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It has been exactly 2 days and 9 hours since I had sex, how is it possible that I'm already wanting more?

I'm probably thinking about it because of work. My job, although I love it with everything I've got, does not help my addiction.

Right now, I am tattooing a rather attractive man. That isn't even the worst of it. The tattoo is a set of lips, my lips if I'm lucky. The lips have been strategically placed as low as possible without hitting his pubes.

I am staring into a man's crotch with nothing but sex on my mind.

My job provides me with a great sex life, I'm happily single, and not looking for anyone. That's the thing about this job, you get all these young guys coming in for tattoos and all they want is sex.

That's where I come in, they all love a girl with tattoos, and I'm covered in them. Other than my sleeves I've got a chest piece and a back piece, normally they don't see those until we're back at my apartment.

I've been addicted to sex since I was 16 years old. Jacob Black. God bless Jacob Black and his abnormally large trouser tool. He changed everything for me, I went from innocent teeny bopper to a raging sexaholic. I don't regret it though, he introduced me to what I love most, I thank him everyday for that.

Jake and I are still best friends, we were best friends before the sex, and were best friends after the sex. I mean, we were so young then, we had no idea what we were doing. We were both extremely curious as to what sex was like, and I definitely didn't wanna turn out like that guy from that movie, the one who's a virgin til he's middle aged. That wasn't gonna be me, and I trusted Jake more than anyone, so we did it. A lot.

When the end of high school came around I knew that we weren't meant for each other, we couldn't even tell each other I love you without having sex first. I couldn't let go though, he was my best friend, my only friend really. So we did what anyone would do, we fucked one last time and swore to never fool around ever again.

Surprisingly it has worked out great thus far, we are still the best of friends, no one can replace him.

We work for Emmett Cullen. He's this fuckawesome guy who's probably like 8 of me all put into one, and he owns the shop that me and Jake work at.

We met Emm in community college, Jake and I both took some art classes there to have something under our belt when we looked for apprenticeships. Emmett was taking business classes so he could open his own shop. He didn't, and still doesn't, have a single tattoo. It's different for him than it is for us, he loves the art, it isn't about putting it on his skin. To him, this is like his own personal museum, you just don't have to be quiet all the time, and there's no old lady to show you around.

This shop is like our own little world, one we walk through the doors it's like we're home. Nothing can stop us when we're here, we can do anything.

We live and work in Seattle, and I wouldn't choose to be anywhere else. We've got great music, great bars, the ocean, everything I could need is right here. It's a short drive to Forks to see my dad, and all my friends are in the city.

Jake and I share an apartment building, I refused to live with him after everything we've been through. He begged and begged and I finally agreed to let him get an apartment in the same building as me, I found it funny that he had to ask.

I may be small, but I can hold my own. My dad's the police chief and he insisted I take self defense classes when I told him I was moving to Seattle. The tough guy physique is not a joke, Emmett can testify to that. Jake knows not to mess with me, and he was right to ask permission. Him moving into my building without him getting the okay with me first would have resulted in a trip to the ER, and I wouldn't be the injured one.

I work an easy 50 hours a week, what can I say, I love my job. I get to do what I love all day long, it can never get old. Aside from the occasional slutty college girl who wants a butterfly above her ass, I get some pretty interesting people in here. Plus I do all the piercings for the shop, so that helps mix it up a little bit.

I wiped down the set of lips and wrapped them up before I headed to the front counter to give him a receipt. I collected the money and started writing everything out when I heard him speak.

"So, uh...would you go out with me sometime?" Hook, line, and sinker. They always love the girls with tattoos, they assume I'm a freak in bed because of all the ink that's on my skin.

I couldn't hold back the laugh that was building inside me, so very predictable. Oh well, dick is dick.

"Uh yeah, tonight sound good? We can meet at Heaven at 10?" He didn't look surprised at my forwardness, a grin spread across his face.

"Yeah, sounds good. See ya at 10." I gave him the receipt and watched him walk away, I noted that he had a nice ass and looked around for something to do.

I cleaned up my station and sat in the tattoo chair flipping through a magazine, I rolled my eyes at how bored I was. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 7, Jake should be here any second.

On cue, as usual, Jake walked through the door. He was...talking to himself? Or to someone? I heard the second voice and realized that he wasn't crazy, thank god, I didn't wanna deal with crazy Jake right now.

I listened to their conversation without turning around, best to seem uninterested, otherwise I wouldn't get out of here when I wanted to. They were talking about someone moving here or something, I couldn't really tell since I had missed the first part of the conversation. They were definitely talking about someone moving here, some girl or something. I gave up on trying to decipher their weird guy talk and focused on an article about nipple piercings, it even had pictures.

I heard Jake saying goodbye and the bells on the door jingle with the man's exit. I instantly hopped out of my chair and headed straight for the back door, I could feel Jake following me.

After sitting in my usual chair and lighting my ciggie I decided that now was as good a time as ever to question him about the mystery man.

