New Frontiers

Hey everyone, this is my attempt at a Naruto Pokegirl story. Mainly written becasue I wanted to write something good and lemony and this concept appealed to me. It's not really clarified but the Naruto in this story is 16. This is more of a side project so don't expect updates too often. Oh and if you dont't like lemons don't read because I assure you there will be a lot of them.

Naruto gave a small groan as he flopped onto his bed ,totally warn out after another training session with Jiraya, "Stupid ero-sensei" he grumbled as he dragged the covers over himself and fell asleep almost immediately his weariness such that he didn't even bother changing out of his clothes; he had changed his outfit somewhat since he stated training with the toad sage. Gone was his favourite orange jacket it had been destroyed when Jiraya was demonstrating some fire jutsu, by accident he swore, instead Naruto wore a simple black vest with a black replica of a Chûnin jacket over it and plain shinobi trousers, although they weren't actually black rather a very dark blue, he hadn't found a black pair on sale anywhere willing to serve him. All the pockets of his jacket and trousers were stuffed with sealing scrolls that contained every one of Naruto's possessions since his house got vandalised so often he kept everything of any value on his person at all times So tired was he that he didn't notice a figure hiding in the shadows outside his window. The Root agent allowed himself a small grin as he spotted the target, waiting for another few minute to ensure Naruto was indeed asleep he moved in. Danzo had realised that the boy was now out of his grasp and had ordered his elimination; hoping to use the popularity he would gain amongst the people for the being the one to finally kill the demon to take the position of Hokage away from Tsunade.

The agent deftly opened a window to give himself access to his victims room and drew a small knife from a hidden sheathe on his arm. It took only aim a fraction of a second for him to take aim before he plunged the knife into Naruto's neck or at least he would have had the sleeping boy's form suddenly been engulfed in choking red chakra. The Kyuubi had only a second to make his decision; he had to either repel the attack or move Naruto if he wanted to continue living. He quickly vetoed fighting back as any real use of youki would be like a beacon attracting all the ninja around him to his location. That only left transportation and once again he really couldn't aim for anywhere in this world, so that only left dimension hopping. A little annoyed growl echoed through his head; dimension travel was a risky move at best and suicide at worst, would take a huge portion of his power, and he wasn't entirely sure what would happen to the seal during the leap; still he couldn't exactly end up in a position worse than the one he was currently in. His mind made up the great bijuu began to craft his jutsu pouring his energy into opening and stabilising the portal. The youki surrounding the boy brightened and solidified becoming totally opaque and pulsing with power. Inside the cocoon of energy Naruto's body was slowly fading from this universe, the seal on his stomach pulsing strongly as the design writhed and shifted releasing weakened bijuu into the ether. At the exact same moment in a woodland in another dimension a cocoon of energy had formed from apparently nowhere.

It took only two minutes for the transfer to finish and once it had both cocoons disappeared as quickly as they had come leaving a, still blissfully unaware, Naruto sleeping on the ground in some unknown forest and a very very confused Root agent standing in a now empty bedroom.

Naruto came around to the sounds of nature his eyes taking only a brief moment to adjust as he woke up and looked around. A frown of confusion flashed across his face at the unfamiliar setting "Oh ha ha very funny." he stated as he crossed his fingers and flared his chakra "kai!" when nothing happened his look of confusion returned "Kai!" he repeated pouring more chakra into the technique. When nothing happened he was forced to assume this was indeed real and not a genjutsu pushing himself to his feet he took in his surroundings "Great I have no idea where I am." he grumbled to himself. After a moment to consider his options Naruto just decided he would walk in a straight line until he found some signs of civilisation.

