The Fate of the Japor Snippet

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"Love can ignite the stars"-Matthew Stovver

There one was a boy and a girl. A slave and queen. The Chosen One and an Angel. Their fates intertwined with a japor snippet. The boys name was Anakin. The girls name was Padme. And they became friends, while holding the japor snippet.

Years later, they met again. Anakin loved her, wanted to marry her. But she refused. She had duties to keep up. And so did he. Yet, she could not uphold her duties. She began to fall in love. So he asked her once again. Padme said yes. And so they married, while holding the japor snippet.

Soon, the two lovers were fighting a war. She stayed at home, fighting with words, while Anakin fought with lightsabers. Then he came home, and was told wondrous news. A child was to come. But the news turned dreams into nightmares. Terrible ones of death, to the Angel. So he lost what he was, piece by piece. The Chosen One destroyed all that he knew, just to save one. And she grew scared, while holding the japor snippet.

The war had grown personal. She told him of what she saw. He said to have faith, that all would be well. And she did, she tried. So hard, but failed, when more news arrived. She raced after him, to bring him back. But he was gone, replaced by a monster. She pleads with him, to come with the angel. But he grew furious, claiming lies. And so he disappeared, while holding the japor snippet.

Soon the Chosen One woke up. He was confused, trying to make out all that had happened. He called for his Angel. Was told lies, that she was destroyed by his hands. He cried out in pain. He would never, he said. He loved her; he needed her, to live. But he took the lies, and the monster came forth. And so he died, while letting go of the japor snippet.

Soon the Angel woke up. Was sickened to hear about her Chosen One. Said he would be here. That he would never turn. But she did not believe the truth. So she let go to the galaxy, ignoring the pleas to hang on. She held the japor snippet, remembering things past. And so she died, while holding to the japor snippet.

"With each victory in the light, it is the dark that wins"-Matthew Stovver.