All's Fair in Love and War


Chapter 1

The sky was tainted red, reflecting on the blood stained around the village, and the bodies disassembled, all the people dying, dead or chakra deprived. Standing upon the Hokage tower stood Madara, cackling as he saw all the destruction and hate he had always dreamed of—he spent of his natural and unnatural life dreaming this nightmare and it was coming true. The bijuu would emerge from the east gates in a few hours; he could feel the ground quaking as the beast walked nearer and nearer to Konoha to destroy this 'peaceful' village.

The masked man scoffed. This place looked very peaceful, with everyone of there ninjas fighting against one of his for their lives. If this was Konoha peace, he sure did enjoy it.

Sasuke's eyes mimicked the color of the sky. They were blood red and blood thirsty, anxious to kill the main threat in his life after Itachi and Orochimaru. There was always that orange babbling idiot to destroy and now was his chance. The Uchiha swung his Chidori infused arm at the blonde's head. He barely missed his target, singeing his hair brown. Naruto growled, creating multiple clones of his at an instant, sending them all toward Sasuke at the same moment.

Sasuke smirked. Naruto was an idiot if he thought that he somehow forgot Naruto could create clones. Naruto is an idiot for forgetting Sasuke had the speed of a god and could tell which one was the real Naruto. This fight would end soon with the expected winner. The duck-butt haired teen dodged every attack, jumping high into the air, making hand signs in the process. Taking a deep breath, an inferno of fire burned down the whole forest, and lit up the village.

Feeling accomplished, Sasuke smirked. This was too easy. Just as this thought was casted, Naruto whacked Sasuke with a left hook, hitting the Uchiha square in the jaw, sending him toward the burning ground, spiraling. Without time to react, Sasuke thudded to the ground, and Naruto fell atop him, and mercilessly pounded into his face.

The metallic taste of blood filled Sasuke's mouth, but spit it out into Naruto's face. The Uzumaki became furious, and went into Sage Mode. In the heat of the fire, the two best friends separated themselves and reevaluated their attack plan. Naruto yelled, wiping bloody sweat off his forehead, "What the FUCK is your problem Sasuke?! How could you do this?!" Sasuke smirked. He felt he should at least entertain the blonde before he killed him, "I'm doing my job as an S-Ranked criminal, Dobe. If you really want to be Hokage," He paused to grab his sword from its case, "I think you'd better get over your silly little dream of getting me back to normal."

The sky crackled a long string of lightning, and lit, seemingly, the whole world white. The rain started to pour down, and Sasuke laughed menacingly, "I have someone to resurrect my clan with. I have my small team. I have something to look forward to after this. You don't if you don't get rid of me. So, do it." Thunder rolled, and the earth quaked. Madara had come down from the top of the Hokage building. He strolled calmly past Naruto, earning a growl from the fox, and went straight to Sasuke. "It's almost time, Sasuke-san. I think you need to kill your little fox friend."

Sasuke smirked, "Of course." With that, he sent lightning down his sword and motioned Madara to go stand away from him, closer to the only tree left standing. Naruto yelled, running full speed toward, Sasuke beginning his newly learned Rasengan Shuriken and threw it at full force. Using the last bit of his chakra, Naruto fainted quickly after. As the powerful Jutsu came closer to Sasuke, he acted as if he was throwing his sword where Naruto once was, and true to his amazing aim, the sword hit his target. Madara was killed; the lightning infused sword had pierced the Akatsuki member in the heart.

As the sword left his fingertips, the Rasengan hit him, knocking him out. The lighting crackled again, and the bijuu fell, with Madara dead, the monster had no master and was therefore useless. All the chakras held inside the fiend were released into the sky, never to be found again.

Sasuke stared outside the hospital window as Yamato rebuilt the town's buildings once again. Few were actually destroyed, but so many were missing, the 'wood master' would be needed. He watched intently, wondering how tiring it actually was to be the sole person rebuilding a whole town. Sasuke did know how tiring it was to be the sole Uchiha, though, and it was intimidating as well.

No matter how much he hated to admit, at some times he wondered what it would be like if was normal. If he had a normal life, a normal family, and a normal best friend. The fight between him and Naruto broke out randomly, mostly because he had been in the process of murdering his replacement, Sai. Naruto had yelled random crap at Sasuke and sent a kunai spiraling toward his head.

Missing by a few centimeters, Sasuke caught it in his palm and averted his attention from Sai to Naruto. He flicked the steel weapon back to Naruto with more force, hitting his target with ease. Naruto had only grimaced as he removed the kunai, but Sasuke could see the pain he was sending to Naruto. He didn't care; he wanted to rid himself from such and annoyance. Naruto released some nine-tailed chakra, and that officially began the fight.

In Sasuke's opinion, neither of them went to their full, but apparently he had gone too far, because his friend was in intensive care. Instead of feeling satisfied as he usually would've, the Uchiha felt a tad bit guilty. He never wanted to send Naruto off the edge like that, but he had to seem serious when fighting him in order to convince Madara that he was serious about killing Naruto. Of course, he wasn't. He hadn't forgotten all those 'bonds' as Naruto called them, but more often that not, Sasuke had allowed himself to be swallowed up by hatred.

Before arriving at the gates, Sasuke had mapped out his plan. He would go around with Madara creating havoc in Konoha, pretending to be on his side for the Fourth Ninja War, knocking people unconscious but never killing them. He had no problem killing random people who had no idea who they were, but people from his and his brother's home village? That he had a problem with, even if he didn't admit it.

Focusing back on what was occurring outside the window, he cursed inwardly for caring so much. Why did he care about this dumb village so much? Well, despite the obvious, he couldn't think of any other reason.

