Yochi stiffened as a soft whimper slipped from her lips, Naruto however scoffed "I'm going to beat you before you even think of laying another finger on her."

There was no laughter this time, though her furious eyes shone with a dark amusement, "A few lucky hits." she dismissed his statement as she shot forward, the human had shown himself a threat where none of his girls had managed, so she'd destroy him first.

Naruto barely managed to avoid the crackling blade of her weapon, she was fast! Jōnin level, easily. Shion's sacrifice had shown him just how much force she packed in her attacks too so attempting to block her would be just as effective as trying to stop Granny's punches. No in taijutsu he was clearly outmatched.

Another slash, the blade slashing through the fabric of his jacket as he spun left, thankfully it didn't manage to catch his skin but the energy weapon burnt the fabric of his clothes as much as cut them, the edges of the slice blackening and curling up. The blade wasn't her only weapon through as he turned the spin into a cartwheel to avoid a slash from the claws on her free hand.

Focused on catching the annoying darting insect that was Naruto Mistress almost didn't notice the newly invigorated Tora as she threw herself into the melee, claws out and her first strike aimed for Mistress' kidneys, she'd seen enough to know aiming for her scaled neck was folly for anyone other than Naruto.

Whipping her free hand out Mistress caught Tora's outstretched arm, out speeding the Tigress' high Chûnin level without any apparent effort. She took an instant to consider what to do with her captive before drawing back her lightning blade, aiming to plunge it deep into the girl's chest.

Naruto pressed the momentary gap as both her arms were busy, grabbing one of his two kunai and wreathing it in a stuttering, makeshift, cloak of wind chakra. He couldn't afford the precious seconds it took to form the sheathe properly. He knew he should be using the time to make the distance he truly needed but he couldn't just leave Tora like this!

Tora however wasn't stationary, the flexible girl realising what was coming and pushing herself up, her entire body twisting around her captive arm as her foot lashed out, sharp claws drawing two small red lines across Mistress' cheek as the sword impaled the place Tora had just vacated.

Mistress' lips were curling into a very slight grin even as the claws raked across her face "Good, maybe I can get some amusement from you yet." she growled out, sharp eyes not missing as Naruto lunged for her sword arm with a puny little knife. Really such a weapon shouldn't be a threat but since his shuriken had cut through her scales she wasn't going to take the chance. She could easily shift her arm out of the way but then the attack would just continue into her gut instead, and she hadn't the speed to dodge whilst laden down with the weight of his Tigress.

A flick of her wrist later and the feline girl was hurled at her trainer, unable to put her entire strength and weight into the throw it was rather weak, but still easily enough to bowl over if not disable a normal human.

Naruto dropped his kunai, the wind enhancement dissipating as a soft breeze the moment it left his grip, barely able to raise his hands in time to catch Tora he left the momentum drive them backwards, using a deliberately weak layer of chakra to decelerate safely. Even so the throw had been enough to slide them back several feet.

"You ok?" Naruto asked the girl in his arms as he dropped her gently back onto her feet

"Yeah, she's stro..!" the rest of her statement was lost in a yelp as Mistress had closed the small gap her throw had created, a harsh downward stroke of her sword aiming to bifurcate both of them.

Neither Naruto nor Tora had been unobservant enough to let such an attack catch them by surprise though and had split, one moving left, one right.

Her tail whipped out at the one she perceived to be the biggest threat, Naruto, but may years of parkour and tree running had left him more than able to take such an attack in his stride, diving forward he planted his hands against the hard scales, noting that despite their obvious resilience they felt warm and pliable, and pushed off into a graceful flip to land on his feet.

