Author's note: This story is an Alternate universe of Stargate Atlantis. This is a story about my 3d ship I made based on the Ancients! It's going to be a cross over, and will eventually get to the Star Wars Universe, where the mod I made takes place. Hope you enjoy it!

September 2012 rewrite/proof

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+Sentence. + Communicating through nanite center in brain.
'Sentence.' Mental thoughts.
"Sentence." Talking out loud.

Stargate: The Legend of Arcturus Maximus Primus



Atlantis's front line team plus Dr. Weir entered Niam's office following a group of Asurans that Niam had sent to retrieve them. The two groups moved into a room with a table that had a central white disc in the center. This room had various lights, paneling, and rotating panel-doors much like the conference room on Atlantis. The table, unlike the one on Atlantis was triangular in shape, with the Asurans moving to the right side, and Dr. Weir walked to the opposite of the Asurans. Teyla and Sheppard followed going to Dr. Weir's right while McKay and Ronon moved to her left.

The female Asuran guide nodded to Niam causing him to look up at the new arrivals, and say "I have a proposition to offer you. I believe it would lead to both of our people forming an alliance."

"Does this proposition include saving Atlantis?" asked Dr. Weir eager at the idea of averting disaster.

"Yes," said Niam. "As a race we have surpassed our creators in everything but…"

"Ascension?" interrupted Dr. Weir.

"It is the next step for me and others like me," he motioned to the other Asurans. "We realize that our civilization is just an imitation of the Ancients. To truly become our own we need to match the Ancients. Ascension is logically the next step, and the others like Oberoth do not wish us to Ascend."

"We wish to evolve past this form, and be with our creators," said the male Asuran to Niam's right.

"It is the ultimate in evolution, and as we already imitate the Ancients. We wish to achieve Ascension also," said the female Asuran.

"But how are you going to Ascend?" asked John Sheppard. "Not to sound like a pessimist, but you are machines…"

The female Asuran countered, "Isn't human physiology just electrical impulses, taking in energy, and burning it?"

"How would we stop Oberoth from destroying Atlantis?" asked Dr. Weir, keeping them focused on the current issue.

"I believe that the same reason why we cannot ascend is also the reason why Oberoth wants to destroy Atlantis," said Niam.

"What is this reason?" pressed Dr. Weir trying to get to the point quickly.

"The Ancients programmed us to have extreme aggression even more than the Wraith; we were supposed to destroy. I believe McKay is our salvation."

"You're saying McKay is your messiah?" interjected John. McKay was startled at being called something, but took it in stride with a confused smile. Everyone saw that the damage was done as McKay's ego went from know it all to savior of a whole civilization.

"I am flattered, but how am I supposed to do this?" asked McKay eager to learn why he was being called a messiah.

"During the brain probe we learned you have the skills to change our base code," said Niam. "You would just need to remove the aggressive code, and that in turn would make Oberoth more open to not attacking Atlantis. The Ancients had placed protocols that only ones with the Ancient gene would be able to edit the base code."

"I should be able to do this…" said McKay. Ronon was getting impatient and tired of wasting time.

"How would we kill or stop Oberoth though?" asked Ronon.

"We would use all of our power to stop him from destroying Atlantis," said Niam. "Our code will update through me, and my people will be way less aggressive to you." Teyla who had been listening the whole time voiced her concerns.

"What if you or McKay fails? If Oberoth destroys Atlantis than there would be no one to stop the Wraith."

"You will have to trust us, as we trust you, because just voicing this proposition will condemn our lives."

"We will trust you Niam for now," said Dr. Weir. "McKay, start working on this immediately."

"Thank you Dr. Weir. I think this could work. I will gather my allies, and we will prepare to confront Oberoth once the update has been completed."

"McKay," said Dr. Weir. "I need a time frame on how long for this update to take."

"I can give you an arbitrary number…" said McKay. Dr. Weir starred back at Mckay. "But I would have to look at the code. Niam, lead the way."

The holo-display stopped, and the children began chatting amongst themselves. The teacher called order to her class before she continued with the history lesson. "This event was one of the greatest of our history, and just as important as meeting with the Asgard. The Heroes of Atlantis worked with the Asurans, and together they were able to stop Oberoth from destroying Atlantis. Niam as you saw worked hard for the Asuran-Tau'ri Alliance to be established. With the Alliance formed, and with Dr. Weir reluctantly becoming the first President of the Alliance, both the Tau'ri and the Asurans fought together in the Wraith Wars." She saw that the children were excited to hear more about the Wraith Wars. "We will cover the Wraith Wars later, but the Alliance worked together to create some of the most powerful ships in the Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies. With these ships they were able to wipe out the Wraith, and meet other threats in other galaxies, but that will be covered later.