Sakura strolled down the winding hall, with her heels clicking rhythmically. Click, clock, click, clock. She was upset that Tsunade just had to assign her to be Sasuke's personal nurse until she decided to let her stop, but she kept a happy face on. She was disappointed in all that Sasuke had done—specifically to Naruto—but she was determined to be friendly and not be a total ice cube toward the guy. That's the least he owes her, and knowing Sasuke, he won't give unless he gets first. She sighed quietly to herself, and began swinging the basket of apples she was carrying. The last time she brought apples to Sasuke's hospital room, he'd stepped on them. Now, that was a heartbreaker.

Still she brought apples anyway, just because she was hungry. Tapping on the door three quick times, she waited to hear the usual, "Open it," order from Sasuke. Within a few seconds, she heard the stoic voice, and she opened the door while grabbing the clipboard that contained all of his information. She scanned it, the same as everyday, just to check for something new; Blood Type: AB, Height: 168 cm, Weight: 52.2 kg…broken left leg, six broken ribs, right wrist joint and three fingers broken, slight head concussion….and a broken right ankle. Nothing new had been added so she smiled placing her basket of apples on a table and sat in the spinning doctor's chair.

Sasuke watched playfully as the girl spun unconsciously in the chair, a small smile across her face. She did this every morning since she was released from the hospital, yet today she seemed different. When her delicate small hand reached for an apple, he realized what was different. She hadn't talked to him at all yet, and she brought apples. "I don't want a goddamn apple," He said, folding his bandaged arms. Sakura stopped in mid-bite, and scowled, "Who said I brought them for you?"

She took a bite, and continued going over his papers as he stared with an eyebrow cocked, confused. Why wouldn't she be Sakura and just give him an apple even though he said he didn't want one? He continued scrutinizing her actions to himself, but was stopped when Sakura rose abruptly and said, "I don't have a clue as to how the hell you're going to walk, Sasuke." He grunted. Sasuke Uchiha would find a way and he sure wasn't going to be in a stupid wheelchair. Oh, no, not a person in the world would look down on him.

The sun started lighting up the room, and Sasuke instinctively covered his eyes. The girl laughed at his reaction, "Still afraid of light, I see?" She controlled her giggles and commanded, "Give me your arm." Sakura had never given Sasuke a shot in the past week, nor had she touched him at all. The only thing Sasuke thought Sakura had been chosen to do was stay in his room and be annoying company.

The boy looked up into her emerald eyes as he crossed his arms in defiance. No heartbroken fan girl was going to give him a shot. It didn't matter how un-fan girly she had become. Sakura glared back at him and pulled at his arm forcefully, causing a small groan of defeat to come from Sasuke's lips. She held tight to his wrist in case he decided to be a baby again. She had never known such a strong shinobi to be afraid of getting a shot. Sakura wasn't even going to give Sasuke a shot. However, he didn't know that, and Sakura almost laughed at the look on his face as she pulled needles from a drawer.

His eyes bulged out of his head. "Like hell you'll give me a shot," He murmured, attempting to keep his 'cool' façade under control. Sakura smiled, "What was that?" She attached a needle to a syringe with one hand expertly, and pushed it causing the medical liquid to flow out. Sasuke ripped his wrist from her surprisingly strong grip. "You're not giving me a shot," He ordered, Sharigan threatening to form. Sakura busted out laughing, holding her stomach to keep from falling over.

Sasuke stared nonchalantly at the childish joke. "I don't believe you're afraid to get a shot, Sasuke! It doesn't even hurt." He rolled his eyes, keeping his face cool. "Am I getting a shot or not?" He asked. The girl shook her head from left to right indicating that he in fact wasn't going to get a shot today. "I'm just going to check your pulse and stuff." Sasuke noticeably relaxed and gave her his arm willingly. She checked his pulse as promised, and checked how he reacted when she bent each of his broken fingers individually. He flinched when she bent his pinky, but that was the worst of it.

Sakura sat in her seat, and jotted some things down on the clipboard. Sasuke watched how her eyes darted back and forth with intent. He couldn't put his finger on what was different about her yet, despite the obvious. He couldn't deny that Sakura had matured. She matured very well actually. He liked how her pink tresses framed her porcelain face and flowed down just below her shoulders, how her forehead didn't seem as huge, how her eyes sparkled, her smarts glowed, how her lips separated slightly and pouted when she was thinking, how her waist was the smallest but she had hips, and he especially liked that she actually had cleavage. However, he wouldn't admit any of that, and was sure that every guy in Konoha had noticed these things. He couldn't have been the only one to notice she wasn't a girl anymore.

Sakura felt Sasuke's eyes studying her, and felt too uncomfortable for her liking. She could handle any other guy sizing her up, but Sasuke Uchiha was a different case. She lost all feeling for him a while back when she confessed to Naruto—she wasn't lying though everyone said she was. Still, his onyx orbs felt awkward watching her. Sakura ignored the feeling she was getting in the pit of her stomach and finished her last sentence. "Okay, Sasuke, I basically wrote that you're doing great and you just need some more stitches and a couple more weeks bed rest. Is that okay?"

Her sudden speaking made him come back into reality and he replied, "Aa….can't I get out of this prison earlier?" Sakura shrugged, answering. She grabbed another apple and tossed Sasuke an apple as well. "Eat you're apple and ask for one next time."

She clicked out the room without saying 'goodbye' and Sasuke watched her back as she walked calmly away. Taking a bite of the apple, he grumbled, "Like hell I'll actually ask for a goddamn apple."

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