Sarutobi sat in a small chair that was up against the wall oppisit of the bed, where a small fourteen year old girl slept, tossing and turning in the uneasy manner that he was accustomed to seeing from her. Sighing he looked at the digital clock sitting on the table beside her bed and noted the time. It was almost four in the morning, he had been in the child's home since late yesterday evening when she had ended up being put in the hospitle again due to someone thinking it would be funny to knock the girl around. Said girl had decided to break her attackers arms and legs in nine different places in retaliation.

Needless to say the one who had hurt her would'nt be doing it again any time soon. At least not with out help, and that was what had him; the Third Hokage of the leaf village, sitting in the girl's room so late or early as the case may be-in the morning; on the same day that the young adalesent and many other children in the village would be given into the care of the elete shinobi in the village, to train.

As of yesterday when the she had graduated from the ninja acadamy, and been given her headband; she had become an adult in the eyes of her peers. Somthing that he feared would jeperdise her life even more than it already was. Now that she was considered an adult; she could do the things that other adults could do. She could stay out late, drink, smoke, gamble, she was even considered old enough to carry on an adult relationship.

Something that he had had nightmares about since the day her father had died. He had promised to make her strong, and let her have her indipendance. And he had, she could beat down anyone in the village; the legendary Sanin included. Still it bothered him that she refused to use her strength to defend herself unless it was a life or death situation. And had threatened on more than one accasion to beat him to death if he interfered with her busness in any way that she didn't like.

So natrually being the incopetent male dealing with any female/alien creature, he had interfered only once when she was a small child and had gone to sleep onenight only to awaken because of a slightly bobbing sinsation to find his bed (with him in it) floating in the middle of a bloody river in the middle of winter. To say the least the whole incident would have killed a man of lesser skills. But he had gotten the gist of her message.

Mess with me and I will rain down the wrath of a thousand hells upon your pathetic head. To this day he still thought she should be the next Hokage! He had thought that making her the next leader of the village would be a suitable punishment for every thing she had ever done to him. He would'nt wish the piles of paper work on just anyone, no he was'nt that cruel. And she was young, the paper work would only crush her spirit into the ground. Unless she got pissed and destroyed the office and banned every sheet of paper from the land, barring toilet paper of course, but who in their right mind would write on that?

Still he had thought long and hard about who would be her Jounin sensei, and was both very pleased and appauled with his choice. He would be placeing her on Kakashi's Hatake's team. Along with the stotic snotty Uchiha. She would most likely kill him for placeing her on the same team as those two, but hey noone lived forever right?

To make a long story short Kakashi had been looking for the girl since the day her father had sealed the nine tailed fox inside of her, unfortunatly Sarutobi had thought him unstable at that time, and had kept her far from Kakashi's sight. Knowing that the man would most likely decide to court her out of fear that someone would try to take her from him or force himself into her life once she shot him down. He had no desire to deal with a besotted phycotic Hatake. The Uchiha she would simply kill him, when he got on her nerves.

So he had taught her to use a hedge to make herself look like someone else, as a way to protect her from certain unsavory people who would stop at nothing to hurt her, or make her disappear. To say that he should'nt have bothered to worry so much would be the understatment of the century. She was a visious little thing in pretty wrapping. Everyone alway underestimated her, and suffered for it. He knew he certainly had. Jiraiya had too.

Kakashi and the Uchiha would be no different. That was why he had arranged for Kakashi to meet her in the tower, during the meeting he was having to give the Jounin of the village information on their students. He wanted to know if the two of them would hit it off, and if not, well he would probably commit suicide to keep her from getting her hands on him.

"Jiji? Are you still here?" a soft lyrical voice asked very softly. His lips twitched slightly.

"Yes, Uzu. What do you need?" He asked as he stood up and walked over to the bed as she sat up and let the blanket fall back off of her head and pool around her hips as she shifted her position a bit.

"Lay down with me. I can sense how tired you are." She said as she fluffed up her pillow and gave it to him to use. He smiled in the semi darkness knowing that she could see him. Her vermillion red eyes seemed to glow eerily in the half dark, as she stared at him.

"Alright but only if you wake me up in a little bit. I have work to do today." he said as he climbed into bed beside her. He had forgotten just how charmingly childlike and innocent she could be when she was'nt standing in front of hateful eyes of the villagers. It was'nt that she was a bad person, far from it. She was actually very calm, collected, quiet, easy going, sweet girl. It was very easy to like her, and even easier to fall in love with her. Which was another thing that he worried about.