"With the Asurans help, exploring the ancient database took less time and soon both of our species were able to advance as far as the Ancients, and surpass them. That took some time though, but the end result lead to improving life in the galaxies that we inhabit then and now. Some history scholars and others continue to wonder what would've happened if Dr. Weir didn't have the courage to help Niam and the other Asurans."

One of her students with an old school spiky hair style raised his hand and she nodded to him. "What happened to the Arcturus Maximus Primus?" asked the child.

"Ah you've been reading ahead in your studies, or were you listening to stories from your family? Either way, that ship was the first of the Arcturus Class Warships, and it was the accumulation of the most powerful technologies available at that time. The ship had Asgard, Ancient, and Asuran technology built into it, and was going to be the Destroyer of the Wraith. Unfortunately history doesn't know what exactly happened to it. We do have records of the ship after it left dry dock though. The ship went on shake down run, and disappeared before the run was complete. It has been four hundred and eighty-two years, since the event where Dr. Weir allied with Niam. The Arcturus Maximus Primus left dry-dock five years after that. Now who can tell me what year that was?" The same child that spoke before raised his hand again.

"The year would be two thousand eleven that AMP left dry-dock," said the spiky haired child.

"Very good," replied the teacher. "Even better with shortening the name to an acronym. You seem to know a lot of the Arcturus Maximus Primus. Why is that John-Michael?"

"It's because my family line goes back to the brother of Colonel Bradshaw who was in charge of the ship. My family also has a tie to the Hero John Sheppard, when his descendants mixed with Colonel Bradshaw's younger brother's family. My name, John-Michael, is from the first names of John Sheppard, and Col. Michael Bradshaw." John-Michael smiled with confidence, and unknowingly with a little superiority from his famous genetic line. The other children showed their surprise, and burst into chatter. The teacher mentally hand palmed herself, but wanted to get back to the lesson.

"Well I guess that means that you, John-Michael, have a lot to live up to and even more to learn," said Dr. Sammi Jackson. John-Michael's face looked a little less superior. "Now, back to the lesson children. After the Wraith Wars, the Alliance moved out of the Pegasus and the Milky Way galaxies exploring. Through this time of expansion till now the Alliance spans across forty-eight galaxies. Even with our expansion though, we still haven't found any trace of the Arcturus Maximus Primus or AMP. From the data records sent from AMP to Alliance Command on Atlantis, and to the shipyard at Asuras, we know that AMP was testing the Celestial Drive. The Celestial Drive was an early adapted form of the wormhole drive found on Atlantis. The great scientist Rodney McKay working with Asgard holotechs, Asuran scientists, and replicator copies of himself were able to adapt the tech to fit into the AMP. The Celestial Drive was made safe, but there was a speed deduction because of it being made simpler. Since the replicator clones of the original McKay allowed us to advance faster as a race it allowed huge breakthroughs like the Celestial Drive, and by the way there are still replicator McKays active... One moment, let me see if I can find the logs."

Dr. Jackson went over to her console and quickly searched through her nanite center which linked to the console allowing her to instantly download the files into her brain. She was truly happy for the nanite center, because it made everything easier to learn for both her and her students. Everyone now days were born with a nanite center. The nanite center allowed anyone to download information directly into their brain, and retain most information in their brain permanently. The nanite center also helped with evolution of the human body, and currently everyone had bodies similar to Alterran physiology. The nanite center was based on the work of the Orbanians from Orban, but improved greatly by the Asurans. A few of the upgrades were communication between nanite centers, and allowing the nanites in the body to fix or heal the human body.