He had been walking for around half an hour when he heard the sounds of fighting and the cries of a girl in pain. Abandoning his walk he rushed towards the source of the noise, covering the distance quickly he soon drew close. He slowed down to a quiet crawl as he reached the edge of a small clearing, just in case. Peering in he saw a man with short black hair and cold green eyes, no older then 22, he was quite clearly angry at the other figure. He was currently punching a.... Naruto wasn't really sure what it was but she was definitely female.. and naked, Naruto's face had lit up in a heavy blush at that realisation. The figure was around 4'2 maybe a little less and more or less humanoid, she was covered in a thin layer of chocolate brown fur and a large fluffy tail sprouted from just above her ass, her head was adorned with two almost feline ears and a small mane decorated her shoulders and neck. Since he was looking at her back Naruto couldn't deduce much else about her.

"Damn lousy slut, evolve into a Marmotte damn you." the man hissed angrily levelling a harsh kick at the girl's midsection causing her to staggered back and let out a feeble cry of pain.

Naruto's blood was boiling as he burst from the undergrowth "Hey!" he cried "Leave her alone!." a small part of him noted that despite the rage he felt nothing from his tenant however this observation was shoved aside for later, right now he had a thug to deal with.

The man's head snapped to Naruto and he lifted an eyebrow clearly amused "Why should I? She's mine and I'll do with her what I please."

Naruto ground his teeth in fury "You'll stop or I'll make you stop." he growled dangerously

The man snorted a laugh "You? You can't do anything!" to prove his point he swung an arm at the female, who cringed in preparation for the blow that never landed.

Naruto intercepted the punch holding the man's arm firm in his grip and a kunai against his throat "Leave." he commanded his voice soaked in every ounce of malice and contempt he could muster.

The man swallowed nervously his tough guy façade dropping for a second before he recovered it "Fine, you want the bitch so bad take her." he spat tossing a pokeball at Naruto's feet. Naruto let the man pull his arm free and watched as he stalked over to his bag grabbing it and swinging it onto his shoulders, a small red device, his pokedex, flying unnoticed out of a open pocket as he did this, and beating a hasty retreat into the surrounding woodland.

Once he was sure the man was gone Naruto swung round to check on the girl, his blush immediately returning as he got an eyeful of her naked body, he guessed she was somewhere near a B cup although he was trying to avoid getting a good look so could have been a little out, her soulful brown eyes observing him with a mixture of fear and gratitude although fear seemed much more prominent. "Ummm don't you have any clothes?" Naruto asked averting his gaze and trying to conserve some of the poor girl's modesty.

"No." she replied quickly "Why? Does master think I should be dressed?" she seemed honestly surprised by his question or more accurately by the tone of shock he had asked it with.

Naruto's gaze snapped back to her at this "Master?" he asked incredulously "I'm not your master."

"You have my ball so you are my master." she intoned back pointing at the pokeball at Naruto's feet.

Naruto glanced down spotting the ball and the pokedex and picking them both up, he observed the pokeball sceptically "How does this make me your master?" he asked confused.

The Eva blinked in surprise "You're not a tamer?" she questioned

"Tamer?" Naruto echoed his confusion only growing

"Look it up in the pokedex." she suggested pointing at the red device in Naruto's other hand.

Naruto nodded "Thanks... ummm" he chuckled "What's your name?"

The Eva looked down her tail drooping slightly "I never had one."

Naruto frowned, oh yeah that guy was dead meat if they ever crossed paths again, "Do you want a name?" he questioned

Her head snapped up "Please!" she said her eyes sparkling hopefully

Naruto grinned "Ummm how about Hikari?"

Hikari nodded "I love it!" she enthused darting forward and kissing Naruto passionately

Naruto froze in surprise as her lips smashed against his but after a second to regain his bearing he kissed back with equal enthusiasm if lacking the experience she had; they broke apart after a few seconds Naruto's face a soft pink, Hikari giggled gently at her new master's embarrassment. "So... what exactly are you?" Naruto asked after a moments pause.

Hikari giggled "Oh that's easy. I'm an Eva."