"So, who was that dude?" His smile got a little to big for my liking.

"That dude was Edward, we just met today. He's fuckin awesome." I rolled my eyes at the name, who named their kid Edward anymore?

"Cool, where'd you meet him?" Don't jump to conclusions, I'm always this curious about new people, especially boys.

"Coming out of the building, he just moved here with his sisters." So that's who the were talking about.

"Ohhhh, any potential?" He knew I was talking about Edward but chose to answer about the girls.

"They're both fuckhot, but definitely not my type." I laughed at his failed attempt to show no interest.

"Pussy is your type Jake." He tried to fake that he was hurt over my comment.

"Bella, I'm a changed man." This line effectively had me gripping my sides with laughter.

"O-kay. That's my cue to leave." I put my ciggie out on the concrete and shoved my lighter back in my pocket.

"Got plans tonight?" I gave me the evilest grin I could muster.

"Yeah, this kid who was in here getting lips above his dick. I'm meeting him at Heaven's." He laughed uncontrollably.

"Lips? Really?" I tried to control the laughter but couldn't. Poor kid, he'd ever know that he gave us so much amusement.

"Yeah, you should stop by after you close up. I'm not meeting him there til 10 so I should still be there when you're done."

"Alright, I should be there around 11:30 or so, text me if you're gonna leave before then." I gave me a nod and headed back inside. ]

I grabbed my bag and my book and headed out the door, the walk to my apartment was short, I live like 5 minutes away. Great on gas.

I got home, showered and threw on my favorite club outfit. Leather pants, sparkly top that showed off my ink, and my favorite heels. I was ready in an hour and still had a whole hour before I was supposed to be there. It's a fifteen minute drive, I calculated how much time I would need to do a quick sketch and sat down with my book.

I flipped through the pages until I found a blank one and started to sketch. It's was gonna be something for my foot, something simple, hopefully. All my drawings start simple, then they turn into monsters that I have to tame. I always have to cut shit out or minimize something, Jake is used to it by now though.

Jake does all my tattoos, I never let anyone else touch me with a gun. For me, there has to be a certain amount of trust involved, I would never let someone I didn't know put ink in my skin. I trust Jake, he would never fuck me up. I did envy the people who could come in and let a stranger mark them with something extremely permanent, they had it easy. If someone even pretends to touch me with a tattoo gun I start to hyperventilate, I know I know, I've got issues.

I sketched out a voodoo doll, she had sad eyes and needles sticking out of her every which way. I had to stop myself from adding a background scene, if the puss wanted action I had to stop now. I closed up my book and put it on the kitchen counter, I always made sure to keep it off the floor. One time, I came home from a night of drinking and heaved on my old book. It was, by far, the worst day of my life.

I grabbed my bag and headed out the door. I cursed at myself for not bringing a jacket, it was freezing tonight. I got to my car quickly and let it warm up before I started driving.

I flipped through the stereo channels and finally settled on one that was playing a song I vaguely recognized. I hummed along while I drove and felt the excited of getting laid come over me. Some may say I'm promiscuous but they don't know me, it's really not something that I can control. I'm a slave to my puss, and that's just fine with me.

I mean, I'm 23 years old, aren't I supposed to be shopping around right now? Looking for "The One" or some bullshit? Whatever, people can talk shit all they want.

Truthfully, I don't regret anything I've done. I'm a strong believer in accepting your past and embracing the future. If you go around all day whining about what happened before you'll never get anywhere in life, and I'm going places. I think every one night stand has taught me something about myself, taught me who I am. No one can tell me that what I do is wrong, because I know who I am.

I got to Heaven's and paid the parking fee, chills went through my body when I got out of the car. I headed towards the entrance and looked around for...fuck, forgot his name. I couldn't see what's his name anywhere so I just went inside and ordered a shot.

By the time he found be I had downed 4 shots and was on my fifth, he definitely had some catching up to do. He ordered his shots and started downing them, he looked like he was going to throw up after each one. Pussy.

I pulled my phone out and shot Jake a text saying that I would definitely wait for him and started heading to the dance floor with what's his name behind me.

He was already stumbling when we got out there, when would I ever meet someone who could hold their liquor as well as I can?

I pushed my ass into his crotch and swayed my hips from side to side, surprisingly he moved with me. Apparently he could dance even when drunk, I knew there was a reason I liked him so much.

We danced for a good 30 minutes before I could heard Jake yelling crude comments at me from the bar. I gave him a smile and told him I'd be back in a little bit, surely he could find some girl to dance with until I was ready to go.

Jake was downing shots when I got to him, I grabbed a shit glass and clinked mine with his. We downed them at the same time and had a laughing fit over nothing in particular. That's why I love Jake so much, we just get each other. He's one of the few people who get my humor, and don't judge me by my sexual activities. Although, his sex life is as active as mine, we are one in the same when it comes to getting laid.

"So where's this kid with the lips?" I looked out to the dance floor and raked over all the bodies until I found his face, he was dancing with some girl who looked like she was 16 years old and barely got her period.

