"All right, folks, you've seen enough. Move along, please. Come on, clear the sidewalk."

Stella Dallas, 1937


Final Take.

"You will buy food, won't you?"

"Yes, Itachi."

"And you'll make sure the door is locked when you leave?"

"Itachi," Sasuke sighed, picking up the suitcase by the door and tossing it out onto the front step. "Stop fussing and get your ass to the airport before you miss your flight."

He grabbed his brother and pushed him out onto the step as well, glaring at him and bodily blocking the doorway of their new home. It was a modest two bedroom house on the outskirts of Hollywood, complete with picture perfect white picket fence at the elder Uchiha's request. Their usual blue car sat in the driveway, fully serviced and usable, which was useful for Itachi since he hadn't given up his job at The Tree House.

Itachi attempted to look dignified despite having been thrown out of the house, straightening his smart shirt and checking his pocket for something. He withdrew a flight ticket, reading it over before showing it to Sasuke.

"I have plenty of time," he declared. "See? Outbound flight to Japan, six pm. It's still afternoon."

"You're supposed to get there early," Sasuke countered. "I'm old enough to take care of myself. I promise not to starve to death, lock myself out, or have alcohol-fuelled orgies in your bedroom."

Itachi looked a little shocked at the comment, eyes widening slightly and cheeks reddening. "Don't say perverted things like that, Sasuke!"

"I'm twenty one! Get out of here and go enjoy your vacation!"

Itachi stared at him for another moment before reaching out and pulling Sasuke to him tightly, holding him so close Sasuke fought for breath. "I'm going to miss you," Itachi admitted before releasing his sibling. "I'll call you when I arrive, alright?"

"Yeah, yeah. Enjoy yourself, Itachi. I expect a postcard stating just how much fun you're having, hear me?"

Itachi gave him one last smile, unlocking the car via his keychain and picking up his suitcase. "Thank you for this, Sasuke."

"I always planned to buy you a plane ticket to anywhere you liked when this all worked itself out," Sasuke replied. "You helped me, now I'm helping you. Get in the car before I attempt to drive you there myself."

"I get the message, Sasuke," Itachi sighed, turning and heading towards the car. "Take care."

Sasuke watched him as he approached his car, smirking as a thought came to him. "Itachi?"

Itachi turned around in question, waiting for his brother to continue.

"I don't want to share my mile high club membership," Sasuke called cheekily. "So leave Kisame alone onboard, would you?"

Itachi's eyes widened, his cheeks pink as he glared at Sasuke sharply. "You talk like we have no restraint, unlike yourself."

Sasuke gave him another grin and a wave before saving them both any further sappy goodbyes by closing the door, feeling both elated and saddened. His brother was finally getting his wish to travel granted, and of course the first place he had chosen to go was back to Japan. Sasuke had dutifully and happily bought Itachi and Kisame tickets with the funds he had earned from the success of the movie.

The Naruto movie, in its opening weekend, had been a box office smash. Almost overnight Sasuke had gone from barely being recognised to suddenly being on every poster, in every magazine, and in high demand for interviews and photo-shoots. It had been both daunting and exhilarating, and he wouldn't have changed it for the world. There were rumours circulating that it would be going up for a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards. No best actor for either Sasuke or Naruto, but Sasuke told himself that it would come with time for both of them.

He made his way back into the living room, collapsing onto the comfortable cream sofa next to Naruto with a sigh. Naruto had come by a few hours beforehand, intent on being there when Itachi left to keep Sasuke both sane and with company.

A glance out of the window showed Sasuke Itachi's car was now gone, taking him off to chase his own dream. A sad smile crossed his face, noticed by his partner.

"Cheer up," Naruto told him, giving him a sunny smile of his own. "He'll be back soon enough."

"And then he'll be jetting off again," Sasuke remarked. "I'm sure I'll get used to it. It's what he wants to do- I really am happy for him."

"Kakashi's still trying to headhunt him, you know."

"I know," Sasuke confirmed. "He's warming up to the idea, but he wants to travel first if he does it. Anyway- enough talk about my brother. We have the place to ourselves for two weeks."

"Technically I don't live here, Sasuke."

"You can now."

"In that case, I'm sure we'll find plenty of enjoyable things to do."

With those words Naruto curled up against his partner, leaning against him and getting comfortable with a contented sigh. Sasuke let him, having no desire or want to push him off. He closed his eyes and savoured the moment for what it was- a snapshot in the new life of Sasuke Uchiha, well earned and thoroughly enjoyed.


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Fun facts and random trivia:

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# I planned the diabetic reveal with Itachi from the start. The medical necklace was the biggest hint, but there were smaller ones such as him drinking diet drinks or drinks without sugar too.

# I didn't plan for Sasuke to act like such an asshole! I really had to fight hard to redeem him, and I hope it worked out.

# Naruto mentions that Kakashi had to 'drag Minato back into the room' when his mother was in labour. Originally, I planned to add this scene somewhere perhaps in the flashback, but it didn't work out so I had him reference it instead.

# The epilogue was going to be at the Academy Awards, but I changed my mind and went for the more homely setting here. I prefer it this way.

# I had the movie premiere scene planned out in my head since right at the beginning and kept wanting to write it!

# This entire fic idea was coined from me watching the movie Bolt with my daughter.

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