The swing had however meant Mistress was still and the view unobscured for long enough for the dex to get a reading "Got it!" Yochi chirped, voice slightly shrill with a mix of fear and exhilaration. Mistress was there! Right there! Naruto. Everyone. Was fighting for her sake and despite everything she thought, everything she'd feared, they were holding their own. They hadn't landed a decisive blow or even really hurt Mistress yet but likewise the draconic girl hadn't done any real damage to them either, Shion excluded. She hadn't the time to read the full entry but her eyes quickly scanned the important lines;

Fiendish Sexlong, the Infernal Thunder Dragon Lady Pokégirl

Type: Near Human Partial Metamorph (Dragon)

Element: Electric/Dragon

Frequency: Extremely Rare

Diet: Human norm (Prefers seafood)

Role: Agent of Havoc

Libido: High

Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Grass, Steel, Water, Normal, Poison

Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Ice, Rock, Ghost

Attacks: Agility, Static Barrier, Thunder Bolt, Hyperbeam, Electric Blade, Thunder Flare, Hell Fire, Damnation

Enhancements: Retractable Wings, Electricity Absorption (1/2), Enhanced Speed (x7), Enhanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Endurance (x7), Healthy, Toughness, Pristine Sensuality

Weaknesses: Hard to stop when in the heat of battle.

Evolves: None

Evolves From: Shoxiya (battle high, well-trained)

She couldn't help but stare at the screen in shock, they were supposed to beat that! She couldn't help the fear that was already swimming through her mind rising up to claim whatever little island of peace Naruto's reassurances had created. "She's... she's a Fiendish Sexlong!" she called out

"A what?!" Naruto demanded using the time as Mistress whirled around to form his favourite hand sign

"Fiendish!" Tora gasped, she'd heard tell of that template, those girls blessed with dark power by powerful internals

"Kage Bunshin!" Naruto cried out, a thick cloud of smoke obscuring him for an instant

It never got a chance to disperse naturally however as Mistress snarled "Another of your stupid tricks?" she lifted the hand holding her lightning blade and with a flick of her wrists the attack blasted forward, loosing its coherence as a sword the blade became what it was made up of, a spear of lightning. The energy already present there was no crack of thunder to accompany the attack, just a bright flash as thunder blade became thunderbolt. The lightning pierced the cloud of white smoke scattering it to the four winds, two faint pops could be heard but with the shroud gone the results of Naruto's technique were clear.

There had been twenty-nine clones produced, leaving a total of thirty Narutos however the thunderbolt had claimed two of them "Details, what can she do!" four Naruto's spoke as one to help disguise which was the real one, three clones breaking off to run towards where Shion was once again climbing to her feet, the Killerbreast lucky and resilient enough to avoid the paralysis effect carried with most lightning attacks.

Yochi gaped, her words catching in her mouth at the sight, he could duplicate himself?! How?! She had only ever heard of one or two cloning spells and all of them were incredibly difficult and time consuming, offering only one clone, not dozens created on a whim.

Likewise Mistress froze at the sight, two different but equally wonderful ideas springing into her head as she realised what this tamer could do. Endless battles, imagine the fights she could get with this many foes, her very nature howled its approval whilst the other side considered how well an infinite army of men could serve her needs in other areas. Whether she was aware of it or not she licked her lips, a hungry gleam in her eyes, he would be hers.

The frozen moment passed. The battle resumed. The group of Naruto's plunged their hands into their pockets, the shuriken the clones had were only shadow copies themselves, the blades would last only long enough to piece the flesh before dispersing but in a way that was more damaging than the real thing, no steel to plug the wound and stem the bleeding.

"Yochi!" Narutos' barked as the Elfqueen remained distinctly not calling out weaknesses they could exploit

Mistress recognised the threat and for just an instant real worry flared in her gaze before it was consumed by the battle lust indicative of her species, that was twenty five Narutos each with two braces of eight shuriken, a wave of two hundred bladed stars each fully capable of piercing her scales, she couldn't recall a time she'd faced quite as much raw firepower before and to see it coming from a human only made it all the more impressive. She could see now why her wings had failed, expecting them to take out this human had been foolish, still that just meant Sun would be punished for not using her brain and running instead of staying to fight a hopeless battle and failing.

