Seven year old Rachel stalked towards the couch, as stealthily as she could, trying really, really hard not to giggle. Stopping about two feet away, she tossed her purple Barbie throw pillow onto Eliot, who was apparently asleep, before running back to join her younger brother, Jimmy, behind the safety of the chair.

They'd covered Eliot with three more throw pillows, a fire truck, and a stuffed Scooby Doo, which had taken some maneuvering since it was larger than Jimmy, by the time Parker peered around the doorway to see what all the giggling was about.

"What are you doing?"

"Pillows make the monster weaker," Rachel informed her. "So it can't attack us."

"And the dog?" Parker asked.

"Well, he's sort of like a pillow and besides," she added triumphantly, "He's Scooby Doo." Parker gave her a blank look. "You know," Rachel added with an exasperated scowl. "Scooby Doo. He fights monsters all the time."

"Do the pillows keep the monster asleep as well?" Parker asked, noting that those were not Eliot's usual snores.

"Uh huh," Jimmy piped up. "Cause you use pillows to make you sleep so they've got extra magical sleepiness powers and..."

"Rwarw," Eliot shouted as he jumped up from the couch, scattering pillows every which way. As the kids started shrieking and running, Parker glanced between them and Eliot, who was standing with his arms up in the classic attacking monster pose. Adding her shrieks to those of the kids, Parker raced off after them out of the living room.

Eliot gave himself a satisfied smile and stretched himself back down on the couch. About two minutes later, three heads peered around the doorway, peeking back into the living room.