Both Hatake and the Uchiha would fight over her affections; if they perceved the other as a threat to their place in her heart. He just hoped that both would understand when she denied them the one thing they wanted the most. She had no intrest in relationships with men. She just barly tolerated him, and the only reason that she spoke to him at all and considered him her friend was the fact that the two of them had connected on an intelectual level. She liked his keen wit, and twisted humor.

He admired her stregnth, intelect, and her twisted sense of humor. The two of them often stood on the roof of the hokage tower drinking sake and playing cards, while joking about the things that they found funny most nights.

He chuckled softly as he lay down and closed his eyes, and with in moments was sound asleep and snoring. Totally forgetting the small figure in bed next to him was there and currently giving him a death glare for snoring while she was trying to sleep.

8:45 a.m.

It was time to wake the old man, since he barely had three minutes left to get to his office for the meeting. She knew that she was going to get yelled at, but honestly didn't care since it was her revenge for him waking her up with his snoring. When a girl like her asked a guy to lay down beside her and get some sleep she expected two things. 1) Total obediance. and 2) No goddamn snoring! Which was what brought her back to the reason why she was currently filling a coffee cup with slightly less skalding coffee and walking to the bed room with it. Once she was there she carfully pulled back the covers and tried not to let her eye twitch at the sight before her.

The old man was murmering some odd shit in his sleep before he turned onto his stomach and seemed to, dear god was he humping her pillow? Ew! Now she would have to burn it, and her bed! What the fuck did he think he was doing anyways? Oh god the mental images! The horror! It was then that he turned back onto his back and she saw his pants were open in the front, and was that his dingleling hanging out?!

She wondered as her eyes widened and she did the only thing that she could at this point to make things right. She screamed and dumped the coffee onto Sarutobi's crotch as she screamed and dropped down into the fetal position next to the bed screaming "My eyes, my eyes!" as he came awake with a loud yelp, and fell out of bed yelling curses.

What a nice start to an exciting day? Sometimes it just didn't pay to have eyes in her head.

9:17 a.m.

He was late! Why was it that he always seemed to be running late when It was involved. (he's going to start refuring to Uzu as it when ever he gets pissed at her.) Was it really so hard to wake him up with some breakfast in bed, and a nice cup of......iced tea, he was switching to iced tea since his coffee had mysteriously evolved into a sentient being and killed itself in a kamakaze attack on his genitals earlier. Damn brat. He snarled as the two of them ran across the roof tops to get to the tower. Unfortunatly his skin was still rather raw and he was having a hard time keeping up with Uzu.

Probably for the best since he was planning to kill her as soon as he was feeling up to par again, and could run her down. He had been wracking his brain trying to think up a way to get even with her, and had come to the conclusion that he should just gift wrap her and give to Hatake as a christmas present. Completel with little school girl sailor outfits, and angel outfits that would make the man crazier than he already was for her. Yeah that sounded like a fucking great plan. And if it worked out the man would marry the girl and she would no longer plauge him.

It could work. He knew he would certainly love to give it a try. He could imagine the insanely happy look on Kakashi's face now. He could also imagine the horrified expression on it's face. The thought was enough to make him cackle evilly. The two deserved each other. He thought as he landed outside the building and stared at Uzu for a moment, wondering what she was waiting on. She said nothing as she opened the door and held it for him.

He was late. Kakashi thought as he stood in front of the empty desk of the Third Hokage feeling like a fool, just like the other Jounin. Normally he was the one who was late, but for some odd reason today the village leader was. It was odd to say the least. Noone had been able to find the man, and they had all searched the tower twice. He was about to suggest that they all look for the elder again when they heard a roar coming from half way down the hall. "Stop pushing me!"

It was the Hokage's voice, and man did he sound pissed at whoever was pushing him. "Stop your damn whining and get in that room, or I'll throw you out the next window I see!" a muffled voice yelled at the man as the two people walking down the hall continued to argue rather loudly.

"Of course I'm whining you little punk! You spilled skalding hot coffee on me! I have burns where there should never be burns!" Sarutobi yelled back as Uzu continued to push him down the hall faster than he felt he should go. His crotch hurt damn it!

"Shut up, it's what you get for waking me up with your snoring, you bastard! I expect two things from a man when he sleeps in my bed! Two! Count the fingers, fool. One, is total obidence! Do you understand what I just said? Total! and Two, is no fucking snoring!" a female voice yelled from the other side of the door. Everyone was peeking around each other wanting to catch a glimps of what they assumed was the Third Hokage's girlfriend. No wonder they had'nt found him earlier.