"Okay children, the last logs of the Arcturus Maximus Primus state that the ship left dry dock after it was completed. The ship was commanded by Col. Michael Bradshaw like John-Michael stated earlier. The crew of AMP consisted of both Asurans and Tau'ri enhanced with nanites that helped heal them, and make them stronger like everyone knows. There was also a replicator McKay on-board to help maintain the ship, and to help with the various tests including that of the experimental Celestial Drive. The ship was supposed to use this drive to jump to Atlantis, then to the midway station, and then directly to Earth. Our logs show the ship was able to jump to Atlantis and meet with President Weir. The crew did a system check, and then jumped to the midway station. But unfortunately we don't know what happened next. From the records from midway we know that AMP planned its jump to earth and jumped. But the ship didn't arrive at Earth, and the Alliance Fleet still has orders to report any findings or information about the ship if found. We haven't had any contact with it for about four hundred and seventy-seven years. The Celestial Drive is still in use today, and no reason for their disappearance could be found. Many have theorized that the reason that AMP disappeared was because there was an error in the construction of the Celestial Drive. The theory is that due to that error AMP was destroyed along with its crew on its jump to Earth, but no one knows for sure. Hundreds of McKays searched the construction logs. The logs stated the drive was constructed perfectly, and there were no errors. Due to this all Celestial Drives come with quad-redundancy and we haven't had an issue since AMP's disappearance."

The children were excited by the mystery, and began to think of stories as to what happened to the Arcturus Maximus Primus. "It was the most advanced ship of its time, and because of its loss the other ships of the Arcturus Class Warships were limited in strength and technology as a precaution even till today," explained Dr. Weir.

Colonel Bradshaw's Audio Log:

* * Record Start * *

A lot has happened, since I have last done a log. I really should get into the habit of doing these things more often… Oh yes… Where was I? Yes, a lot has happened recently. The construction of the Arcturus Maximus Primus or AMP for short is going to be completed in a few days. She is such a beauty! My crew is ready and has been more than a little rambunctious. Not sure how I am taking to these new nanite enhancements. I cut myself the other day cooking, and surprisingly the cut healed right up before my eyes. Heck my skin is healthy, and I even look like I am twenty-one again. I even think I am getting stronger because of these nanites. Just the other day I lifted one hundred and ten percent of my usual max weight on the bench as if it was three times lighter! There is a nanite center in my brain that provides a link to the ship's AI and systems, which makes me wonder and worry if she can read my mind...

* * Record Stop * *

* * Record Continued * *

I'm back. I checked with one of the replicator McKays, and he said that Alice, the ship's AI, would have access to what I allow through the nanite center in my brain. I also have some good news. One of the replicator McKays has been assigned to the ship due to the fact that AMP is the first of its class, and the ship has the most advanced technologies available to us. My crew consists of enhanced humans and Asuran replicators. I have to admit I am still impressed with the Asurans. Just the other day I sparred with my best second in command Zeus who is an Asuran. Sometimes, when I tried to hit him, my hand just went right through him. He then proceeded to lock my arm in him, and beat me while I had just one arm to defend myself. I told him that was cheating and he replied that we were both fighting within our natural abilities. And of course that is one of the natural abilities of the Asurans… But it's still cheating in my honest opinion.

I am just glad that Zeus is my second in command, and an old friend. Hopefully I won't have to fight him for real. I will hopefully get back to this log in a day or two. It has been getting really busy with AMP's construction nearing completion. Everyone is excited for the ship to be completed. The Alliance figures this ship probably could take on a whole Wraith fleet, and that is exactly what I plan to do. Colonel Bradshaw out.

* * Record Finished * *

Chapter 1:

Colonel Bradshaw walked in the Asuran-styled hallway of the dry dock heading towards the Arcturus Maximus Primus. He had short brown hair shaved close on the sides, and spiky hair on top. He was clean shaven, and dressed in the normal Alliance uniform which was colored black with red highlights. His uniform had his rank and name in English and Ancient letters. His eyes were brown, and between his eyebrows was a scar that was in the shape of a crescent moon with two slices below it. His build was athletic, but wasn't overly buff for his six foot one inch frame.

The dry-dock station was styled after Asuran-Ancient architecture that was now becoming common occurrence in construction of facilities. The dry-dock station was called Arcturus Station, and it encased the entire ship. The hangar had two massive hangar doors at opposite ends through which ships would enter through front door to be fixed and when finished leave through the rear. The Colonel was quite impressed by the design of Arcturus station itself. The station was about ten kilometers in length and six kilometers at the widest point. He came to a window in the hallway that was reinforced with a force field. He peered out the window taking in the glory of AMP in its final moments of construction. He turned from the view, and continued walking down the hallway to his ship when there was a bright light.

He continued walking into the command chair, and hitting his knee hard. He rubbed his knee, and looked to see Zeus at the control console smiling back at him.

"You were going too slow!" said Zeus. Zeus had been his best friend for the five years that Col. Bradshaw had been in Pegasus galaxy. Zeus had black hair short on the sides, but longer on the top. His hair style was messy on top, and his face was clean shaven. He was dressed in the standard Alliance uniform, and he was six feet four inches tall. "And we only have a few hours before we leave dry dock to start the shack down."

