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It didn't matter though if Kakashi-pup's mate was feeling sociable or not. They were there to sniff and get her scent and try not to make it obvious that they needed to do so just in case. After all if Kakashi-pup had a serious fit, the female laying exhausted on his bed would be in great danger.

The pup she carried would be in great danger.

Pakkun watched as the females eyes drifted closed then opened, only to repeat the process several times as he started humming. Wanting her to stop resisting her urge to sleep and go ahead and go back to sleep while they worked unhindred.

"That's right sweetheart. Go back to sleep. We won't stay much longer and bother you." Another dog, one of the few females in the group said as she sniffed at the girl's hand then before she moved back, grabbed the blanket that had slipped down around the human's waist- and used her teeth to drag it up around Uzu's shoulders then moved away from the bed to allow Bull and another dog room to come forward.

Uzu was out cold again and thus didn't respond the the sudden press of cold noses against the palm of her hand as the dogs all took turns sniffing one by one before finally being ordered to take up protective points around the room, so that they could keep anything from happening to Kakashi-pup's mate until Kakashi returned.


Kakashi hadn't been able to talk about anything but Uzu and the baby the whole session. He just couldn't help himself, his excitment was spilling over. Cleansing some of the broken pieces of his heart and mind. He just wanted to let someone know how happy he was with Uzu. How happy he felt about the baby.

It was as if they were starting to push the pieces that had seen too much and done too much in his younger days, away. Like sand castles being washed away by the ocean waves. Leaving everything pristine and white.

He loved this feeling. Loved feeling as if he were whole again, yet was still a little put out when his time with the doctor was up and it was suddenly time for him to go.

He got up and started to go when the doctor came around her desk and grasped his wrist and stopped him, turning his head, he wondered what she wanted when he heard her say in a stern voice as she pressed a piece of paper into his palm. "These are some light medications to help keep you level without dulling your mind. Please get them filled before you leave and take them as instructed on the bottles."

Kakashi nodded and mentally frowned. Was he really that bad off that he needed the meds? He wondered when his doctor patted him on the shoulder then promptly pushed him out of her office. Which was a real feat considering that he had a good hundred and sixty pounds over her.


He looked down at the perscriptions in his hand and sighed. C-r-a-p.

He had really hoped that he wouldn't need drugs, but that was just a lie he told himself each day to try and keep from thinking about how messed up he really was. Seeing the perscriptions was also just another reminder of how unworthy he was of Uzu's affections. To be a father to the unborn child Uzu carried-

And it was also a cold and ungiving reminder of the fact that he didn't deserve to live... Sighing again, he firmly pushed the depressing thoughts aside and started walking. He had a drug counter to stop by before he went home.