"An Eva..." Naruto mumbled under his breath searching his memory "I'm sorry that means nothing to me." Naruto replied chuckling nervously

Hikari nodded and took the pokedex opening it and pointing it at herself before handing it back to Naruto "Just read this."

Naruto nodded and quickly scanned the entry;

EVA, the Fox-Squirrel Pokégirl
Type: Animorph, Humanoid
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: berries, nuts, common Pokéchow
Role: pets, guard animals, distractions, and domestics
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Quick, Aura of Cute, Tackle, Leap, Sand Attack, Dodge, Quick Attack, Growl, Leer
Enhancements: fur, capability of evolving to an elemental form, Enhance Speed (x5)
Evolves: Flarea (Fire Stone), Vaporita (Water Stone), Joltina (Thunder Stone), Solaria (Leaf Stone), Chippyna (Diamond Stone), Marmotte (battle stress or Round Stone), Espea (normal; trigged in the day or Sun Stone), Umbrea (normal; triggered at night, or Moon Shard), Omegan (Dark Stone & Mana Crystal), Gel Belle (after three tamings with a Slimette), Glace (Ice Crystal in cold conditions)
Evolves From: None
Eva, the fox-squirrel Pokégirl, is furry and cute and fairly popular. They are loyal, affectionate, and fairly intelligent. Many have been trained to be good domestics and enjoy being helpful in almost any regard. They respond well to affection, and their possibility of evolving into one of their elemental forms gives them good combat potential. Evas also have a bad reputation that they have only slowly begun to overcome due to what happened in the Orange Continent.
It is thought that Sukebe created this girl to mainly act as a distraction in the war. A small group would approach an intended target (be it a base or a battalion) and attack. The aura would assist in their retreat. It would lull enemies into a false sense of pity and chivalry and allow for the group's safe escape. While the reason this girl's evolution abilities still remains unknown for the most part, it continues to undergo research.
There appearance despite their attitude and/or demeanour is that of something cute and fluffy. They have slight builds with heights generally from 4' to 4'6". Slim waists that slope gently into their slightly flared hips from which their fluffy tails spring. Their ears are located on the top of their head with fur that matches their body fur, which tends to be a rich brown colour. They are comfortable with their rather thick fur coats, it being thickest around their necks giving them a mane of sorts which tends to be a light tan in colour, and shortest near there breast (which can range anywhere from a meagre A-Cup to a nice C-Cup) and their vaginas. It has been said by many Eva tamers that their ears and the base of their tails are the most sensitive 'hot spots' on their bodies. Their gentle doe-like eyes (which are generally a deep brown like their hair) will greatly increase their Aura of Cute attack's effectiveness if they are looked into while the attack is performed. As for the differences between Domestic and Feralborn Evas there are not many to note aside from perhaps a slightly thinner fur coat in a domestic bred one (As she would not need to protect herself from the elements.) Feralborn have the development of short claws to assist in their survival in the wild.

Naruto frowned slightly quite a lot of the information giving rise to yet more questions. He quickly flicked through the definitions of taming, Pokégirl, and tamer, his blush climbing steadily although a small perverted grin did creep onto his face. He took a moment trying to digest the information; if this was true then where exactly was he? And how would he get back home? Although it did answer some questions about why Hikari seemed to be just fine with being naked and why she had kissed him earlier. Shrugging these questions aside for later he decided he would find civilisation before trying to unravel exactly what had happened although he made a note to read through as much of the information on the little device as he could at the next opportunity. "Alright I think I understand." he finally said after a few minutes of silence. He smiled at Hikari "So do you want to be part of my team?" he asked a little hesitantly, the idea still seemed odd to him.

Hikari was stunned that he would actually ask her but quickly nodded "Yes! I would love to be part of your harem master!"

Naruto frowned softly "Call me Naruto." he insisted gently silently swearing to himself that we would do everything in his power to make her happy "I am not your master nor your better. We are equals."