Colonel knew he was right, but still some warning would have been nice before being rudely beamed from the station to the ship. The ache in his knee began to fade as the nanites went to work. "You're asking for trouble Zeus," Colonel said as he stared daggers at Zeus.

"I'll meet you in the ring any time Colonel," replied Zeus.

Knowing he was beat, Colonel Bradshaw used his consciousness to touch the link to the ship's A.I. through his nanite center, and the A.I. confirmed the connection.

+What do you require Colonel?+ asked the computer A.I. through the link.

Alice, I would like to know the status of the ship and how long until the work is completed?+

+All major and sub systems are installed. Right now the techs are just running some final checks on my systems before they give you the go ahead to start my shake down run. I estimate it will be done in about two hours and forty-eight minutes. Do you need anything else Colonel?+

+I think that will be all Alice. Thanks.+ The Colonel focus shifted from the nanite center to the outside world as he heard his name was called by someone. He turned towards the direction it came from.

"Hey Colonel," said Zeus. "No matter how much you try to think of a way to beat me you can't. I have downloaded and instantly learned all of Earth's forms of martial arts, and also some Altera and Lantian martial arts that were in the Ancient database."

"Yeah, sorry I was just discussing my date with the ship," replied Colonel Bradshaw jokingly.

Alice's holographic form appeared on the bridge. Alice had short black hair that came to just below her jaw; it was parted over her left eye, and was straight. Her eyes were deep amber, and her face looked like it belonged on any one of the galaxies' hottest models. "Sir, it's a shakedown run not a date."

Zeus laughed, "I think she has a point Colonel, and just so you know it isn't smart to start things you can't win."

Seemingly defeated the Colonel sighed, "I will take your advice. The last thing I need is to be on the wrong side of my ship."

"Colonel, I just received reports that the last of the crew is on board. It would be wise to listen to your second in command," said Alice while finishing with a mischievous smile.

"I will take that under advisement… Do you know what the final numbers of support ships that we will have in the hangar?" asked the Colonel, ignoring the last comment of Alice. 'Sometimes, I think she has been plotting with Zeus...' thought Bradshaw while making sure his thoughts were not going through his nanite center.

"Not that many. The Wraith have been coming against us in full force in recent months. That has caused ships and resources to be stretch past their limits. However, as you know I do have the capability of building support ships using our supplies. Currently we have twenty puddle jumpers, two light cruisers, eight assault transport ships, and four heavy bombers. About a quarter of what I can hold."

"Thanks Alice. Tell me when there is thirty minutes left before we can leave." The Colonel turned to his sensor specialist. "Can you use the new long range sensors to tell me how the war is going? One of the McKays said that the sensor's range has been increased tenfold."

"Checking now Colonel," replied Andrea using her console to do the scan. She was an enhanced human like the Colonel, and she was dressed in the standard military jump suit. She had long straight brown hair, and also was easy on the eyes. She was five feet seven inches tall and very fit. "Sensors show that one of our outposts was under attack, but one of the reserve fleets of Aurora class vessels had jumped in to reinforce the outpost. Currently the reserve fleet is finishing off the attacking Wraith fleet. Sensors show that more than ninety percent of the Wraith fleet were destroyed, but several Wraith cruisers were able to jump away. Other than that attack, it seems the Wraith are still waiting like they have been for these past few weeks."

Bradshaw nodded. The last several months the Wraith had been attacking almost non-stop, but for some unforeseeable reason the Wraith have held back these past few weeks. "Ok keep scanning, and if you see any big incursion by the Wraith alert me. We do have orders to assist the line if needed even if that means skipping the shake down. Zeus, take over for me while I head to my quarters for a bit."

Both replied, "Yes Sir." Bradshaw left the command bridge and went to a closet transporter like those on Atlantis. He pressed the section where his quarters were, and was instantly transported. He exited into a hallway and headed for his room. He went to his computer station in his room, and opened a secure connection to Alliance Command. A holographic display appeared above the station's table, and a face appeared within the display a moment later.

"Brigadier General Sheppard," said Colonel Bradshaw as he saluted. The display showed the General saluting back. "Everything is looking good, and we should be able to begin the shake down run in two and a half hours."