Of course she was overestimating the threat the weapons represented, in order to enhance the weapons one needed to pump wind natured chakra into them, doing so would dispel the shadow weaponry, as it was they would be little more than normal blackened steel.

Tora had been active, having seen Naruto's cloning technique before she hadn't hesitated when he used it, rushing up behind Mistress, her natural feline grace making the movement almost silent and with the background noise of the battlefield the Tigress was confidant she'd get a good hit in.

Mistress reared her head back, she'd show them her power, see how good this human really was! A few things happened at once, Yochi began to shakily describe what the dex had told her "She can absorb electricity, has enhanced speed, endurance, and" she began

Naruto reached Shion's struggling form, the real Naruto, reached into his pocket and grabbed two potions, ripping off the applicator top with a display of crude chakra enhanced strength he poured the healing liquid onto the girl's wounds. It was wasteful and inefficient but crucially it was fast, his two clones remained on guard in case Mistress tried to destroy these items as she had the paralyse heal.

Naruto's clones released their volley of shuriken and a split second later and another hand sign they called out as one "Shadow Shuriken Clone!" each single shuriken became ten and the wall of steel became a solid dark mass of blades.

Had this not been a battle situation Tora would have gaped at that, she'd known her master could be deadly if he wanted but this? The Rasenshuriken had been shocking enough, how many ways did Naruto posses to eliminate his enemies? Still she had been running towards Mistress and thus the incoming wave of weapons. Her instinct was screaming to find cover, something, anything to weather the storm. But that alone wasn't enough to stop her, just slow her steps slightly.

Mistress was officially impressed by the weight of arms Naruto could bring to bear, she was hard pressed to think of anyone who could survive an attack like this head on. Though in her mind each and every one of those uncountable blades was wind enhanced and able to slice through her armour like so much paper. In front of her mouth a tiny orange spark flickered into being quickly growing into a crackling orb, the size of a golf ball. Snapping her head forward she unleashed her attack. A beam of bright orange energy, dark orange and even reddish sparks dancing across the surface and wide enough to swallow a car whole, lanced out from her mouth.

All the Pokégirls instantly recognised the distinctive attack, Hyper Beam, the orange blast met the wall of black blades. It wasn't even a competition. The concentrated energy popped the shadow shuriken in an instant, the shockwave cloaking the beam itself scattering and popping those not covered by the beam. An instant later the same beam tore through Naruto's clones popping them, only the outermost handful were far enough away that they escaped the devastation. The beam continued crashing through the trees for almost a mile until it finally petered out, leaving a long scoured trench in the ground as if some great plough had been dragged through the earth.

"Cool." the awed utterance escaped only one of the six remaining clones, the attack had been orange and everything! In spite of himself he had to recognise whatever she'd done as an awesome technique.

"Silence!" Mistress demanded her gaze fixing on Yochi who was just about to continue into the enhancements granted by the fiendish template. Yochi stiffened at went still as those baleful eyes bit into her soul and all her suffering flashed through her mind in wonderful, horrible, detail.

Naruto had stiffened as he was assaulted by the memories of his popped clones "Can you fight?" he asked Shion, the bruises he could see seemed to be fixing themselves but she was still far from in perfect shape. He wished he had more super potions and made a mental note to acquire a few when they were next in a town.

Feeling significantly better than she had a moment ago Shion gave a curt nod "I can sire." she agreed "I apologize for being disabled so shamefully" had she possessed normal pupils Naruto was sure she'd of been avoiding his gaze right now "I will await my punishment for failure after we vanquish our foe."

Tora dove at Mistress as the Sexlong panted attempting to recover from the after-affects of using Hyper Beam, her claws unsheathed the Tigress drove them into Mistress' shoulder with all the power she could muster

Naruto snorted "Nonsense, I won't punish you." After all her attack had shown how strong and fast Mistress was, they'd gone into a fight blind as to their opponents abilities and Shion had gotten hurt collecting that information, there was nothing shameful in that. His gaze snapped to the battlefield as he heard Mistress shriek in pain "This isn't the time to talk. Let's go!"

