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Chapter 1

How does she know that you love her?

"I just don't see how that could be your favourite flavour," Sonny said, looking at me with a cute serious expression on her face.

I dipped my spoon into the fro-yo cup and scooped out a large spoonful of the creamy dessert, and smiled at her before popping it in my mouth. "Because," I answered, my mouth full of the frozen treat, "chocolate is obviously the best, just like me. It's also the most popular, again, just like me. It just seems like me and chocolate have a lot in common."

She laughed and looked from her empty fro-yo cup to my half full one. "Is it really that good?" she asked, her eyes still on the frozen yogurt in my cup.

I held my cup out to her, shaking it once. "Wanna try some?" I offered, smirking.

She didn't even answer. Instead, she just dug her spoon into my fro-yo cup and stuck it in her mouth, her eyes closed as she tasted it. "Well," she said at last, opening her eyes once more, "it does taste good. But it's a little too rich, I think. Vanilla is definitely better."

My eyes widened. "What? No way, Munroe, chocolate trumps vanilla any day of the week," I declared, swallowing another mouthful of my dessert.

She swiped another spoonful of the chocolate frozen yogurt and popped it in her mouth, licking her lips. "No, there is so way that chocolate is better than vanilla," she insisted.

I just smirked and set the now empty cup on the tabletop. "Just admit it, Munroe. You can't resist the chocolate fro-yo, just like you can't resist me. It's okay, really. I mean, come on, who can resist me? Everybody loves Chad Dylan Cooper."

Sonny rolled her eyes at me. "Did you know that your ego is big enough to be a whole new person?" she quipped, crossing her arms across her chest.

I raised my eyebrows, feigning hurt. "Ouch, Sonny, that one hurt deep. I mean, if you can't expect your own girlfriend to be nice to you, who exactly is supposed to be nice?"

She put her elbows on the table between us and leaned forward on them. "Actually, Chad, how can you expect me to not be mean to you? It's what we do!"

I stood up from the table and held my hand out to her, which she grasped before copying my actions. As we passed the garbage bins, I tossed both of your fro-yo cups into the trash and she squeezed my hand slightly. "You're lucky that you're so cute," I said, leading her down the hallway that separated our show's sets.

"I know, it's a gift," she joked, and fluttered her eyelashes at me. My stomach jumped and I had to resist the urge to lean down and kiss her right then. "And you're lucky you're so irresistible."

"That I am," I said cockily, and pulled my hand away from Sonny's to pop my imaginary shirt collar. As soon as I dropped it down to my side again, she quickly grabbed hold of my fingers, and I bit back a smile.

"Oh, Chad, you didn't introduce me to your friend," Sonny said suddenly, and I looked at her, completely confused. She stuck her free hand out to the air beside me, and I just looked at it, eyebrows raised, wondering what she was doing. "Hi, I'm Sonny, Chad's girlfriend," she said politely, and I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing. She just looked so cute talking to nothing.

"Oh, did you say your name was Ego?" she continued, and I finally understood what she was doing.

"Now you've asked for it, Munroe," I growled. I was kidding, and I think that she could have told, but she still shrieked and ran off. I chased after her, laughing. Now, I know what you're thinking. How can this guy be the same Chad Dylan Cooper who shoved a drooling puppy away from him so harshly? How can this person and Hollywood's Bad Boy be the same? The answer to those questions can be summed up in two words: Sonny Munroe.

Ever since we had started dated, I'd mellowed out some. Not really a lot, but still, there was a noticeable change in my behaviour. I wasn't as mean, I wasn't as sarcastic, and I actually cared. Like yesterday, for instance. I passed a sobbing Portlyn in the hallways, and instead of ignoring her and walking on, I actually asked her what was wrong. And when she told me that she had lost her favourite tube of lip-gloss, I actually got down on my knees – my knees! – and helped her look for it.

I was a changed man, and it was all because of a 'Random' from Wisconsin. I wouldn't have believed it myself if you had told me this two years ago, but here I was, honestly in love.

"Chad, Chad, Chad!!!" she screamed, running up to a wall and trapping herself. "Please do not tickle me!"