Hikari was taken aback by the vehemence of his tone and nodded "Alright ma.. Naruto." she responded getting a large grin from him for the use of his name.

Naruto smiled and sat down on the grass "Sit." he said smiling "If we're working together we should get to know each other better." Hikari nodded and flopped down on the grass, a small wince betraying the pain she felt, "Oh!" Naruto's face fell slightly "I completely forgot you are still hurt. I'm sorry!"

Hikari shook her head and gave Naruto a small smile "Don't worry I'm fine; I've had way worse than this before."

Rather than placate Naruto this riled him up "Was it your previous master" she said pouring as much disdain into the word as he could "I swear to kami next time I see him I'm gonna make him wish he was never born." although he couldn't feel the fox's influence Naruto still found these violent thoughts came into his head much easier.

Hikari gave a small nod of confirmation "He beat me a lot, and let his other Pokégirls use me as a punching bag."

Naruto's frown deepened and a small growl escaped his lips "Are you sure you'll be ok?" he double checked seeing that Hikari didn't like to talk about her previous master.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." Hikari assured him giving him a reassuring grin

Naruto observed her for a few seconds, still being careful to keep his eyes away from her female areas, "So like I was saying, if we're gonna be working together we should get to know each other a bit better."

Hikari nodded happily "Alright... umm I don't really know what to say."

Naruto chuckled "I read something about battles in the... pokedex?" he spoke the unfamiliar tone slowly "So are you a good fighter?"

Hikari wilted "No, not really. I'm not at all strong." she hung her head "Sorry."

Naruto shrugged "Don't worry about it. If you want to train I'll train with you until you're strong enough to kick everyone's ass!" he declared

Hikari stifled a giggle "Thanks." she said smiling

Naruto grinned back his cheeks burning red as he asked the next question "Ummm when do you need to be tamed?"

Hikari giggled, once again finding Naruto's embarrassment amusing, "Well I need to be tamed at least once a month to keep from going feral." she explained "But every time you catch a new Pokégirl you should tame as soon as possible to establish a link with her." she crawled towards him "Why do you ask?" she asked a seductive grin on her face as she leant in gently planting her lips on Naruto's in a soft kiss.

Naruto kissed back for a second before breaking the kiss "Just curious." he chuckled before leaning forward and recapturing her lips in another soft kiss

Hikari leant into the kiss pushing her lips firmly against Naruto's her tongue lapping gently against Naruto's lips asking for entry. Naruto parted his lips slightly his tongue rising to meet Hikari's as the kiss deepened. Once again the need for air was the force that separated them Naruto smiled and caught her lips in one last small chaste kiss before pulling himself to his feet, trying to ignore the lump in his trousers. Hikari's eyes locked onto the tent and she grinned "Let me take care of that master." she purred.

Naruto blushed, god how he wanted to take her up on that offer! However all his ninja training was screaming to say no; first he had to figure out where he was and if he was safe then he could let his guard down some. "Not right now." he said softly letting the master thing slide for now since he guessed she would take a while to adjust.

Hikari nodded "Tonight then?" she suggested hopefully; she really wanted to please the man who had saved her from her old tamer.

Naruto gave a small nod "Sure, tonight." he agreed, ninja training be damned there was no way he could turn down an offer of sex twice in a row! He looked around "Umm so where exactly are we?" he looked at Hikari hopefully.

Hikari giggled as she straightened up, her eyes still darting to Naruto's crotch every so often quietly pleased she could get such a reaction out of him so easily, "We're in Atsui Woods." she supplied

Naruto nodded "Ok..... where's the nearest town?" he asked hoping for some more useful information

"Saisho village is about a three day hike east." Hikari replied "I think that's the closest town."