"My liege is too kind." Shion intoned as she ripped off the shattered remains of her armour, leaving her nude. It was too damaged to do anything but slow her down now.

The remaining Naruto clones pulled out their kunai and charged forward the moment they realised their shuriken attack had failed. Mistress growled out, Tora's claws had dug deep into the muscles of her right arm. Her dominant sword arm. On a less resilient girl that would have been enough to totally disable to limb but she had seven times enhanced endurance even before the toughness enhancement granted by her fiendish status. Her arm was still usable, though slowed, and it definitely hurt. She was hard pressed to remember the last time she'd been hurt this much and by something as lowly as a Tigress no less! This tamer really was something special and she was making sure to savour every last moment of this pointless struggle, it'd be a while until she met someone else who'd put up this much of a fight before admitting their true place as her playthings.

Extending her wings was simply a case of flexing a muscle, and she did so a split second after she felt those claws sink into her flesh. Two vast draconic wings burst from her back, the force of their sudden appearance throwing Tora backwards, ripping a chunk of flesh out of Mistress' back as her claws were forced messily from the wounds they had created. A split second later the flared wings had vanished back into her flesh as if they'd never been. Apparently unbothered by the bleeding ragged hole in her shoulder the Sexlong just grinned, enjoying the fight immensely, her wounds only serving to heighten her battle mania.

Naruto's clones were two steps from her, Tora had landed from her short air time on all fours, skidding to a stop and was already tensed to launch herself back at Mistress. The Sexlong grinned an all too viscous smile, "Burn in hell fire!" she demanded as she made a sweeping gesture with her hand a wave of black fire scorching everything within a five foot radius, leaving an eye only just big enough for the Sexlong herself. The attack didn't strictly need an incantation but the infernal who had blessed her had always used one and so the habit had passed down to her.

Naruto's clones burst instantly, the heat popping them before even the black fire itself reached them, running forward Naruto winced as he received the memory of that unnatural heat. Even if it wasn't Amaterasu as he remembered it the cursed flames Mistress was using were close enough that he would give them the same respect.

Tora, however, hadn't the luxury of being merely a chakra construct and screamed in agony as the fire lapped hungrily at her flesh, the pain too much for her to do anything but writhe helplessly as her fur was seared from rapidly blackening flesh.

"Tora!" Hikari screamed in horror, running forward from her position guarding Yochi, the normally cheerful girl's eyes filled with fury and horror "I won't let you get away with that!" she screeched, her knuckles white as she gripped the kunai far too tightly, her arms shaking as her vision blurred with tears.

Tora's screams climbed a pitch even as a red beam impacted her, recalling her into her pokeball. It was clear she was out of the fight.

"One down." Mistress commented casually rolling her injured shoulder as the fire dissipated, unlike Amaterasu her Hell Fire was fuelled by the life force of its victims and as it was deprived of them it was quick to burn itself out.

Naruto sped up as he pocketed the ball once more "I'll kill you for that!" he growled out feeling the swelling of youki from within him, a natural response to his incandescent rage. But he clamped down on it on reflex, he wouldn't let the damn fox win, he was doing this to avenge Tora and Yochi, to put a stop to a clearly unrepentant villain, not for the sake of destruction or killing. If he let the fox kill her then it wouldn't mean anything!

He still had two clones left so he sent them ahead to form a human smokescreen as he held out his hand a Rasengan spinning into being over the next two steps, the clones both dove at Mistress, one aiming it's blade for her left eye whilst the other went straight for her heart.