"That hound is getting tail at his age?" Anko said as she looked warily from one face to another while Asuma was muttering while pinching the bridge of his nose,

"I'm not calling her mom. I'm not calling her mom." over and over again under his breath as the door opened and a very disgruntled looking Hokage stepped through the door. Followed by a small waif like girl with long silvery blond hair and piercing red eyes. She had her hands on the man's back and was pushing him farther into the room while the man kept twisting around and trying to slap her little hands away, as everyone gaped at the two. Oh dear god, she was just a kid. What had their hokage been thinking when he had starting dating her?

"I said knock it off. I'm perfectly capable of walking to my seat with out your help, Uzu." Sarutobi hissed at the girl. She merely gave him a cheeky grin and pulled something that looked like a thurmous out and held it in front of the old man's face.

"Would you like some more coffee Sarutobi, dear?" Uzu asked sweetly and watched her friend pale and all but run over to his desk and jumped behind it and hastily sat in his seat and tried not to fall to the floor, chair and all, as he nervously shuffled things around and coughed a few times. Uzu chuckled and took her place behind his chair and leaned back against the wall as the old man started the meeting.

"Thank you for coming to this meeting. I apoligise for being so late, but someone who shall remain nameless, didn't wake me up when she was supposed to, sice I was up for most of the night." Sarutobi said and didn't notice the wide eyed, jaws on the floors looks he was getting from everyone in the room. Barring Kakashi who had taken an avide intrest in the girl behind him.

His dark blue eye studying her facial features, the color of her hair, her size, build, and even the black finger nail polish on her dainty well manicured little nails. She looked familiar to him, but he was'nt quite sure where he had seen her face before. She was looked like she was twelve years old but he knew that could'nt be the case. No twelve year old had a fricking 32C cup bra size. So her age would have to be closer to fourteen, she was slightly tall for her age. The shape of her face, and eyes along with her silvery blond hair color and eye color gave her an exotic look. Where had he seen her face before?

He looked away from her for a moment and let his eyes wander around the room subtly, and stopped on the picture of the Fourth Hokage, and stared at it before his eye widened and realization seeped into his mind. Holy fucking shit! It was her! She was his former sensei's daughter. The girl that he had looked for for nearly fifteen years, and here she was in the same room with him, right under his fucking nose! How the hell could he have missed her? He knew that she looked slightly different because of the Kyuubi, but it was only her eyes that showed the demon's power was coursing through her veins. Everything else about her was exactly like her father.

Who's team will she be on? He wondered as the Third Hokage's voice saying his name finally snapped him out of his thoughts. "Kakashi?" Sarutobi said as he watched the Jounin's body with narrowed eyes. Had he figured it out already?

"Hai, Hokage-sama." Kakahsi answered as he put his book away and gave the girl one last look as he stepped forward. Sarutobi sighed, yup he knew. And he was going to bother him to no end with questions about her.

"Here are the files on your team. Each file is as accurate as possable-" There was a snort of quiet laughter behind him. Turning around he glared at Uzu, and watched as she tried to cover her laugh with a cough as she looked away with a smirk still on her face.

"Except for your third student. It would seem that she has done something to keep her profile as far from accurate as possable. Is'nt that right brat?" Sarutobi asked as he turned in his chair again and glared at the girl again. She gave him an innocent look and shrugged. Kakashi's eye went back and forth from the files in his hand to the girl as he silently chanted, OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD. OHMYGOD! He was going to have a break down right here. She was one of his students!

It's too good to be true. He thought as she stepped away from the wall and walked over to him and extended her hand to him and smiled as she introduce herself as, Uzu Caressue Namikaze. He stared at her extended hand for a couple of seconds too long because she frowned and let her hand drop back to her side and moved out of reach of him again. With a shuttered expression on her pretty face. Making his heart ache at the sight.

"Sorry, I sometimes forget that people dont like to be touched by me." She said as she forced a smile and looked Sarutobi who gave her a sad look. He knew that Kakashi would be suprised by her appearance, but he had honestly thought that the man would jump at the chance to shake her hand or something. He had'nt expected him to give Uzu the cold shoulder.

Suddenly snapping out of his stupor Kakashi shook his head and set his files down, "Sorry, Hatake Kakashi. I guess I'm your sensei now." He said the last bit of the sentance a little weakly. Uzu nodded. Kakashi nodded too, and looked at the Third Hokage like he was drowning and needed help. Sarutobi sighed and told Kakahsi and Uzu to go meet up with the other two on their team. Uzu gave the man a brillant smile and ran out the door while Kakahsi collected the files.

"Hey, wait for me, will you!" he called as he took off after her. She was already more than half way down the hall, speed walking. He frowned and sped up until he was right behind her.