Naruto was tempted to laugh, a three day hike for a civilian would be maybe a five, six hour run for him. He considered his options for a second before deciding he would take it nice and slow, no point rushing if you had no idea where to rush. Besides that would be three days before Hikari had any clothes, a small perverted grin formed on his face. He paused remembering that he had a few extra sets of clothes including a few female ones, in case he needed to go undercover, stored in a storage seal "Hey Hikari, you want some clothes?" he questioned

Hikari shook her head and smiled "Nah I like feeling the wind in my fur. It's nice." she responded cheerfully

Naruto nodded "Alright, but I'd like you to wear clothes if we're in a town." he pulled a face "I don't want everyone oogling you like some kind of object." he saw her nod of acceptance and smiled "Now then let's get a move on." he announced happily. Hikari nodded bounding over to Naruto and snuggling against him, resting her head gently on his shoulder as one arm encircled his waist pulling them gently together. Naruto blushed gently and resting his arm on her shoulders as they started walking, Naruto setting a somewhat brisk pace trying to guesstimate what speed Hikari would be comfortable with.

The rest of the day passed quickly, the pair making light conversation as they walked. Naruto learning about Hikari's past, although she obviously didn't like thinking about her previous tamer so Naruto avoided the subject as much as possible, and Hikari learnt a little about Naruto although Naruto didn't reveal anything about his home town nor his ninja skills partly on the off chance he was in a hostile country and partly because he still entertained the idea this was an elaborate genjutsu of some kind. They had finally stopped to set up camp as the sun set; Naruto unsealing his camping gear from one of the many storage scrolls he had on him, the look on Hikari's face when he did that was one he would cherish for a long time, silently thankful he had been too tired to take any of his equipment off before going to sleep the night before. He had left Hikari with the task of digging a fire pit and starting a camp fire while he went to forage for food, he had a few days worth of rations sealed up but he wasn't going to start on them unless he had to, foraging had proved rather interesting as Naruto only recognised maybe half the plants he saw. He had decided to steer away from those plants and fungi he couldn't identify for now, he might have been largely immune to toxins but Hikari probably wasn't, even with that hindrance he had collected a decent armful of fruit and berries more than enough for both him and Hikari. They had eaten their meal together, Hikari snuggled against Naruto for warmth, or at least that's what she claimed, Naruto found that somewhat hard to believe but he wasn't about to complain.

Their meal finished Naruto was sitting, Hikari sitting in his lap snuggled against his chest, watching the camp fire one hand wrapped around her waist the other idly dancing across her stomach and back leaving goosebumps in it's wake. Naruto was planting small kisses on her lips and neck each little moan he managed to coax from Hikari making his cock twitch in anticipation. Grinning to himself as he noticed Hikari's nipples had stiffened Naruto allowed his hands to drift over to the Eva's breasts gently cupping the soft mounds. Hikari gave a small groan arcing her back to press her breasts firmly against Naruto's hand, her previous master hadn't been one for foreplay and hadn't been anywhere near as gentle with her as Naruto was.

Naruto's grin widened slightly at her reaction "So you that, huh?" he asked huskily gently kneading her boobs although he was avoiding the nipples, for now at least.

A small whimper escaped Hikari's lips, Naruto immediately decided it was one of the hottest sound he had ever heard and his erection pulsed almost painfully, and she nodded "Yes master, it feels gooooooohhh." the last word of her sentence was lost as it got drawn out into a moan.

Naruto continued to knead her chest for a little while before allowing his fingers to drift to her nipples and giving them a tweak, Hikari's body suddenly stiffened in reaction to this new stimulus a shuddering groan bursting from her mouth. She writhed under his touch, her cunt dribbling juices onto Naruto's trouser leg, unable to resist the urgent heat from between her legs any longer she slid one of her hands to her crotch running her finger lightly over her outer lips before pushing it into her eager love tunnel letting loose a loud groan as she did so.