"That is good to hear Colonel Bradshaw. I want you to know that everything seems a little too quite with the Wraith except for an earlier outpost attack that was stopped." He paused, and looked at something off screen. "I am almost tempted to reassign AMP to head into Wraith space on a recon mission. However, the others do not believe the lull in Wraith attacks to be an issue, and want you to complete the shake down run first. But just in case be prepared to jump to the front lines when notified or if your sensors find anything. With that Celestial Drive you should be able to jump within a few minutes to the fight, and kick their life sucking, blue handed, asses into the great beyond. Those are your new orders, and be safe Colonel. Sheppard out."

"Yes Sir!" Bradshaw spun around in his chair, and activated his audio log.

* * Start Recording Log * *

Well everything has been going pretty well. Considering the war, and everything else I am glad the Alliance is still standing. This war has taken a toll on us though. The Alliance thought that the Wraith would be easily wiped out. But even with the combined efforts of the Tau'ri and Asurans under the Alliance the Wraith have proven themselves to be a worthy foe which so far has held against the Alliance's combined might.

The Wraith factions have united against the Alliance much like they did with the Ancients, and we have discovered that there are a lot more of the Wraith than the original estimates figured. McKay originally estimated a maximum of one hundred and three hive ships were left in the Pegasus galaxy. Those estimates were wrong, very wrong. Alliance forces found that out two and a half years ago when a new computer data core was recovered from a destroyed hive. We found through the data core that the Wraith infested this galaxy with huge numbers of ships. This computer data core showed a little over five hundred active hives. The core also mentioned other hives that were still in hibernation in unexplored sections of this galaxy.

We now believe that the Wraith only in the immediate area had come out of hibernation when the original Atlantis expedition had awakened the Wraith. The Wraith in other sections of this galaxy were still in hibernation, and most of these sections haven't been explored yet as our space is still under siege. We don't know if the Wraith had spread out across the galaxy during their war with the Ancients or if they spread out during the ten thousand years after the war. I hope the Alliance will be able to hold against sheer numbers of the Wraith forces that seem to be increasing due to the active war. It is no wonder the Ancients had lost to the Wraith.

To make matters worse the Wraith have been actively 'growing' new hives, and new class of Wraith ships that have been able to stop the Alliance advance. Theories of how they can sustain such a force lead us to believe they must have found a plentiful or new form of food source. This all leads to our current problem where we are on a defensive and have moved into an entrenched war against them. Raids have been going on between our two sides for about the last six months with the Wraith being extremely aggressive.

One of the newer Wraith ships was named by Brigadier General Sheppard. He called it a Wraith Star Destroyer. I still laugh at this, and I can't believe the higher-ups let him name them that. However, those star destroyers are no laughing matter. They have been able to stand toe to toe against our aurora class warships. The drones aren't even able to penetrate the armored hull of these new ships, and the only good thing about these star destroyers is that they are few in number. We have been able trying to disable these star destroyers and study them. However, before we can disable it, the Wraith either send reinforcements, or the ship retreats, or in a final move self destruct.

Several outposts and space stations holding the line have been attacked with overwhelming numbers of Wraith forces. This results with the outposts and space stations being wiped out, unless our reserve fleets arrive quickly enough. The Alliance main fleets have been spread out across our space to hold main key points to the line, but with these Wraith forces jump in and out before the main fleets can arrive. The Alliance Generals created several small reserve fleets that are supposed to be able to quickly jump to intercept raids from the Wraith and prevent destruction of any outpost or space station. Even with all of these developments the Alliance has been unable to make any head way in the Wraith War. The Alliance has been actively trying to find a new edge to use against the Wraith. They decided to begin construction on the Arcturus Maximus Primus which is the first of the Arcturus Class Warships. Due to limited resources the Alliance has been able to build only one Arcturus Station that is able to construct Arcturus class warships.

And now my crew and I are going to do a shakedown run. After the shakedown run we'll head to the front lines to meet up with a main fleet to start our offensive against the Wraith. We will eventually go solo behind the Wraith's lines... Thinking about that makes me glad they installed the stand alone cloaking system. Having the shields and the cloak on separate systems allows us to have shields and be cloaked at the same time. One of our covert mission's objectives is to find out where these new Wraith ships are coming from. We are also tasked to learn how these new Wraith ships are made, and if it is at a shipyard then we are to destroy it. It shouldn't be too hard considering my ship is so advanced, and that simulations show that we could/should be able to take out a whole Wraith fleet by ourselves. Well that is it for now. I am going to grab a quick nap for thirty minutes, still got about one hour and forty-five minutes before go time.

* * End Log * *