A Promise

Disclaimer: If I owned Star Wars, Obi-Wan would have had a love, and Padme would still be alive.


"Padme." Anakin turns to face her. Her face is angelic, her eyes chocolate orbs filled with concern. Anakin walks up to her, wrapping his arms around her, never wanting to let go. "My angel…" He says rocking back and forth like a gentle wave.

Padme pushes him away, looking into his eyes. "Anakin…Ani…what is it?"

He rubs her arms. "Nothing, my sweet."

Padme sighs and turns away. "Anakin, when are we going to tell the truth to each other? You can't always hide things from me."

"I don't want to scare you," Anakin says coming close to her.

Padme walks back. "I'm not a child, Anakin," she says stiffly.

Anakin sighs, reluctantly giving into her point. "I had a dream. A night mare."

Padme faces him, brows furrowed. "About what?"

"It was like the dreams of my mother. Only, it was you." Anakin walks towards her, putting her face between his hands. "I won't let this one come true. I promise you."

She smiles softly. "Ani, I promise you. I will never leave you."

Darth Vader took off his mask, now that his doors to his room were closed. The room circulated air for him to breathe.

He closed up his mental shields, and cried. He knew it wasn't strong of him to cry, but his angel was gone.

It's been eighteen years since they made those promises. Now look where they were. He, in a suit, and her, gone from the universe.

"Never, my love."

Darth Vader looks up. He snarls. What joke is this?

"Show yourself," he growls.

And she does. She looks just like she did eighteen years ago, before he killed her.

"Padme," he moaned. He reached out a gloved hand, wanting to touch the face of an angel.

"Anakin, I promised you, I'm never going anywhere," she says.

"But I haven't seen you in years. Where have you been hiding?"

"I haven't been hiding. You just refuse to think of me."

"I've been thinking of you every day! I need you. Please, Padme, stay!"

"Have faith, my love. We shall be together soon." She smiles one last time, and disappears.

Darth Vader watches his wife leaves, and cries for loss of a promise.

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