Mistress snorted, the human had seemed so promising but these attacks? She was faster than him and stronger, they both knew it. Yet he was engaging her in close combat? Had removing that Tigress so enraged him that he'd taken leave of his senses? With a sense of disappointment she flared her power once more, a thin layer of lightning chakra coating her form, electricity dancing harmlessly over her flesh. Still there had been three of him, she just hoped whatever he was doing would prove interesting enough to make it worth continuing to draw out this battle.

Without even needing to move her arms she dispelled both clones, her now active Static Barrier arcing into them the moment they got close enough, the jolt weak by her standards but more than enough to disrupt the fragile chakra shells. The two clones popped in the usual burst of white smoke.

Naruto lunged forward his hand containing his signature attack, the swirling orb of glowing chakra blew the smoke cloud away, and Mistress saw the attack as it plunged through her Static Barrier, the shock it delivered to Naruto enough to make him wince but not change the direction of the attack nor slow it.

It was too late, by the time she was aware of the threat there was nothing she could do but accept the hit, pushing herself backwards to help lessen some of the impact she screeched out as the writhing storm of chakra slammed into her chest, just below her breasts.

The attack bit sharply into her flesh, stripping it away abrasively, a spiral pattern slowly etched into her body as the flesh was torn away and shredded followed by the fat and muscle underneath, the glowing blue sphere darkening with her blood as ruined flesh and blood was spat in all directions.

"This farce has gone on long enough!" Mistress roared in pain and fury, recognising that dragging this fight out had cost her too much and now her battle lust was once more loosing to her indignant anger at the wounds piling up from these lesser beings. Her hand swung out in a powerful right hook catching Naruto in the head, snapping his head to the side, his body cartwheeling gracelessly head over heels for a few rotations before landing in a heap, the ninja knocked unconscious by the force of the blow he hadn't been expecting. Rasengan was almost always enough to end a fight on the spot and he had been too angry and focused to prepare for if it didn't.

Even so the brief exposure to the attack had been enough for it to grind a crater an inch deep into Mistress' stomach, another bleeding wound added to her collection. Her endurance keeping her on her feet but as Shion's blades found her before she could even draw her arm back her eyes had finally lost all traces of humour.

Shion wasn't about to let her liege's sacrifice be in vain "Naruto!" the cry from Yochi was still in the air as she swung, attempting to cut off the offending arm, her blade coated in stop venom as it slid cleanly through her flesh, biting deep in only to be caught in the toughened bone.

With the amount of resistance Sexlong's had coupled with the resistances of her template the amount of stop venom roaring through her bloodstream wasn't close to the amount it would take to actually inflict the status on her, she had almost as much resistance to such compounds as any Jinchūriki could boast.

Shion grit her teeth, annoyed that she'd failed to remove Mistress' arm and with a sharp tug yanked her blade free as the other lashed up for the Sexlong's throat.

Not that it was allowed to get close as Mistress jumped backwards, finally Hikari had crossed the gap between them, her shaking kunai not aimed anywhere in particular as she lunged at the more powerful girl, a sharp flick of Mistress' tail repulsing the attack and sending the poor Eva hurtling across the clearing where she impacted a tree and fell silent. "Pathetic." Mistress snorted, why such an impressive human kept such a clearly useless girl around she couldn't begin to guess. Maybe she was good in bed? She'd make sure to check that, the Eva clearly wasn't a threat so she was the only one that would likely be surviving this encounter.

Shion continued to press her advantage her blade whistling through the air, refusing to give Mistress the time to generate her own lightning blade. Now that she knew of the other girl's immense strength she was being incredibly careful not to take a hit, in her weakened state she wasn't sure if she would be able to get back up.

"It's over, your tamer is out and your the only one left." Mistress taunted as she put her static barrier back in place, every time Shion draw close small arcs of electricity played across the insectile girl's skin, slowly wearing down her endurance but the stoic girl refused to show the pain or her increasing weakness as she kept up her attack.

