrum Sasuke was trying to throw.

"Kakashi is fine. Look, Sasuke- just take the job, alright? I have a good feeling about you. Your co-star is here today as well- you can come and say hello."

"I didn't agree," Sasuke attempted to mutter but Itachi had his arm and was guiding him out of the door, placing a hand over his mouth to silence him. Sasuke bit him sharply, earning a glare and a shove in Kakashi's direction from his cross brother.

"It's probably just some stupid girl with far too much fake tan and ten layers of make up," Sasuke muttered bitterly as they stepped through the halls with Kakashi a few paces in front.

"If you say so," Itachi shrugged, simply keeping a hand on his back to guide him.

"In here," Kakashi gestured to a closed door on their left, rapping on it a few times before entering without waiting for confirmation.

"Hey! I'm trying to get dressed here!"

Sasuke stopped dead in his tracks at the sound of the voice. It hadn't sounded very feminine as he had been expecting and when Kakashi stepped aside, Sasuke was greeted with a topless male who looked intriguingly familiar.

"Meet Naruto Uzumaki," Kakashi introduced. "Minato's son."

Sasuke simply stared, unable to formulate a response as he fixed his gaze to the blond man's tanned chest, firmly dragging his gaze up to his sun-kissed hair and cobalt eyes after a moment or two. "And who will you play?" He asked when he found his voice. "The lead girl's jealous ex?"

Naruto laughed, reminding Sasuke of the jangle of wind chimes and sunny days at the beach. He shook the girlish thought, wondering where on earth it had come from in the first place.

"What lead girl?" Naruto asked amusedly. "We're going to be co-starring."

"Co-starring?" Sasuke echoed. "In a romance?"

"It's an action romance," Naruto corrected, that smile still not leaving his features.

"I thought you said you read the script, Sasuke," Itachi spoke up from behind him, his voice filled with mirth. "Surely you noticed that both the characters were male?"

"Of course," Sasuke ground out through gritted teeth as Naruto slipped a shirt over his bronzed chest and stepped forward, smiling and holding a hand out.

"Hello," he said brightly as Sasuke slowly took his hand. "Who are you?"

Sasuke contemplated not giving a response, but he felt the eyes of Kakashi and Itachi on him so for the sake of staying civil with all parties involved, he did. "Sasuke Uchiha."

The handshake was brief and left Sasuke with shivers down his spine. He simply stared for a few more long moments before Kakashi dispelled the silence that had descended on the room.

"We start shooting tomorrow at nine am," he supplied. "Start getting well acquainted with your script, Sasuke. If you have any other jobs, you'd better quit them now."

"But-" Sasuke began, but he was silenced by a hand on his shoulder.

"Not a problem," Itachi answered for him. "Come, Sasuke."

Sasuke felt rather like a fish out of water as he glanced between Kakashi and Naruto once more, locking eyes with Naruto. The blond gave him a sparkling smile that lit up his entire face, making his blue eyes glimmer happily. Sasuke returned it with a hard gaze, letting himself be led from the room by his brother.

"I can't believe-" he began, but Itachi held a hand over his mouth for the second time that day.

"Not here and not now," he requested, moving his hand before he received another vicious bite. "This is the perfect job for you, Sasuke."

Sasuke chose not to respond, clenching his fists instead. He was supposed to quit his café job to act in a gay action romance as his first acting job, directed by someone who claimed to work under the Minato Namikaze name? He laughed out loud at the notion with only one other thought in mind- not over his dead body, never in a million years and for good measure, a healthy mantra of no, no, no.


Author's Note: Hello! It's been a while since I wrote some SasuNaru. This is going to be long and I'm looking forward to writing it! I have updated chaptered fics every 2-3 days in the past, but I might be a touch slower on this one. I'll definitely have an update about once a week, probaby twice :)

I'm not from America and while I've been doing a ton of research where needed, I may occasionally get something wrong that differs in my country. If you spot anything please let me know and educate me where I went wrong.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you're enjoying it so far! :)