"Tickle you?" I asked innocently. "I was never going to tickle you, Sonny. I was thinking more along the lines of something like this –" I planted my hands against the wall on either side of Sonny, so that she wouldn't be able to escape. Then I leaned in closer to her until our noses were almost touching and smiled.

"Oh, ok then," she said, a blush colouring her cheeks. "I suppose this is as good a punishment as any."

Just as our lips were about to touch, Portlyn hurried down the hall, her long brown hair swinging behind her. "Chad!" she called out, and then instantly covered her mouth when she realized what she had interrupted. "Oh em gee, you guys, I'm so sorry to ruin this little moment, but Chad, Paul really wants to talk to you before we start shooting for the evening."

I sighed and dropped my hands from the wall. Sonny's hand squeezed my shoulder, but when I looked questioningly at her, she just smiled. "Go on. You're still coming to my house to watch movies tonight, right?"

I kissed her quickly on the cheek. "Wouldn't miss it," I promised, and then followed Portlyn down the hall to our set, waving at Sonny over my shoulder.

"So?" Portlyn asked, twirling a lock of her wavy hair around her index finger. Every time her finger moved, the light caught on her bright red fingernail and shone brightly.

"So what?" I asked, stuffing my hands in my pockets.

"You love Sonny!"

"I know," I answered. I looked at her sideways. "What about it?"

"What did she say when you told her?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I didn't tell her."

Portlyn cut into my path and stopped abruptly, her hands on her hips. "You haven't told her that you love her yet?"

I shook my head. " that bad?"

She ignored my question and ploughed on. "Well, if you didn't exactly tell her that you love her, how exactly is she supposed to know?" she questioned, poking me in the chest with her long red fingernail. Even through the fabric of my shirt, it scratched me, and I absentmindedly rubbed my chest.

"I don't know," I said defensively. "Shouldn't she just know? I mean, I know that she loves me, and she never told me!"

This comment stopped Portlyn for a second, but she soon recovered. "Well, telling makes it more official!" she snapped. "When do you guys have your next date?"

"Tonight. I'm going over to her house to watch some movies and just chill. Why?"

Her green eyes shone dangerously as she levelled me with a stare. "Tonight, Chad Dylan Cooper, you will tell Sonny that you love her. Tonight."

"We'll see," I said, a little scared by her sudden change in behaviour.

" will."

I sighed in defeat. "Fine. Tonight. I'll tell her."

She smiled and bounced ahead of me, through the doors that opened onto the Mackenzie Falls set. "That's all I ask!" she called back cheerily over her shoulder.

I stood there, dumbfounded. Wow, that girl had some serious issues.

"Hey, Sonny, can you pass me the popcorn, please?" I asked, propping my feet up on her coffee table.

She handed me the bowl and then slapped my feet lightly. I instantly dropped them to the floor and she pecked me on the cheek as a thanks.

"Hey, I think we can do a little better than that," I popped two kernels into my mouth. After I swallowed them, I took a swig from my water bottle, and then smiled at Sonny. "How about thanking me," I said, resting my finger on my lips.

She laughed, but complied, and I felt the familiar rush that I got whenever Sonny and I kissed. We'd been going out for about a year, and that feeling only got stronger and stronger. When we broke apart, I rested my forehead against hers and took a deep breath. This seemed like the perfect moment. We were happy, the atmosphere was right and her mother was still at work. "Hey, Sonny?"


"Can I tell you something?"


I opened my mouth to utter those three little words that every girl wanted to hear, but before I could get them out, Sonny gasped and turned her head, her attention suddenly on the TV. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing!" she squealed, bouncing up and down. "I just...really love this song!"

I turned to the screen and saw Amy Adams dancing and singing in a park. "How does she know that you love her?" Sonny sang along quietly, and I started to smile. She had an amazing voice, but I didn't think that she knew about it. Which, in a way, is the best kind, if you thought about it. There's something special about someone singing just for themselves, just because they love it, as opposed to making money. I had known Sonny for two years, and yet she still amazed me every single day.

Suddenly, an idea formed in my mind, and I couldn't stop the grin from spreading across my face. Because really, why tell someone that you love them, when you can show them?

Thank you Walt Disney.

So, there you have it, Chapter numero uno of my first multi-chapter Channy fanfic!!! I'll love you forever!!