Naruto gave a small soft chuckle one of his hands moving from her breasts to gently restrain the hand that was probing her dripping cunny "Tut tut, naughty girl." he admonished light heartedly as he gently pulled her hand away, Hikari biting back a small moan of disappointment, "If you wanted someone to play with you down here," he pressed his hand against her quivering flesh to emphasise his point silently marvelling at he heat and wetness he found there "You should have just asked me." he finished sliding his own finger inside her and eliciting another pleasured whimper from her.

Hikari's reply was a small nod and a gasped "Yes master." her hips gently rocking against Naruto's finger as she desperately tried to quench the burning fire Naruto had ignited.

Naruto kissed and nibbled on her neck as he slowly began to pump his finger into her his other hand still dancing across her nipples turning the Pokégirl into an oversexed mush "Oh.. oh god.. anot... another finger." she panted her hips now bucking wildly against his hand as her arousal continued to mount. Naruto was quick to oblige her request thrusting a second finger into her soaked cunt and picking up the pace a little, Hikari's moans dissolved into small squeaks and whimpers as she fought for breath. After another minute or two Naruto decided to send Hikari over the edge and began jabbing his thumb against her clit with each thrust of his hand; once he began doing this it only took five or six thrusts for Hikari to reach her peak and with a scream of "Naruto!" she came over his hand.

Naruto beamed when she called out his name lifting his dripping fingers to his mouth and licking them clean of her honey with obvious relish. "You taste great." he stated with a soft grin licking his lips to emphasise his point.

Hikari twisted in Naruto's lap and gave him a deep passionate kiss, her tongue eagerly worming it's way into his mouth; she could taste some of herself but the taste didn't deter her at all. Their tongues wrestled for dominance for a short period before she relented allowing Naruto to dominate the kiss and explore her mouth with his tongue. Breaking apart she gave Naruto a small seductive smile "Can I return the favour master?" she asked her hand hovering over the tent in his trousers.

Naruto nodded "Of course." he agreed readily, he was probably more turned on at that point than he had ever been before, "Just let me get rid of these clothes quickly." he chuckled seeing the hungry gleam in her eyes and wondering if she would tear through his pants and boxers to get at her goal. Hikari gave a nod of acceptance moving back slightly her eyes observing Naruto as he quickly stripped off his clothes. His jacket and vest came off first revealing his toned chest to Hikari, who licked her lips as she regarded him, next her kicked off his sandles and his trousers where quick to follow leaving him in a pair of plain blue boxers. This last piece of clothing soon joined the pile of clothes, leaving Naruto's bare body exposed to Hikari's lustful gaze. Naruto settled back down near Hikari planting a teasingly chaste kiss on the girl as he did so however Hikari wasn't letting Naruto get off with just that and darted her head forward engaging him in a desperate passionate kiss. Whilst their tongues warred she ran a hand slowly down Naruto's chest her feather light touches sending shivers through Naruto's body and causing him to groan into their kiss.

Her hand soon reached it's intended destination and she wrapped it around his cock, slowly pumping him, the stimulation forcing Naruto to groan into their kiss again, his cock twitching eagerly in her hand. A gentle grin on her lips Hikari broke their lip lock, a thin strand of saliva connecting them for a moment before her tongue darted out and broke it, and began to kiss her way down his chest her lips following the path her hands had before them. A guttural growl of pleasure tore it's way from Naruto's throat as her lips reached their final destination and Hikari planted a barrage of little kisses on the tip of his cock. Hikari's kisses quickly coaxed the first bead of pre out of Naruto's erection, Hikari spared a second to give Naruto a wide grin as her tongue darted out to taste him. Finding the taste to be more than pleasant she opened her mouth and slowly took Naruto's manhood in sucking softly her tongue dancing over as much of his meat as she could get it to reach, Naruto moaned lustfully rubbing her head "Oh god, Hikari, that's it." he panted spilling more pre into her mouth for her to happily swallow.