The Sexlong's eyes flicked over to Yochi where she had fallen to her knees beside Naruto and was desperately trying to rouse the fallen shinobi. "Give it up slut" she purred "Your latest white knight was impressive I'll give him that but I always win. Soon you'll be back at my feet where you belong." her grin turned vicious and as if to punctuate her victory lashed out at Shion once again.

The Killerbreast hadn't shown her pain on her face but her movements had been gradually slowing as the Static Barrier did it's job and ate away at her endurance, Shion was too slow to avoid the attack completely and the claws raked across her side, ripping three bloody strips from her thigh and tossing her to the floor.

No. No! No! This couldn't be happening! It couldn't! Naruto had promised! It had started so well! How! Was Mistress right?! Was it hopeless! Panic welled up within Yochi as she stared with wild eyes at the exchange, a faint groan and a shift from Naruto in her arms snapped her gaze downwards, the blonde was slowly recovering his senses, his eyes still closed but it seemed he was no longer totally unconscious. No! He had told her to help hadn't he? Said he'd need the help. Everyone had had faith in her and what had she done... nothing! She'd just stood there! She couldn't rely on Naruto for everything, she had to help too! Look at him he'd gotten hurt, thrown himself at a powerful foe. For her! Fear became resolve that slowly crystallised "Shion!" she cried out to her harem mate, the girl struggling slowly to her feet, body shaking from the pain of her accumulated wounds, visibly on the very edge of consciousness.

Shion's head turned a fraction of an inch, enough to include Yochi in her field of view, but her focus was mostly on Mistress as the, once more confidant, Sexlong stalked forward "Get her!" Yochi demanded, slamming her hands into the floor, the rush of defiance filling her for the first time in what felt like a lifetime as her newfound mastery over plants willed the flora of the glade to come to their aid.

Mistress froze mid-step suddenly unable to move as her limbs were restricted by an explosion of plant life, vines and tendrils of all kinds shot up to grab her arms and ensnare her neck, her feet encircled by low growing grasses and roots, flowers of all colours bloomed across the floral prison as the wildlife responded to the will of its queen.

Shion didn't hesitate, as fast as her shaking body could carry her she dove forward thrusting her blade wildly as the Sexlong's chest, too far gone to truly aim she was just hoping to hit something vital.

It wasn't enough. "Burn in hell fire!" Mistress spat, the plants that had trapped her incinerated in an instant beneath the furious black fire, grabbing Shion's head she slammed the insectile girl into the ground, hard. Shion finally went still as she impacted the earth with a sickening crack. Stomping and grinding her foot into Shion's fallen form Mistress' blazing eyes swept across to Yochi "I see my pet has found some of her old spark." her lips curled back and she let out a laugh "Oh I really need to thank your latest rescuer, there seems no end to the amusements he's provided me, I do hope next time you'll stay broken."

Yochi froze, her body was lead, tears streamed unbidden and unnoticed from her face as she stared at her personal hell stalking towards her. It wasn't supposed to be like this! Why had she begun to hope?! Why had she allowed that stupid, brave, Naruto to try and help her?! Why had she believed he could?!

Hikari had never actually passed out from the impact but her body was refusing to listen to her commands any more, not a combat type and barely tougher than a normal human the Eva's spine had taken far too much damage from that impact, her body was a useless slab of meat. In a way it was what saved her, the pain had been cut off before she could go into shock, her mind was still racing. Why was she so useless! She couldn't do anything! Everyone! Even Yochi had helped, had done something! But she?! She'd just gotten in the way and gotten herself hurt! Why! Why! Just for once couldn't she be useful! As if to answer her desperate prayer a warmth spread through her form, she even felt it continue down past her neck, feeling her entire body once more as the white light took her.

Mistress paused and spun as the light of evolution cast the clearing in an ethereal glow, banishing the shadows. "What?!" she hissed angrily and for an instant hope once more sprung into Yochi's chest, the girl clutching at anything that could save her. Save them.