I pointed to him and rolled my eyes at Jake.

"Dick is dick." He shrugged his shoulders and scanned the crowd for any girls he might go for.

"Let's dance B." I nodded and grabbed his hand, I pulled him to the dance floor with me and we instantly pressed our bodies together. We could dance like, hell we could even make out a little bit and it wouldn't lead to anything.

Our promise to each other meant far more than getting laid. Not to be cocky or anything, but we are both attractive people, we don't have problems in that department.

We ground on each other until I saw what's his name walking up to us, he looked a little irate. Jake instantly backed off, we never cock blocked one another. He kissed my cheek and headed towards the bar, I saw a girl making her way over to him and crossed my fingers for him.

What's his face was staring at me like I'd just told him I was a man, he'd obviously forgotten that he too had been dancing with someone else. I'm not a jealous person, I had no problems sharing my men with others, I'm no stranger to the occasional threesome.

I guess you would call me bi sexual, I am somewhat attracted to girls, nothing compared to my love for the dick though. Making out with girls is a great way to get guys though, they come running when they see two girls connected at the mouth.

I gave him a smile before I grabbed his hand and headed for the door, my bed was calling to me. He complied and I saw the girl he was dancing with looking disappointed that he was leaving. He started to grope me by the time we got to my car, I pushed him off of me and pointed to the passenger seat.

He walked around the car and got in, I took a deep breath trying to judge if I was okay to drive or not. I got in and started the car, he was looking at me like we were gonna fuck right here.

I chuckled a little and started to drive, I flipped through the stations and settled on some talk show that was on. For the rest of the drive I focused on the road, trying my hardest to stay in between the lines.

We got to my apartment building and I led the way to my apartment, he followed silently. I could here him stumbling around behind me and prayed that he wouldn't pass out on me, that would be a huge disappointment.

He seemed to be doing okay as I unlocked my door and let him in first, as soon as I was inside I was ripping my shirt over my head. I moved to him and yanked his up, he lifted his arms and let me slide it over his head. Next was his jeans, I slid them down slowly and eyed his dick. I smiled when I saw that it was standing straight up, they always love the girls with tattoos.

I walked towards my bedroom and motioned for him to followed, he wasn't stumbling anymore, thank god.

I pushed him down on the bed and crawled on top of him, he fought with the button on my jeans. I got frustrated with his attempts quickly and undid them for him, I slid off the bed and slid them down my legs. I opted for no bra or panties tonight, he sure did love that.

His eyes bugged out of his head when he saw that I was commando, I slid his boxers down his legs and licked my lips at the sight of his dick. The fact that I didn't even remember his name flashed through my mind but I ignored it, the alcohol had definitely taken effect.

Everything got really hazy after that, I vaguely remember him being okay in bed, definitely nothing special. He wanted me to do all the work, men are so selfish sometimes.

I woke up to him whining something about his stomach or head or something. I went straight to the bathroom and got in the shower, I hoped that by the time I was done he would be gone.

No such luck, he actually had the nerve to ask to shower with me. I quickly shooed him away and told him to be gone by the time I got out, he agreed but didn't seem very happy.

He was like a child, he looked like he was pouting, like I was gonna take care of him today. Uh, yeah right.

I got out and saw that he had gathered his clothes and left. Ah, the walk of shame. After having to walk home with no shoes one time I vowed that I would always bring them back to my house, I'd never go to theirs. Plus, boys live like pigs.

I ran my brush through my hair and made a note that I needed a trim soon, I always keep my hair right above my ass, anything longer gets pretty hippyish.

I threw on jeans and a t shirt and headed out the door, I planned to have Jake do the tattoo on my foot today. If he was feeling okay that is, luckily I never get hangovers. Jake however, spends the majority of his mornings cuddling with the toilet.

I got to the shop to find Jake looking surprisingly well, he smiled big at me when I walked in. I gave him an equally as big smile and chuckled a little, he had explained to me after we first moved in that he could hear all my sexual activities through the walls.

"Good night B?" I nodded at him and got my sketchbook out of my bag.

I showed him the doll and told him I wanted it on my foot, since Sunday's were our slowest day he agreed. I sat in the chair and prepped my foot for him, since he did it for free I figure I could help him as much as possible.

I got his ink ready and put his gun together, I did everything except put his gloves on his hands for him. It was our little routine, I would get everything ready for him and right before he put the stencil to my skin he would kiss the area that was about to become inked forever. It was the one thing that was consistent in my life, my little tattoo routine with Jake. I don't think it will ever change, I love it to much.

He kiss the top of my foot and pretended like he was grossed out, the whole time smiling. I smiled back and laid back in the chair. I closed my eyes and nodded my head telling him I was ready. I felt the needle on my skin and it was almost erotic, that's the thing about tattoos, it was truly a sexual experience.

The artist gets to see you at your most vulnerable, the pain is almost orgasmic.

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