Hikari redoubled her efforts to pleasure Naruto sucking harder on his rod and bobbing her head back and forth slowly, she was pleased she could do something to return the favour after he had given her one of the best orgasms she had ever had. The increase in pace was rewarded with yet more pre and Naruto's breath caught in his throat for a second "Just a bit more, I'm almost there." he all but pleaded desperate for the extra boost to push him over the edge. A boost Hikari was all to happy to provide moving back so only the very tip of his cock was still in her mouth she sucked furiously her paws wrapping round the rest of his saliva slick meat and pumping with equal vigour. This was easily enough to send Naruto over the edge and with a loud cry filled her mouth with cum his cock pulsing in her hands as he spurted his seed; Hikari sucked and licked his cock for all she was worth determined not to let a single drop of his precious fluid escape as she greedily drank it down.

Once she was sure she had gotten all his cum she took his cock out of her mouth planting one more soft kiss on the tip as she did so. Naruto grinned warmly at her "Do you want us to go to the next step?" he asked his conscious requiring that he at least ask even if he was almost certain she would agree.

Hikari nodded eagerly lying down on the grass and spreading her legs given him a clear view of her sodden womanhood "Yes, I want you to fuck me master." she affirmed, by now Naruto had realised she called him master more as a token of respect than because she thought of herself as a slave. Needing no further encouragement Naruto shuffled forward lining himself up and rocking his hips forward rubbing the tip of his manhood against her outer lips, forcing a small pleasure moan from Hikari, before shifting his position and sinking himself slowly into her warm moist depths with an appreciative groan.

Small lusty whimpers escaped Hikari's throat as she felt Naruto's cock fill her cunt, the wonderful feeling on oneness and fulfilment spreading through her being, her hips rocked slightly as her body worked to further heighten the pleasure she was feeling. She soon felt Naruto's hips touching her own telling her he had buried his entire length in her, he gave an almost primal growl of pleasure, as his hand's once again found her breasts and began to knead the sensitive flesh Naruto planted a small kiss on her lips, not letting his lips linger as he wanted to hear every little moan he made her make.

After a brief pause to let Hikari adjust to being filled Naruto began to move with slow powerful thrusts; each thrust in forcing a squeak or whimper from Hikari much to Naruto's pleasure. Whilst he pounded away at his agonisingly slow pace Naruto's hands continued to play with her breasts eliciting many smaller moans from the girl. "Ooo master!" she gasped "Please.. please... faster... please." she could only manage a word at a time and even then they were slightly slurred as the pleasure robbed her of the ability to speak. Naruto smiled and stole another kiss his pace beginning to speed up, his breathing slightly laboured and a small sheen of sweat beginning to appear on his skin from the physical exertion. Hikari threw back her head as she felt the pace increase letting loose a loud moan, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the air as the pair drew inexorably closer to the brink.

". Just... oh god.. Just a bit more." Hikari panted heavily her hips swinging up to meet every one of Naruto's thrusts trying as ever to get him to fill her just that little bit more, to wring just that little extra pleasure from the experience.

Naruto gave a small nod "Me too." he agreed planting a firm kiss on Hikari's lips as he sent a small, targeted pulse of chakra from his closest tenketsu straight into her clit. The effect was immediate as Hikari screamed out her release her already vice like womanhood clamping down ever harder on his member as her juices splashed out to cover their thighs. Naruto was silently thankful Jiraya had made him to learn these pervy techniques, passing them off as chakra exercises only to reveal a pervy use after Naruto mastered it. The extra tightness and warmth quickly proved too much for Naruto and with a shuddering groan he emptied himself into her welcoming womb; his cock twitching inside her as he filled her cunt with his seed.

Naruto slowly came down from his orgasmic high and smiled down at Hikari, chuckling when he found she had fallen asleep. Pulling his cock out of her, blushing at the tide of their mixed juices that dribbled down her thighs in his wake, he picked the exhausted girl up and carried her into the tent laying her down almost reverently before settling down next to her pulling the cover over both of them and falling asleep.

And that's the first chapter, please let me know what you think, anyway until next time