And so it begins......

Kakahsi and his student walked in silence most of the way to meet the other two on their team, a one Sakura Haruno, and Sauske Uchiha. Kakashi stared at the Uchiha's picture and bared his teeth behind his mask. The kid was a pretty boy, as well as a snob. He glanced at Uzu's back as he wondered if Sauske was the type of guy she would go for. And wanted to order her back to her home. He hated the Uchiha already.

Where as he had no opinion what so ever about the other girl, except that her hair color has hidious. Who wanted to have pink hair anyways? Had she gotten out of bed one morning and decided to play a game of dumbass? Well she had obviously won the game if that was the case.

Again his eye went to the small girl beside him. He frowned because she obviously thought that he had brushed her off, but in his defence he had felt just a bit over whelmed by her, which is a really rare thing to happen really. Especially since she was just a Genin and he was an elete Jounin.

Clearing his throat he decided to strik up a conversation with her. "So ah-Uzu, what are some of your hobbies?" He asked curiously. She looked at him with a confused look on her face before answering.

"A little bit of this. A little bit of that. You?" Kakashi resisted the urge to let his eyebrow twitch. She had'nt told him a damn thing!

"I like to read. I like music. Some of everything. Cooking is fun too. Do you like anything intresting?" He said as he studied her profile out of the corner of his eye.

"Artsy stuff. Some cooking. I'm not that great at it though." she said as she stared blankly ahead. He smiled and tried to think of something else to say.

"What exactly is artsy stuff?" He asked curiously. She gave him a funny look then looked back ahead.

"I can play over thirty instrements, for classical, pop, rock, and jazz style music. I can sing opera. I paint, when I feel like it. I design things, like...clothes, jewelry, even weapons. I can even make the things that I design. I write poetry, and short stories. I sketch. I cant really think of anything else right now." She said as she moved to walk ahead of him, wanting to end the conversation. But he kept pace with her as they came up to the school. Ah yes, the other two were waiting for them in there. Kakashi reached out and stopped Uzu as she started to go inside, by grabing her wrist. She looked back at him with a scowl on her face. Just what was his problem anyways?

He looked like he wanted to say something to her, but could'nt seem to articulate the words. "What is it now?" She asked as she pulled her wrist from his grasp after a second or so. It took some doing since he tightened his grip.

"Come to my place later. After the meeting with the others. I'll fix you whatever you want, and we'll talk." Kakashi finally said when he found the air that he had thought he had lost. The sight of her face made his heart ache painfully. His anxiety spiking to new levels. She gave him another funny look as she rubbed the feeling back into her wrist.

"Why?" She asked curiously. He looked uncomfortable for a moment before she tried once again to walk inside the school building, and was again stopped by his hand.

"Because I'm your sensei." he said unconvinsingly. She rolled her eyes, gods did the man think she was stupid or something. She knew he had another reason for asking her and she wanted to know what it was before she commited to anything.

"Why?" She repeated with an angry look on her face. He looked a bit irritated by the fact that she was questioning him.

"Because." He siad childishly. She was'nt impressed with his reasoning. Shaking her head she moved to try to go inside the school again and almost stopped dead in her tracks when she heard a low feral growl come from him. But she didn't because she was'nt impressed with the sudden display of aggression.

Knashing his teeth Kakashi watched as she started to walk away from him and got pissed, and grabbed her arm again as he moved forward and slammed her against the brick wall next to the door, causing the air in her lungs to leave in a whoosh as he pinned her there and waited for her to regain her breath.

"What the hell is wrong wi-" Uzu did'nt get to finish her angry rant because of the man's mouth, suddenly covering her own, his tongue slipping inside to explore the moist cavern. She moaned and tried to push him away, her small hands pushing against his chest in an effort to free herself. Kakashi lifted his mouth from hers a few minutes later to come up for air, she had stopped moving a few second ago, making him think that she needed the air more than he did, and he was right. Her legs could barely support her weight when he stepped away from her, he smiled and jumped at the chance to touch her again.

"What? What the hell was that for?" She asked weakly, her body was going hay wire on her, and she didn't understand why.

Kakashi smirked at the dazed look on her face. "Because I want you." He said simply, his words implying a lot of things, that even she got the gist of. She gapped at him for a moment. He wanted her. Did he think she was an bitch to be trained or something. She was a person, with feelings, and thoughts, and right now she didn't like the posessive way he was stroking her cheek with the back of his hand.

So she did what any outraged girl would do, she smiled sweetly to make him think that she would accept him for....whatever, and then she punched him in the face and knocked him out cold and went to tell her other teamates that the meeting was off.